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Best delivers a varied and lively mix of ideas and inspiration to inform and entertain real women and help them get more out of every aspect of their busy lives. Best is topical, practical, offering more variety than any other weekly by embracing traditional topics in a modern way.

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normal people

Forget the steamy sex scenes, I’m pretty sure that more than 21 million of us tuned into BBC Three’s smash-hit Normal People not just through lockdown boredom, but because it reminded us all of our teenage angst and the boys we saw as Greek Gods – the rugby boys. Like the show’s Marianne, I spent seven years with the boy who asked me out when I was a sixth former. It didn’t last and only series two will tell us if the endearingly angsty pair – Marianne and Connell – will. See page 26 for mine and other tales of first love. I found my own first love’s picture recently – like most of the nation, my need for tidying has reached the picture drawer. But it was my girlfriends who got…

4 min.
start your week with a smile

1 LOVE IS IN THE AIR Aren’t these Fischer’s lovebirds beautifully striking with their exquisite colourings and feathers? The picture (taken by Ian Gill) was shared by San Diego Zoo and the caption explained that these birds form strong bonds with their mate, and are monogamous for life. We like them even more now… Bright sparks: These colourful celebs are a welcome ray of light in lockdown 2 Colour chameleon! With the fashion rulebook out of the window, some of us are embracing elasticated waistbands, others are throwing on a riot of colours with abandon, as modelled by these celebs. Gaby Roslin, 55, brightens up herhome in a bold Olivia Rubin frock, and Ashley Roberts, 38, smartens up for work in a contrasting outfit, while we’re reminiscing about Lily Allen’s pre-BAFTA party dress… 3 MISSING…

2 min.
a mother’s love

Last week, comedy star Dawn French tweeted a sweet image of a pair of feet with ‘I ❤ U’ written in the sand, and a caption reading, ‘Daughter. Beach. Yeah. X’ Fans were quick to react, lovingly saying, ‘This hurts my heart’, ‘There’s nothing better than being a mum,’ and ‘She’s lucky to have you.’ The star of The Trouble With Maggie Cole was clearly alluding to Billie Henry, her adopted daughter with ex-husband Lenny Henry. It seems all these weeks in lockdown have Dawn reflecting, like so many of us, on what – and who – is important in her life. As a child with two famous parents, Billie was kept mostly out of the limelight – but she has recently hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, something which must have…

2 min.
arg’s drugs hell

James Argent, best known for his ‘on again/off again’ eight-year relationship with Gemma Collins and appearing in The Only Way Is Essex, has opened up about his cocaine addiction – and how he turned to his best friend Mark Wright. The 32-year-old went public on This Morning, telling best columnists Eamonn and Ruth how he hoped talking about his recovery would help others in a similar position. ‘It was the worst kept secret over the last few years. It was apparent to everyone I’d had various trips to rehab. I thought people may judge me… and I felt ashamed and embarrassed,’ he admitted. ‘But then I feel like some of my heroes, the likes of Robbie Williams, Davina McCall, Russell Brand, Ronnie Wood – people I respect… they’ve had similar problems and owned…

4 min.
‘we need to make good memories now…’

Loose Women’s Kaye Adams, the funny, laid-back Scottish panellist, may not be physically joining her old pals on the show right now, but the pragmatic 57-year-old is there via (sometimes hysterical) video-calls from her Glasgow home, inbetween her other job on Radio Scotland and time at home with hubby Ian, and daughters Bonnie and Charley. Life’s a little tough right now, she agrees, but the laughs where we can get them are important – and soon, she hopes, we’ll be making happy memories again… How are you doing, Kaye? I’m grateful to be working, and to have that structure. But it’s 24/7 Coronavirus. I speak about it every day and I can get pretty overwhelmed. If I’m being my big, grown-up self, I’d say lockdown has been kind to me. But if…

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3 quick-fire questions

FOOD OF CHOICE DURING LOCKDOWN? A few squares of chocolate in the evening, with a boxset. I get grumpy if I don’t – which reminds me, Ian recently sneezed without sneezing into his elbow, and I went stark raving mad at him! We didn’t speak to each other for 24 hours. Awkward! DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS? Yes, my beloved cockapoo, Bea. She’s seven, and I’ve finally taught her to give me her paw, so yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks! TV SHOWS YOU’RE NOW ADDICTED TO… Line of Duty, Succession and The Good Wife (pictured). WORDS: SHELLEY SPADONI PICTURES: AMAZON PRIME, GETTY, INSTAGRAM, SHUTTERSTOCK…