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too old to go clubbing? never!

Last week, Loose Women discussed when are we ‘Too old to go clubbing?’. Apparently, someone in a white coat at Currys PC World has officially announced it’s 39… Well, I’m no longer 39 and, truth be told, I would no longer queue to get into a nightclub. But if I was on a cruise or maybe there was an 80s disco in London or a festival, I can still dance all night to the old favourites – and I love it. I love to dance. I like to drink. And I don’t like being told I’m too old! Am I ‘tragic’, as the survey says? I don’t think so. They actually suggest people over 40 shouldn’t go to bars with people in their 20s in them… Honestly. What rot! Stop making up surveys, go…

4 min.
start your week with a smile

1 WE’RE NOT KIDDING! We adore all animals here in the best office, and donkeys are one of our all-time faves. It comes as no surprise, then, that we love this picture! The Donkey Sanctuary tells us that they enjoy treats, but it’s important to know which foods are safe for them to munch. Clearly, carrots are top of the menu! Straw, hay, turnips and apples are also popular. Healthy choices indeed! 2 Who wowed the crowd? Green dresses are glorious this season, and celebrities have taken advantage of the emerald trend. Reviving the summer, Amanda Holden, 48, stuns with her matching fascinator, while presenter Kate Garraway, 52, teams her Oliver Bonas dress with pink heels to bring out the beautiful flower detailing. Weather girl Laura Tobin, 37, blooms in a ditsy floral…

2 min.
stacey’s fear

With her new series Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over on the horizon, the 32-year-old ex-Strictly star has opened up about her introduction to ‘Throuples’ – three people who live together in a relationship. The unusual set-up was just one of the investigations Stacey undertook for the show, and she’s been left fascinated by it… ‘I’m not a polyamorist, but from what I understand, they mirror everything you would do in a relationship where there’s only two of you… but there are obviously three of them,’ said the flame-haired beauty. ‘Everyone has sex with everyone, they all text and call each other, and you check in with both or all your partners to make sure that they’re OK.’ And that gave the star pause for thought, as she said, ‘Many people, I imagine, would…

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‘you can’t lock kids up, you can only teach them to be streetwise’

Of all the Loose Women, journalist Jane Moore, 57, is perhaps most likely to give a guest a good grilling – cue some entertaining TV! Here, Jane – as open and friendly as she is confident and full of opinions – discusses motherhood (she has daughters Ellie, 27, Grace, 15, and stepdaughter Lauren, 32). She also tells how she and her husband, PR guru Gary Farrow, stay happy after 21 years, and reveals the LW guest who won her over this year… How are you? You were on holiday recently… Yes, and it was divine! I went with my husband and youngest daughter, Grace, for two weeks. We stayed with friends outside Avignon in Provence. It was hot and there was lots of wine – my two favourite things. You’ve previously said holidays…

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wrap stars!

TOP TIP Hot fuchsia shows off a summer tan to perfection! TOP TIP This style of shirt also works well teamed with jeans. TOP TIP Polka dots will still be around this autumn, so pick up a piece now to stay ahead of the fashion pack! STYLIST: RACHEL GOLD HAIR & MAKE UP: CARL STANLEY PHOTOGRAPHY: NICKY JOHNSTON…

5 min.
‘if i’d had a gastric band, i would admit to it’

Britain’s Got Talent is back on our screens but, this time, it’s all about the champions. As former winners and some of our favourite contestants from the past battle it out to become the overall champion, BGT boss Simon Cowell spills the beans on his favourite act ever, tells us about his new, super-healthy diet, and reveals how his son, Eric, is already planning his own act for BGT… You’re looking great at the moment. How hard is this new diet you’re on? It’s not hard at all. I met this doctor in LA and he told me my diet was appalling and I had to cut out fatty foods and certain drinks. Within a few weeks, I could see the difference. Cutting out sugar made a massive difference! The first few…