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Bowhunter August 2019 - Big Game

Bowhunter brings you expert advice from legendary Bowhunters! Each issue is filled with updates from major bowhunting organizations, coverage of bowhunting locations across North America, complete coverage of the sport and much more.

United States
KSE Sportsman Media, Inc.
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US$ 23,94
10 Números


3 min.
setting goals

ONE OF THE great pleasures of my job here at Bowhunter is getting to meet and work with some of the best bowhunters on the planet. A common thread that binds these accomplished hunters is the setting of personal goals. First, let’s address the “personal” part of that equation. Alaska’s Frank Noska may be the best bowhunter I know of. Last fall, he became the first bowhunter to accomplish a second archery Super Slam of North American big game, and his story appears on page 26. Frank is one of our contributing writers, and a friend of mine. As we collaborated back and forth on this article submission, I asked him, “What are you going to do now? Start hunting internationally for big game?” In his typical low-key, humble manner, he…

1 min.

PUBLISHER Jeff Waring EDITORIAL STAFF EDITOR Curt Wells ART DIRECTOR Mark Olszewski ASSISTANT EDITOR Brian Fortenbaugh EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Sally Burkey ASSISTANT ART DIRECTOR Jason Henning FIELD EDITORS CONSERVATION Dr. Dave Samuel EQUIPMENT Tony J. Peterson HUNTING Dwight Schuh TECHNICAL Joe Bell TRADITIONAL Fred Eichler CONTRIBUTORS Chuck Adams•Joe Blake•Chuck Denault• Danny Farris•Jeff Frey•Cameron R. Hanes• Donald M. Jones•Larry D. Jones•Judy Kovar• Lon Lauber•Pat Lefemine•Frank Noska• Matt Palmquist•John Solomon•Dan Staton• Randy Ulmer•John “Lefty” Wilson•C.J. Winand ADVERTISING SALES ADVERTISING SALES MANAGER Jeff Millar (717) 695-8081; jeff.millar@outdoorsg.com ADVERTISNG SALES REP Mark Thiffault (720) 630-9863; mark.thiffault@outdoorsg.com PRODUCTION MANAGER Brittany Kennedy (717) 695-8089; brittany.kennedy@outdoorsg.com COORDINATOR Leah Jaroh (717) 695-8087; leah.jaroh@outdoorsg.com ENDEMIC AD SALES NATIONAL ENDEMIC SALES Jim McConville (440) 791-7017 WESTERN REGION Hutch Looney hutch@hlooney.com NATIONAL AD SALES ACCOUNT DIRECTOR – DETROIT OFFICE Kevin Donley (248) 798-4458 NATIONAL ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE – CHICAGO OFFICE Carl Benson (312) 955-0496 DIRECT RESPONSE ADVERTISING/NON-ENDEMIC Anthony Smyth (914) 693-8700…

6 min.
low-impact intel

NORTHERN WISCONSIN got to me last fall. To be honest, it gets to me every season, but last year I really thought I had things figured out. After spending hours and hours in various trees during the first 10 days of November, I threw my hands up and went home to pack for Oklahoma. Before I left, I decided to try to see what I was missing, at least on one small 30-acre property I own. I put five cameras up to cover several spots on the parcel. Due to family and work obligations, I couldn’t get over there to check those cameras for the first part of winter. And the back half, with its constant snow and brutal weather, made it a no-go as well, which means those cameras were…

10 min.
the last stand

When things are not going your way, never say die — it’s always worth it. “HEY, DAD, are you going to write a story about this hunt?” I asked hopefully as we trudged up the trail. His voice was weary. “That’s my plan,” Dad said. “I was thinking about calling it ‘The Last Stand.’ What do you think?” “That’s perfect!” I said. “I can’t wait to read it.” Little did I know I’d have to write it. When Dad finally drew this mule deer tag in Utah’s Book Cliffs, he was eight years into a multiple myeloma diagnosis and fighting for every hunt — a scenario he couldn’t have dreamed would happen when he started applying for the draw 18 years prior. Nonetheless, Dad began planning the hunt. “Any day out — even with chronic…

10 min.
live your dreams

With mere seconds before legal shooting light expired, the Roosevelt’s elk herd bull started chasing some of his cows in my direction. They were on the farthest side of the meadow, but in an instant they were under 100 yards and closing. I could hardly believe what was happening as the bull chased and pushed three cows toward me. I just might get a shot at this six-point bull, I thought, so I quickly positioned myself behind two large blackberry bushes that had a gap to shoot through, and I nocked an arrow. When the first cow came through my shooting window, I estimated she was at 50 yards. In an instant, another cow passed through the opening. I came to full draw when I could see the bull approach the…

8 min.
archery capra world slam

MONGOLIA — ALTAI MOUNTAINS At 3,500 meters, the air is thin and our breath is heavy. We’ve been hiking straight up for five hours, trying to get above a group of bedded ibex billies. It’s my second trip in a month to the Altai Mountains, and after so many hunting days, you look at the bow in your hand and wonder why we like to make hard things even harder. I try to get my head together and away from bad thoughts while I climb down a scary cliff to get within bow range of the oldest billy. At 80 meters, I reach a dead end. I cannot get any closer. I range the bedded billy and get a compensated distance of 52 meters. It’s a complicated shot, but you need to…