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Arabian Horse World August 2019

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Arabian Horse World carries the message of the Arabian's peerless beauty and versatility, keeps readers enlightened and informed, and stimulates thinking about the long-term elements of breeding and owning Arabians. Famed for award-winning design, beautiful photography, and attention to detail, this magazine blends beauty with international coverage, history and mystique of the breed, reviews of breeding programs, horse husbandry features, and special features for newcomers to the breed.

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online exclusives

AUGUST 2019 PHOTO OF THE MONTH Zee King (Xenophonn x Speed Princess by Ferana) 1992 stallion, and Trevor Miller, owned by Miller Arabians, Red Bluff, California. www.facebook.com/MillerArabians1/. PHOTO BY KELLY KENNEALLY The 27-year-old stallion Zee King, pictured here with Trevor Miller, is a product of Miller Arabians, famed for breeding working Arabians for over 60 years. Zee King’s sire is the multi-National Champion cutting horse Xenophonn, and his dam Speed Princess traces to the family’s first Arabian, the stallion Gudea (Khyber x Gubba by Kolastra), bred by General Dickenson of Travelers Rest, whom the Millers purchased in 1955. Zee King embodies the talent, work ethic, and durability that the Miller Arabians are known for. He won his first U.S. National title in 1997 when he was named Champion Cutting Futurity, and his most recent…

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what in the world

We never realize how much we take for granted in this life until something happens that turns the world upside down. Something so drastic that from one moment to the next, nothing is the way it was before. Such a thing happened on the second day of the British Nationals at Malvern this year, when Ryan Jones, one of the finest trainers and handlers, suffered a fatal heart attack on the evening of the second day. He was just returning from the breeders’ party, where he been celebrating a successful day of showing with friends. It happened too fast for anything to be done about it. He was gone, leaving a huge Ryan-shaped hole in the world and throwing the Arabian horse community into a collective state of shock. It still seems…

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a preview of the 2019 egyptian event

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28 – SATURDAY, AUGUST 31 KENTUCKY HORSE PARK, LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY The Pyramid Society is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, and what better place and time for the festivities than at our annual Egyptian Event. What an occasion it will be! The Event will feature its usual exciting show competition, including a fun class called “50 for 50” for handlers who are at least as old as the Society! Education is always a hallmark of the Event, and this year is no exception, with a fabulous four-session clinic and a dynamic lecture about the impact of the Society. All are invited to our wonderful Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser on Friday night – it will be an unforgettable evening thanks to our gracious Golden Anniversary Sponsor, Bait Al Arab, Kuwait State Stud. Enjoy a…

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aha region xii classic egyptian championship

May 5 - 11, 2019 Perry, Georgia The Region 12 Classic Egyptian Championship show was conceived — by a group of breeders dedicated to the straight Egyptian horse — with a dual mission. Part one of the mission is to promote the Egyptian and Egyptian-related horse as a valuable and contemporary breeding source, not just a rarefied animal belonging in preservation herds and arcane literature. And, the second part of the mission is to develop a show to welcome all people interested in Arabian horses, and offer a venue that would be fun, inviting and allow viewers the chance to get up close with the horses, handlers, owners and other industry professionals. Plus, we wanted, if possible, to use foreign judges in order to minimize politics and provide Region 12 some…

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a farewell to curt westley

Curt Westley’s involvement with Arabians began when he bought a share in the colt Botswana (Thee Desperado x The Minuet). He didn’t have an interest in horses … but he had an interest in Allison Mehta. And somewhere along the way he became a lover and breeder of Arabians. “I met Curt on a job. He came to do an installation on one of our projects,” Allison says. “We were both married to other people at the time, and we were friends for 10 years before we finally got together as a couple. “Horses were my thing. I had already purchased, with a partner, Talaria farms. Curt would come out to the farm with me, and we’d go riding from time to time. Somewhere around the year 2000 I discovered the young…

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moments in time little golden boy

Polska’s last daughter, who came with her when the Gaedes got her from the Duisburg Zoo in 1983, was Kaipoleika. Like most of Polska’s foals, she was by the Nazeer son Kaisoon, and she was one of the finest: a striking dark chestnut with a flaxen mane, and a wonderful broodmare. She had her first foal, a filly named Saipora by the pure Polish stallion Saudi (Dardir x Sake), in 1988. This was the same year that Polska gave birth to her last foal, also by Saudi. I remember rushing there the morning after he was born, and seeing this tiny foal lying in the straw covered with a plaid blanket, Polska standing watch over him and looking nothing like her 28 years. He was named Polot, but we always…