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Bicycling South Africa

Bicycling South Africa May/June 2019

Bicycling is South Africa’s leading cycling magazine and is aimed at both road and mountain biking enthusiasts. Launched in February 2003, it is published 10 times a year, targeting the fast-growing and affluent lifestyle cycling market – youngsters, adults, professional as well as casual cyclists. The magazine is filled with the best international and local content for every element of the cyclist’s life from training techniques and fitness information to inspiring human interest stories, event news, nutrition and motivation. Bicycling is also South Africa’s leading tester of bikes and gear with over 30% of the monthly magazine dedicated to the latest reviews so our readers can make the best choices.

South Africa
Media 24 Ltd
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bicycling south africa

editor Mike Finch (mike.finch@media24.com) senior designer Alana Munnik chief sub/managing editor Dave Buchanan online editor Penny Rrevena (penny.trevena@media24.com) gear editor Jon Minster (jon@jonminster.co.za) online commercial manager Tentl Barros (yentl.barros@media24.com) PUBLISHING AND MARKETING publishing & production manager FerZa EngelVrecht commercial head of events Francois Malan 021 408 1228 (francois.malan@media24.com) commercial manager Lise Coetsee 021 443 9833 (lise.coetsee@media24.com) marketing assistant AnZile Nkosi 021 408 3848 (andile.nkosi@media24.com) ADVERTISING SALES TEAM business manager: sales Danie Nell 082 859 0542 (danie.nell@media24.com) CAPE TOWN Gannes Burger 076 152 4605 (hannes.burger@media24.com) Nick Fitzell 071 430 6311 (nick.fitzell@media24.com) Daniela Di Fiovanni 083 709 7040 (daniela.digiovanni@media24.com) JOHANNESBURG Iylee RoVertson 076 263 9114 (kylee.robertson@media24.com) Jeanine Iruger 082 342 2299 (jeanine.kruger@media24.com) Lizel Pauw 082 876 8189 (lizel.pauw@media24.com) Sharlene Smith 083 583 1604 (sharlene.smith@media24.com) Tumna Rojan 072 399 5789 (yumna.rojan@media24.com) TelanZa Mitchell 074 897 576 (yelanda.mitchell@media24.com) DURBAN Mariska Senter 082 898 4376 (mariska.venter@media24.com) CIRCULATION SALES & SOLUTIONS circulation manager Riaan Weyers 021 503 7179 subscription manager Jenny Marinus product manager EVrahim…

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join the ride

OUR ANGST IS YOUR REWARD. When I met with gear editor Jon Minster and we sat down to discuss our budget bike buyer’s guide for Issue 4 of 2019, the conversation started – as usual – with “how low do we go?” Below R20K? R10K? R5K, even? In the end, we decided that the spec of the bikes Jon would choose would define the price bracket. // THERE ARE PLENTY OF GREAT BIKES BELOW R10K – AND EVEN SOME BELOW R5K WORTH MENTIONING – BUT IF YOU WANT TO BUY A BIKE THAT’S CAPABLE OF HANDLING YEARS OF RIDING WITH A SUITABLE GROUPSET AND A DECENT SUSPENSION SYSTEM, YOU NEED TO SPEND A LITTLE MORE. // WE ALSO DECIDED TO FOCUS JUST ON MOUNTAIN BIKES FOR THIS YEAR’S SHOWDOWN, PURELY…

1 min.
the frame

EPIC RACE FACE The Absa Cape Epic is part sufferfest, part adventure, and part glory. There is never an easy day as riders from around the world tackle dust, heat, rocky paths and long stages, all in search of a coveted medal. This year riders tackled 630km, with 16 650m of climbing over the eight days – one of the hilliest routes in the 16-year history of the event. IT’S NEVER OVER... Even the best can make silly mistakes – as the Trek Selle San Marco team of Michele Casagrande and Fabian Rabensteiner did, when they crashed into each other in the finishing straight of Stage 6. Casagrande broke his collarbone and was forced to abandon the race. HARD MEN Seventy-year-old Gustav Joyce broke two fingers on his right hand 14km into the final 70km…

2 min.
witless or wisdom?

SADDLE DISCOMFORT THEN: Combat saddle sores by riding with raw steak in your shorts (1930s Tour de France solution) NOW: Religious chamois-cream application EXPERT TAKE: “There is definitely a risk of infection from sitting on raw meat – at the very least, that would be messy! Friction causes more damage than lack of cushion when you’re riding – the rubbing is what causes dryness and discomfort. Chamois cream is more effective because it’s moisturising, so skin slips and doesn’t get irritated.” – Dr Mary Jane Minkin, Gynaecologist BASE TRAINING THEN: “A solid foundation built on a base of easy kays is necessary before the finish work – intervals, hill repeats, and fast group rides – is added.” (The Cyclist’s Training Bible, 2003) NOW: You can get the same fitness from harder, shorter workouts, followed by recovery. EXPERT…

4 min.
inside knowledge

ALLEN LIM, PHD, RIDER If you’re scared, slow down. We’ll wait. We’re not animals. ANDREW PRUITT, RIDER If you’re over 50, the research is clear: use it or lose it. Ride full-gas at least once a week to stay sharp. AUGUSTUS FARMER, RIDER Take a break from the road, and ride some dirt. It’ll build up your balance and stability for confident bike handling. BENJAMIN RASMUSSEN, PHOTOGRAPHER I mix one tablespoon of MCT oil and one tablespoon of butter into my morning coffee. It helps the caffeine kick in fast, and gives me energy for the ride – and the rest of the morning. BRIAN VERNOR, PHOTOGRAPHER I separate cycling from fitness, because for me, riding is about having fun; so I only ride when I want to. That keeps me from burning out. CAITLIN GIDDINGS, WRITER Struggling to hang on…

2 min.
the test zone

Unflinching on Gravel Over the past few months, our US testers have been testing the hell out of gravel bikes. Then they tried this one, the custom titanium Evergreen XX ‘ Scrambler ’from Seven that rides even better than it looks. Whether or not this bike is worth its price tag (over R210 000) is debatable. What’s not arguable is its performance. The Scrambler is smooth, unflinching, and capable of almost anything. – Matt Phillips, senior test editor Prevelo Is KILLING IT! Prevelo is a new US company that makes only kids’ bikes, like the Prevelo Zulu Two Heir above. We’ve had several in to try, including the neat little Alpha Zero balance bike. This 16-inch model might be the coolest one yet. It comes with disc brakes and the best-feeling kids’ suspension…