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September 2021

Computer Music's goal is to help its readers create great music with a PC or Mac. Each month find easy-to-follow tutorials for all sorts of music software, unbiased reviews of the latest products and answers to technical questions. Our Zinio edition does not include the DVD but it DOES INCLUDE the full software, samples and tutorial files to download. Full details inside. Download does not include Producer Masterclass in-studio video. This digital edition is not printable.

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past, present, future

1178 includes an interesting lookahead/- behind feature that lets you play with the overall compression timing. In Lookbehind mode you can add up to 10ms of processing delay. Meanwhile with Fixed Latency enabled (20ms) you can apply between 0 and 20ms of processing pre delay. What both controls do in practice is extend the more extreme settings that 1178 can achieve, and this is particularly relevant when dealing with transient-heavy sounds such as beats. As noted, 1178 has a very fast attack, but there are still super fast percussive transients meaning the attack will clip even at its fastest setting. We found winding in some additional lookahead really helped with this. However, it’s the lookbehind feature that’s our favourite. You now have much greater flexibility whether fine-tuning snappy percussive sounds with slow…

5 min.
eastwest hollywood orchestra opus ed. $695/$795

Proudly affirming their exclusive access to their namesake studios – the legendary EastWest Studio One in Hollywood – EastWest excel at crafting immaculately recorded orchestral packages, with 2015’s Hollywood Orchestra series marking the pinnacle of their achievements. Now the company revisit and re-adapt this six-year-old monolith, further perfecting their ambition to build the ultimate all-in-one software orchestra. Magnum opus First, let’s look at what the original Hollywood Orchestra offered, and what this more substantial package adds. Recorded by Hollywood sound engineer and industry stalwart Shawn Murphy, Hollywood Orchestra was a remarkably detailed assortment of sampled orchestral instruments, sporting a plethora of textures across the string, woodwind, brass and percussion spheres, all operable within EastWest’s (then) state of the art Play engine. Deep control of these beautifully recorded instruments was wrangled by a…

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pro tip

GO OVERDRIVE! Once you have your sound in some form of shape, there are some excellent additional elements that you can employ, to maximise the sync effect. Within the Zebra CM filter section, adding some overdrive will enhance the sound further, providing even more grit to the signal’s back end. Sync sounds can often sound a little clinical, almost digital, whether they are being produced in software, or via some vintage analogue behemoth. Adding overdrive distortion will help discolour the signal, making it feel more organic. The default LP Xcite overdrive, which is located in the filter section, works well, but you may want to adjust the Filter Cutoff control, as the patch will become brighter. With so much complexity in the overall sonic makeup of this sound, adding compression is pretty essential for…

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creating 101 patches – the classic acid house riff

Step by step 1. Creating 101 patches – a classic acid riff 1 We need a point of initialisation for creating our patch, and while Roland have helpfully equipped their software SH-101 with plenty of great patches, there are also empty patch locations. Select any available slot, which will also make light work of saving the patch at the end of proceedings, if desired. 2 Now we have a simple single oscillator, reproducing a square wave. We want to decrease the volume of this completely in order to effectively replace the square with a sawtooth. Within the Source Mixer section, increase the saw to its maximum volume, by dragging the Volume fader fully north. 3 Within the Source Mixer, we now want to add some sub oscillator. Too much can be overwhelming, so turn…

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101 connectivity

Just like any other hardware, getting a vintage SH-101 will require a degree of accompanying setup, such as an audio interface. It is also pre MIDI, but very reliably works under CV & Gate control; in fact it is a very good performer in this setting. Kenton Electronics will supply all the shapes and sizes of MIDI to CV/Gate boxes that you can possibly require, which include the USB Solo, which will plug directly into your computer and provide CV/Gate signals simply and reliably. The Roland SH-01A, offers all that is vintage and retro in a convenient and modern box, which will interface beautifully with your DAW via USB. Better still, the USB connection carries both MIDI and Audio, making it exceptionally easy to get your 101-style signal directly into your…

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create a classic arp sound patch

Step by step 1. The Billy Currie lead 1 We’re going to create a couple of classic Odyssey sounds now. You can use any of the three Odyssey types you wish or even the freeware ones mentioned previously, as the programming tips should transfer to iOS, desktop or hardware. We’re using Oddity. 2 It’s surprisingly easy to get the core Currie sound but it’s what you do with it that counts. You’ll need to initialise your synth which in the hardware’s case could simply mean: do nothing or set all sliders to zero. In Oddity’s case, load up a Default sound. 3 We already have a nice blend of the oscillators and the fat sound you want. Now you can introduce a slight bit of detuning between one and the other to thicken the…