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With autumn on the horizon it might seem like a slightly odd time to consider buying a convertible BMW, however, personally I find there’s nothing better than roofless motoring when the autumnal sunshine is out and the air is clear and crisp. That prices tend to be a touch lower than during the height of summer is an added bonus for those considering taking the plunge. In this issue we take two generations of Zed roadster for a spin – the White family have both an E36/7 Z3 1.9i and an E89 Z4 sDrive20i M Sport in their stable so they’re well placed to assist us in making an interesting generational comparison, p10. If you need something slightly more practical than a two seater then perhaps the E93 335i Convertible,…

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m3 touring announced

BMW has confirmed that an M3 Touring is in development – expected to come to market two-years from now. It is not the first time BMW M has developed a fast estate car, but it will be the first production M Touring-based on a 3 Series model. BMW enthusiasts have long hoped for M performance in a 3 Series combined with the practicality and functionality of a Touring, and BMW M has in-turn long been fascinated by idea of selling such a vehicle. In fact, BMW M has gone so far as to build such cars in the past – albeit not production models. The most recent instance was 20-years ago in 2000 when we were treated to a prototype E36 M3 Touring (pictured below), but the concept sadly went…

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new 545e xdrive saloon

BMW has revealed full details of its new 545E xDrive saloon, its top-of-the-range 5 Series plug-in hybrid. Almost 50,000 5 Series plug-in hybrid models were sold worldwide in 2019, making them the most successful electrified models in the BMW Group’s portfolio. Off the back of this BMW has expanded the range from two to five models – all featuring a straight six-cylinder petrol engine and four-wheel drive. The latest generation of BMW eDrive technology works in conjunction with a four-cylinder petrol engine, powering the 530e plug-in hybrid models – launched in July 2020. In November comes the new 530e Touring and the new 530e xDrive Touring. However, the top of the range model is the new 545e xDrive Saloon. Its combined fuel consumption (2.4 – 2.1 l/100 km; combined power consumption:…

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bmw play next podcast

Radio's Edith Bowman will host a brand new 10-part podcast series that talks to pioneers in music on a range of topics facing the industry. BMW Play Next will also feature tracks from Edith’s top picks of new artists to have on your radar. The series will invite some of the key players in music to take a deeper look at the big topics facing the industry, including the future of festivals in a post COVID-19 world, the role of technology in music production and where it goes next, and the power of music in driving change for social movements. In episode one, Edith is joined by Gilles Peterson, broadcaster, DJ and founder of the Worldwide Festival in France, which in 2020 should have celebrated its 15th edition. The duo will…

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b road hunting club

With the success of ‘coffee and cars’-style venues such as Caffeine & Machine in Warwickshire and Fuel Coffee House in East Sussex has come a fresh appetite for automotive destinations. These are places enthusiasts can set out to visit in their pride and joy, meeting like-minded people with a penchant for petrol (and diesel, and electricity…), while also grabbing a drink or a bite to eat. Such sites are few and far between in South East England, enter a new premises in Marden, Kent – just outside of Maidstone. B Road Hunting Club is an intimate coffee shop that also offers design services, car modification and more – think of it as a mini Caffeine & Machine with a twist. It has been created by car enthusiasts Edd Little and Roger…

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a family affair

Most of us will probably go through life without having fully sampled the delights of an open car. Sure, you might have a ride in a friend’s soft top every now and then, but for most of us the roadster or even the slightly more practical convertible won’t be on a list of potential cars when it comes to replacing your current motor. For many of us this will simply be down to practicalities – fitting a family in a convertible or roadster just isn’t possible and worries about leaking hoods and cold and damp interiors over the winter months puts many people off running one – even if they don’t need the space of a larger car. But not the White family who own not one, not two, but three…