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games for lovers

No one gets married thinking it will fail, but… I was divorced over 20 years ago, then met the ‘love of my life’, or so I thought, only to discover he had been cheating on me. Love is blind, as they say. But hope springs eternal and, three years on, I’m dating again. Third time lucky? Dating these days is not as simple as it was, with potential partners lurking on apps and in singles bars – the rules are ever changing. And that is what Ryan Craig’s new play at the Vaults in London is about. Ryan is my old neighbour, so I declare an interest, but it’s very funny (according to me and his mum Bev, anyway) and will strike a chord with many. For tickets to Games For Lovers, visit…

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start your week with a smile

1 BEAR-FACED CHEEK! How adorable is this gorgeous Eurasian brown bear, being somewhat mischievous while ambling in a meadow? He’s sticking his tongue out like he doesn’t have a care in the world, and it reminds us of a certain young Royal who is often a little cheeky, too! Princess Charlotte, four, was also pictured in a similar pose recently while attending The King’s Cup regatta on the Isle of Wight, while her parents raised money for charity. Cheeky creatures! 2 Who wowed the crowd? Celebrities were definitely looking pretty in pink last week! Catherine Zeta-Jones, 49, rocks this-one-shoulder number, while Anne Hathaway, 36, showcases her baby bump in a daring halter-neck with cut-outs. And over here in the UK, GMB’s Charlotte Hawkins, 44, teams her ASOS midi dress with Ted Baker heels. 3…

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‘coleen, fat? i didn’t mean that!’

She may not have meant it at all, but poor Nadia Sawalha really did put her foot in it on Loose Women recently! During a debate about whether it’s ever acceptable to make fun of your partner’s weight – after Love Island’s Maura Higgins quipped that her man, Curtis Pritchard, was ‘more cheesecake than beefcake’ – Coleen Nolan was left stunned by a comment from her pal. After Coleen, 54, revealed that her family teases her about her weight, Nadia, also 54, said, ‘But I don’t think you can be throwing away funny comments about people’s weight unless you really know them, because it can be so hurtful. ‘But you’re very comfortable with your fa…’ she continued, before stopping in her tracks and talking about something else entirely. A shocked Coleen quipped, ‘With my…

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‘fiz and i have melded into one…’

Jennie McAlpine is returning to Coronation Street after 10 months’ maternity leave following the birth of her daughter, Hilda. The popular actress, 35, has spent the past 18 years playing feisty Fiz Stape. Jennie, who lives in Manchester with her husband, restaurant owner Chris Farr, baby Hilda and their son, Albert, four (notice a Corrie theme?!) tells us why her home and screen life are starting to blur into one… How did you feel about coming back to work? I was so nervous. When I got my scripts, I thought, ‘Oh, my God!’ I remember saying to Alan Halsall [screen partner Tyrone Dobbs], ‘I’m really scared. How do I know if I’ll be able to remember these lines?’ I never really lost my baby brain from having Albert! But it’s like riding…

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dress up!

TOP TIP Give a classic 50s-style dress a more relaxed look by teaming with white trainers and a denim jacket. TOP TIP A pleated maxi dress doesn’t crease, so it’s perfect if you’re only taking hand luggage! TOP TIP Hit the bar after a day at the beach in a relaxed-fit dress. Choose one with sheer panels to keep cool. STYLIST: RACHEL GOLD HAIR AND MAKE-UP: CARL STANLEY PHOTOGRAPHY: NICKY JOHNSTON…

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by order of the peaky blinders…

Sitting down with Helen McCrory – aka Aunt Polly Shelby – it isn’t hard to see how the actress landed her role in BBC’s Peaky Blinders. She is forward-thinking and strong-minded, yet warm-hearted and honest – and, like her screen character, she puts family first. But Helen, 51 this week, admits she ‘can’t watch’ some of the violence. ‘It should be horrifying… because it’s not a natural state of affairs,’ she says. ‘Anybody who looks at the violence and thinks, “That is exactly what I want to do”… I mean, sick.’ But, far from normalising violence for younger viewers, Helen hopes certain scenes may prove so disgusting and disturbing that they might actually put people off joining gangs altogether. Hi, Helen! How does it feel to be playing Polly again? It’s much…