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BBC Science Focus Magazine February 2019

With accessible features illustrated with the world’s best photography, BBC Focus Magazine explains the theory behind scientific phenomena and really brings science to life. In every issue you’ll find news of the latest major scientific developments, a lively Q&A section plus exclusive and astonishing photographic reports that range from the breathtaking to the downright odd.

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China has made the Moon exciting again. At the start of the year, the country’s space agency dropped a lander and rover on the far side of the Moon, a place we’ve photographed but never visited. Named Chang’e 4, the mission is up there now studying the geology of the Moon’s surface. It’s even doing a bit of astronomy, from its uniquely quiet viewpoint. What it finds will help us understand the Moon’s past: how it formed and why the far side is so different from the bit we see. But perhaps more excitingly, Chang’e 4’s roving could tell us what’s in store for the Moon’s future.By digging into the Moon’s geology, particularly on the far side, Chang’e 4 could spot vital resources. On the one hand, there are…

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LUCY MADDOX It turns out that some people cannot visualise anything in their mind’s eye. Psychologist Lucy delves into this unusual condition. p62 ANDY RIDGWAY Social media and smartphone apps are revealing how our accents and dialects are changing. Science writer Andy finds out more. p58 HELEN SCALES Adam Summers is on a mission to image every fish in the sea using a CT scanner. Marine biologist Helen takes a look at these fish ‘n’ pics. p52 ■…

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Marmite can ease anxiety p86 Rats and mice use more than 20 distinct vocalisations to talk to each other p18 Men and women seem to remember pain differently p24 Flatfish start life with eyes on either side of head. One eye migrates to the other side as they mature p56 Some people have no visual imagination. They can only think in words p62 ■…

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Don’t forget that BBC Focus is also available on all major digital platforms. We have versions for Android, Kindle Fire and Kindle e-reader, as well as an iOS app for the iPad and iPhone. Can’t wait until next month to get your fix of science and tech? The Science Focus website is packed with news, articles and Q&As to keep your brain satisfied. sciencefocus.com ■…

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THE SCIENTIFIC GUIDE TO A HEALTHY BODY & BRAIN Health – either physical or mental – is a concern for all of us. This special edition, from the BBC Focus team, delves into the guidelines that will help you enjoy a happy, healthy 2019. buysubscriptions.com/focuscollection ■…