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Best 27-2020

Best delivers a varied and lively mix of ideas and inspiration to inform and entertain real women and help them get more out of every aspect of their busy lives. Best is topical, practical, offering more variety than any other weekly by embracing traditional topics in a modern way.

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best’s friends

This week (on page 10), our columnist Carol talks about the one thing all of us girls need no matter how old we are – friends. Her 20-year friendship with that other outspoken Loose lady, Denise Welch, makes me giggle. ‘Who doesn’t like gossip?’ asked Denise. ‘ME!’ screamed Carol. In some ways, they are different: Carol loves a drink, Denise is teetotal. In others, they are the same: Younger partners and not afraid to tell you exactly what’s on their mind. I’ve been at the receiving end of that from both, at one time or another. But it is what makes friendships work. Last year, some of the best team (L-R: me, Lifestyle Editor Lara, Showbiz Editor Shell, Features Editor Nicky, and Celebrity Writer Dani), were lucky enough to attend a Buckingham Palace…

4 min.
start your week with a smile

1 NEW ADDITION Although Willows Activity Farm in Hertfordshire hasn’t reopened to the public yet, they have shared the very exciting news of a new arrival… well, two, to be exact! They announced on Instagram that a set of Pygmy goat twins had been born and shared a picture of them with their followers. Both boys, they are utterly adorable – and look a little cheeky! We hope to meet them soon… These ladies are serving a classic look – and it still looks ace! 2 Anyone for tennis? Wimbledon may not be happening this year, but a classic white dress is always in fashion for summertime. Alex Jones, 43, opted for a classic shirt style for a recent One Show, while Sam Faiers, 29, chose a more casual approach in a T-shirt dress.…

2 min.
the new loose lady?

Ranvir Singh, Political Editor of Good Morning Britain, is already a familiar face to fans of daytime TV – and a good friend to best. But, after recently swapping early mornings for lunchtime chat show Loose Women, could the presenter be set to become a permanent Loose Lady? Stepping in to host alongside Nadia Sawalha, Saira Khan and best’s columnist Carol (turn to page 10 for more from her), Ranvir confessed: ‘I feel a bit giddy. I’ve had too much sleep obviously! Thank you for having me, ladies!’ Admitting that she’d ‘put on a stone’ during lockdown, Saira joked that she’d make her pose with her in a swimsuit for a body-positive poster. ‘I wouldn’t even look at myself in a swimsuit in my house, never mind a billboard!’ Ranvir laughed. ‘I can hear…

2 min.
‘i’m absolutely broken’

She’s know for a mega-watt smile and a larger-than-life personality, but reality queen Gemma Collins has been left utterly heartbroken by the death of her beloved rescue cat. As all animal lovers know, the death of a pet can be devastating – and it took the 39-year-old former The Only Way Is Essex star days to share the news. ‘I’m absolutely [heart] broken. I love you, Twinkle,’ she said simply. The pet she rescued 22 years ago had become ill over the weekend and Gemma took her to the vet, who placed the much-loved moggy on a ventilator after she began to have breathing difficulties. ‘Please keep her alive,’ the star pleaded. Writing on her Instagram, she explained later, ‘I was so upset about it… I took her to the vet and it was so…

7 min.
old friends, best friends…

Regular readers of best will know that our columnist, Carol McGiffin, has given a very honest account of the effects of lockdown on her mental health in recent months. Here, she talks to her friend and fellow Loose Woman, Denise Welch, about her 31-year battle with depression, giving up booze (Denise, not Carol!) and – as ever – the age-old dilemma, who is actually right when they disagree… Denise, you’ve written your third book, what is it about? The elevator pitch of it would be: It is a journal of 31 years of episodes of my depression and how it has impacted my life. Obviously, there are some autobiographical bits in it, because all the people in my life it’s also had an impact on, are in it. I cover, in detail,…

2 min.
four birds, one zoom call…

Lockdown in Britain started on 23 March. Two days later, following a hilarious warts-and-all Zoom call between showbiz pals Debbie Arnold, Dee Anderson, Sherrie Hewson and Harriet Thorpe, online show Wonderbirds was born (its name a nod to Dee’s mum, co-creator of the classic children’s TV show, Thunderbirds). Now, the four showbiz friends’ funny, confessional chat-show has over a million subscribers on YouTube. Mum-of-two Debbie, 65, reveals more… Tell us about Wonderbirds! It’s taken over my life – probably a good thing, as I’ve been on my own with my dogs through lockdown. It started with a Zoom call with my friends, Dee, Sherrie and Harriet. It was so funny, I said, ‘Could we put this online?’ We had no idea how, so a friend of mine did. And people loved it. What’s…