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BMWs don’t come much more iconic than the 2002. In 2021 the 2002tii reaches its 50th birthday so you’ll see much in the way of celebrations to mark the milestone occasion this year, including in this issue. With the help of The 02 Register, experts in everything 2002, we take look at the car that many consider to be a better all-rounder than the (equally iconic) 2002 Turbo, p18. And, sticking with the letters ‘t’ and ‘i’, we bring together the latest BMW to wear them, the F40 128ti, and the last car to carry the designation before it, the E46/5 Compact. It’s a bit of a ‘meet the family’ ti affair on page 10. We are currently living through extraordinary, historical, times in motoring as the world shifts from traditional…

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bmw news m xdrive models unleashed

Following hot on the heels of the launch of the new M3 Competition Saloon and M4 Competition Coupé in the UK (BMW Car 06/21) BMW has added two further variants to the model line-up – it is offering its xDrive all-wheel drive system for the two high-performance M sports cars for the very first time. The improvements in traction, handling stability and agility enable both models to reach 62mph in just 3.5-seconds, making them 0.4-seconds quicker on the sprint than their rear-wheel drive counterparts. As you'd expect power comes from the very same 510hp straight-six engine as fitted to the rear-wheel-drive models, that's connected to an eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic. The M-specific all-wheel drive system then divides power between the front and rear wheels as required to enhance agility,…

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bmw protection vehicle division

Secrets of the Supercars is a TV show on Dave (Freeview:_Channel 19) providing an inside look at some of the most exclusive car companies on earth, putting vehicles through their paces on the track, discovering game-changing supercars of the past and revealing what happens when engineers push car design to extremes. A new episode offers viewers a behind the scenes look at manufacturing and testing of the BMW X5 Protection VR6. It's the first time BMW has allowed TV cameras access inside its secretive Protection Vehicle division in Munich, which has set the standard in the design and development of armoured vehicles for 40 years. Viewers will get an exclusive look at the manufacturing and testing of the BMW X5 Protection VR6 – capable of withstanding attack from automatic weapons. Barely…

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longstone light car race

The Vintage Sports-Car Club (VSCC) is re-establishing the Light car race on 10th of July at its Oulton Park race meeting. Perhaps appropriately, the title sponsor of the event is Longstone Classic-Tyres – the home of vintage tyres. This year's 40-minute endurance race will be contested by an array of weird and wonderful light cars and cycle cars – the likes of which has not been seen this century. So, what's it all about? In the early days of motoring, small capacity light-weight cars and cycle cars were the order of the day. Cotton and bobbin steering, air-cooled engines, with just one or two-cylinders powering cars whose transmission was often dealt with via belt or chain drive. To qualify as a Light car, vehicles must have been built before 1931 and…

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what’s in a name?

You could be forgiven for getting a trifle confused by BMW’s naming conventions – over the years different badges have been given to different models but they’re not always consistently applied which can lead to befuddlement. And we’re not just talking about the engine size bearing no relation to what it says on the car’s rump. Some designations are pretty consistent though. If there’s a ‘d’ in the name then the car will undoubtedly sup from the black pump. If it has an ‘x’ in its moniker then it will have all-wheel drive and if there’s an ‘i’ then it’s an injection model, although that latter example doesn’t always hold true. These day’s an ‘i’ means electrification so perhaps it’s more accurate to say that an ‘i’ used as a prefix…

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who are bimmerdeals?

BimmerDeals sells BMWs and MINIs online via social media platforms and forums working on behalf of Berry BMW, and can arrange delivery at four different BMW retailers or can deliver direct to its customers at home via its very own vehicle logistics company. BimmerDeals tends to concentrate on the higher performance end of the market – M cars and M Performance models as well as Cooper S and MINI JCW machinery. The whole team at BimmerDeals are keen petrolheads and offer upgrades via Motech Performance for BMWs and Deutsch Tech for MINIs for those looking for a little bit of individualisation on their car. BimmerDeals offers significant online discounts and can arrange finance too – it even fully details all the cars it sells before delivery free of charge, demonstrating the…