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1 min.
ruth plays her cards right

The Price is Right, or as it’s now called Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow, is back to entertain us on Saturday nights – and it has, right from the first episode. The kooky comedian is making the show his own and our columnists Ruth and Eamonn were the first contestants. They went on to win £33,000 for Ruth’s charity, the Alzheimer’s Society. But it was the tears that were running down her face as they hit the jackpot that led me to ask if she’d talk about what winning that show had meant to her. She agreed and when I read her reasons, I cried, too. ‘I was crying for many reasons, many memories, good and bad,’ she explains on page 10. ‘This was for £33,000 – but I realised it was for…

3 min.
start your week with a smile

1 GETTING SOME ZZZZ’S Check out – or should that be stripe out? – this gorgeous zebra from Banham Zoo in East Anglia. He’s certainly having a frolicking time rolling around on the floor… These dazzling damsels have the bright idea when it comes to summer frocks 2 Yellow, not mellow Sun’s out, yellow dresses out! Holly Willoughby, 39, and Charlotte Hawkins, 45, added colour to the small screen courtesy of their frocks, Holly’s hailing from J.Crew and Charlotte’s from Damsel in a Dress. Taking a more neon approach to it was Ashley Roberts, 38. 3 ALPHABET SOUP Comedian Paddy McGuinness had us all chuckling at this photo of him relaxing in a kids’ paddling pool! He posted this cheeky snap on Instagram – showing he’s making the most of the sunny weather during lockdown. Although…

2 min.
lockdown lunch for one?

Since lockdown, we’ve all become a little obsessed with food – but when you’re cooking for one, it’s hard to find motivation. Unless you’re celebrity chef Nigella Lawson. Hunkered down by herself in her London home since the crisis began, the domestic goddess has turned to her skill set to pass the time, creating amazing meals for one. And on the podcast, The Bunker, Nigella has revealed some of her top tips. ‘I have been using my Go Ju Jang, a red chilli paste of such intensity and complexity that you don’t need to add anything else when you cook,’ said the glam telly favourite, 60. ‘You could add it to mince, and that will give you all the flavour you need. You can get it online, and it comes in a really…

3 min.
kate’s ‘unimaginable anguish’

Kate Garraway was outside her London home as usual, making some noise with her son Billy, 10, and daughter, Darcy, 14, for what was to be the last #clapforcarers for the foreseeable future. As she honoured Britain’s frontline heroes, emotions overwhelmed the Good Morning Britain presenter. The 53-year-old has been holding it together for more than two months now – while her husband of 15 years, Derek Draper, 52, fights desperately for his life in hospital, battling Covid-19. Kate, who had confessed that Coronavirus was affecting Derek in ‘new and devastating ways’ every day, paid tribute to NHS staff, for ‘fighting as hard as Derek is to give us the chance to be reunited’, but admitted it was bittersweet that this symbolic moment was ending. Sharing a video of Billy, she wrote, ‘Hear…

5 min.
‘inside, my heart was breaking…’

On the face of it, ITV’s revival of the gameshow Play Your Cards Right with Alan Carr, was nothing more than a classic piece of Saturday night TV nostalgia. But nothing prepared me for the wave of memories, emotion and sense of purpose that followed from taking part. Following my sister Julia’s death last June, I didn’t feel I could ever go back to work again. It seemed wrong to be cheery on screen, when inside my heart was breaking. I just thought being ‘happy’ would be a lie – and disrespectful to my only sibling, my only sister, my Big Sis – who looked after me at school and in early life, and whose passing was even more painful, if that was possible, than that of my father, Dennis, eight…

5 min.
life isn’t always absolutely fabulous

Julia Sawalha’s first big acting role came in 1989 in the series Press Gang, playing Lynda, the fearless editor of the Junior Gazette. Every female teenage wannabe writer wanted to be Lynda – driven, with a sharp tongue, wild hair and dubious dress sense. At the time Julia, now 51, was in her early 20s, but she’d become famous for playing younger than she is. Her other iconic role was as teenager Saffy in Absolutely Fabulous. Press Gang fans will cheer that the original series is back, part of a lockdown revival of feel-good programmes. Julia’s memory of that series is how young she was. She may have ended up in a relationship with the show’s heartthrob Dexter Fletcher in real-life, but this was a professional operation. ‘The characters were 15 or 16,…