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Best issue 2

Best delivers a varied and lively mix of ideas and inspiration to inform and entertain real women and help them get more out of every aspect of their busy lives. Best is topical, practical, offering more variety than any other weekly by embracing traditional topics in a modern way.

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best monthly

Welcome back! It’s best Monthly’s second issue and this time round we’ve got love on our mind! In our super bumper fix of your favourite magazine, we are looking at how you can find your Mr Right, whatever your age! Our gorgeous cover girl Ulrika Jonsson, the three-times-married mum-of-four reveals how, despite having her heart broken, she has never given up on love. In our exclusive interview (see page 9), the TV presenter reveals the challenges of online dating and the mystery man making her smile again… Whatever your circumstances – maybe you’re newly divorced, or the kids have just flown the nest – if you're looking for love again, don’t despair – we have loads of great practical advice to get you feeling and looking fabulous. This 92-page issue is also packed with real-life…

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get glowing, get dating, feel fabulous

KEEPING ACTIVE IS KEY So how does our inspirational cover girl Ulrika get her glowing good looks? I don’t do any exercise,’ she admits. ‘I used to be a gym bunny and a serious swimmer (three hours a week!) But now all I do is walk the dogs for an hour; garden and I never sit still down in the day. The first time I sit down is at 5.30pm when we have supper. So I guess I'm just active …’ JEWEL IN THE CROWN You’re going to love this pink gem. Magnum has created a brand-new variant of its ice cream using ruby chocolate. That’s right; as well as white, dark and milk chocolate, there’s now ruby, made from the ruby bean which gives the chocolate a pink colour and berry flavour. Well, they…

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heartbroken? you’re not alone…

It seems even if you are beautiful, famous and wealthy, you can still end up sitting on the sofa, feeling as if you’ve lost your ‘sparkle’. Elvis Presley once sang that he was ‘so lonely he could die’. Elvis, we heard you! It’s a lucky woman who has never had her heart broken and the pain it causes can make you feel like your world has ended. Being heartbroken feels particularly cruel in the runup to Valentine’s Day, when friends are celebrating with dinner for two or receiving the reddest bunches of roses. And one woman who may prefer to hide under the duvet on that day, may well be Strictly 2016 finalist, Louise Redknapp. The former Eternal singer, now 45, recently reflected on the heartache she endured after the breakdown of her…

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single & miserable? no way!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Ulrika Jonsson or as she describes herself ‘mum, doggy mum, housekeeper, cook and nutter’ is one of the most disarmingly honest women you will ever meet. She is also ridiculously beautiful. The self-deprecating Swedish presenter, now 52, pulls a face when complimented on her recent weight loss (a stone and a half). ‘It’s great. I feel more confident, but I’ve lost my tits,’ she reveals, pulling up her sweater to reveal her tiny size 8 frame. ‘Look!’ And I still don’t want to take my clothes off in daylight! My skin is all saggy. Where have my muscles gone!’ Ah, the joys of aging. That said, having spent more than a year alone following the breakdown of her third marriage (to American Creative Director Brian…

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create the perfect profile!

1 DON’T TRY TO BE PICTURE-PERFECT Today, it’s so easy to ‘tweak’ photos. But, in reality, it’s far more attractive to not take yourself too seriously. Pictures act as a first impression to potential suitors, so make sure they’re indicative of who you are rather than a flawless – but filtered – representation. Post at least three snaps to give a better idea of what you look like. The first one should show your face clearly, but use the rest to showcase your different interests or hobbies. 2 HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY Think about your objective. Are you looking to get back in the dating game? Or do you have something more serious in mind – like marriage? The dating scene is a broad landscape, so there’s something for everyone! But be…

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omg! mum’s on tinder

Iwas eating dinner with my 25-year-old son when the unmistakable ‘ping’ of a dating app halted our conversation. He smiled, took out his phone to check his potential match and looked perplexed at the empty screen. Then he looked at me as the penny dropped. He rang his sister: ‘OMG! – Mum’s on Tinder.’ My married friends had pretty much the same reaction. Some took pity – had it really come to this? Others promised to fix me up with their eligible single male friends who never, ever materialised. But life is not a Disney film, and after two years of being divorced, it was clear I was not going to meet the man of my dreams in an art gallery or bump into him at the checkout in the supermarket.…