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BBC Science Focus Magazine Christmas 2018

With accessible features illustrated with the world’s best photography, BBC Focus Magazine explains the theory behind scientific phenomena and really brings science to life. In every issue you’ll find news of the latest major scientific developments, a lively Q&A section plus exclusive and astonishing photographic reports that range from the breathtaking to the downright odd.

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Oh dear, it’s Christmas again. I’ll be honest, this time of year fills me with dread. For all the joy I’m supposed to giving to the world, the unrelenting jingles, marauding shoppers and saccharine TV ads leave me, well, joyless. And then, when the day itself arrives, it brings with it awkward gift-exchanges, schmaltzy movies and the only meal of the year that takes eight hours to cook and 10 minutes to eat. It’s actually in the aftermath, once the Queen goes into hibernation and someone’s been murdered on EastEnders, that the festive season really gets going for me. With the Snowman melted for another year, I can now do Christmas properly: Die Hard and Lethal Weapon punctuated by the Christmas Lectures (p82).The post-Christmas period also has a special…

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in this issue

MARCUS CHOWN The laws of the Universe are not, it turns out, as immutable as we thought. Award-winning cosmology writer Marcus Chown explores this idea. p48 MIKA MCKINNON An exotic form of ice found within a diamond may tell us more about Earth’s formation. Geophysicist Mika McKinnon investigates. p66 KATHRYN MANNIX Palliative care physician Kathryn discusses the misconceptions around dying, revealing why it’s often less dramatic than we’re led to believe. p44 (COVER: SAM FALCONER) ■…

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what we’ve found out this month

Some people enjoy the sounds of other people eating p59 A Harvard scientist thinks the mysterious interstellar object, ’Oumuamua, could be an alien craft p22 Machine learning algorithms can be sexist p38 There could be more water in Earth’s mantle than in the oceans p66 Christmas is the worst day of the year for house fires p91 ■…

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Don’t forget that BBC Focus is also available on all major digital platforms. We have versions for Android, Kindle Fire and Kindle e-reader, as well as an iOS app for the iPad and iPhone. Can’t wait until next month to get your fix of science and tech? The Science Focus website is packed with news, articles and Q&As to keep your brain satisfied. sciencefocus.com ■…

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special issue

THE SCIENCE OF TRUE CRIME In this special edition from BBC Focus, we investigate the science that will help catch criminals, take a look at the psychology of psychopaths, and find out how crime scene investigation works (it’s not like it is on telly). buysubscriptions.com/focuscollection ■…