Ceramics: Art and Perception No. 110

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new designers the first 12 months

Each year one show in London hosts all the arts departments from colleges and universities in the country in an exhibition called New Designers. Not only does it give students an opportunity to showcase their work nationally, it is also a barometer for many businesses seeking out new talent. New Designers had roughly 15,000 visitors last year across the two weeks it was open. There are over 200 courses that exhibit with just over 3000 students taking part. An intriguing element of the show is to invite back the previous year’s exhibitors to see how they have fared during their first year in business. The show calls it One Year In and here we look at some of those participating in the review. An intriguing element of the show is to invite…

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the story of heartmoss pottery hannah and emi escape to a beautiul ife.

… inspired by the majestic scenery of the Appalachian Mountains, where she creates, and the farming journey she and her wife … Emi, embarked upon six years ago … Experts estimate that functional pottery has been around since approximately 9000 to 10,000 BC. When asked about the pottery she creates, one of the first things Hannah Martin will tell you is that her work is functional. And while that is one important aspect of her work, the thing that catches the eye is the stunning beauty and depth of her work which she says is inspired by the majestic scenery of the Appalachian Mountains where she creates, and the farming journey she and her wife, Emilia Jones, aka Emi, embarked upon six years ago. In addition to farming, both knew that…

7 min.
karen koblitz: art ambassador across cultures

The artistic career of American ceramist Karen Koblitz has been driven, and defined, by wanderlust. Unlike the casual traveler, Koblitz’s globe-trekking has not centered on the greatest hits of tourist destinations but rather, pointedly and deliberately, in pursuit of enriching her worldview and enhancing her art knowledge. Cultural Diplomacy, a oneperson exhibition in 2018, presented work of the last twenty-seven years, primarily pieces that Koblitz created in response to her international journeys. A close study of several individual pieces featured in the show reveal the profound multicultural connections Koblitz has forged during these experiences. Ephemeral and memorable, the unglazed white porcelain sculptures had a ghostly materiality, seeming to provide a portal to the contemplative space where memories roam and unfold. Charting the Influences: Italian Renaissance Ceramics In 1970 a junior college year abroad…

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tableware wear where?

North of Hobart and just off the high street of one of its freshly revitalised and increasingly vibrant suburbs, the Moonah Arts Centre plays host to many varied exhibitions and performances, including the 2016 Tasmanian Ceramics Association annual show Tableware Wear Where? Delightfully engaging and loaded with playful work, this exhibition – as may be deduced from the grammarian title – takes that which is often taken for granted to be used as blank canvases for the display of food, the containment of tea, or other beverages, scoured clean and shoved away in dark cupboards, as its topic. Wordplays and puns seem to bounce from most exhibits, some obvious, some pithy, some containing vague references or insider-knowledge. Lisa Wise's contribution Placement 1 2 3 falls into the subtler variety, noting in her…

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hand and heart at motawi tileworks

Motawi Tileworks … presents a synthesis of efficiency, technology, and craftsmanship, and its success triumphantly shows that the lofty ideals of the Arts and Crafts movement can be translated seamlessly into the contemporary world. John Ruskin, the grand Victorian voice of the Arts and Crafts movement, wrote that “all art worthy of the name is the energy—neither of the human body alone, nor of the human soul alone, but of both united…the action of the hand is at its finest when that of the heart is at its fullest.” Admittedly, the always elegant words of Ruskin sometimes seem lacking real-life applications, but Motawi Tileworks in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA offers a fine example of what such a synergy between art and heart might look like. Founded at the cusp of the…

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“i can’t help but work in installation & multiples” in conversation with hennie meyer

When he was a young Rotary exchange student in Australia, the South African artist Hennie Meyer, took a course in ceramics simply because it was the only option available to him as the other courses were fully subscribed. The move proved to be serendipitous, as he fell in love with clay which provided him the requisite language to articulate his reflections on life. As Meyer somewhat deprecatingly says, “Since I cannot write nor sing, ceramics proved to be the means with which I could express myself”. He spent a year on the wheel, training as a studio potter and, thus the notion of roundness and reproduction was set at an early stage. Thirty-something years later, Meyer continues to work within the genre of the studio potter, producing small items for domestic…