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reader offer!

NOW CHEAPER THAN EVER! We’re delighted to announce an outstanding new Reader Offer for Symantec’s award-winning antivirus software Norton 360 Premium. For just £24.99, you’ll protect 10 devices for two years WHAT YOU GET ✔ 100-per-cent malware protection ✔ Password-hack alerts ✔ Free online backup (75GB) ✔ Password manager PLUS A free VPN Norton is made by respected US security company Symantec. It has always performed strongly in Computeractive antivirus tests, so we highly recommend it. 10 devices for two years NOW ONLY £24.99* Normally £179.99 Buy it from our Software Store at www.snipca.com/33247 * while stocks last…

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microsoft pulls ‘confusing’ windows 11 compatibility tool

Microsoft has admitted that its tool for checking whether your computer can run Windows 11 caused confusion because it didn’t provide enough information. The company launched its PC Health Check tool in late June, when it unveiled Windows 11, and advised users to download it so they could check whether their computer’s specifications would be advanced enough to cope with Windows 11. But the tool was strongly criticised by frustrated users for not providing details about why their computer wouldn’t be able to run the new operating system. Instead it showed a message with the heading ‘This PC can’t run Windows 11’ (pictured). It continued: ‘While this PC doesn’t meet the system requirements to run Windows 11, you’ll keep getting Windows 10 updates’. Microsoft has since removed the tool, saying it will return in…

1 min.
bt working with oneweb to give uk satellite broadband

BT has signed a deal with satellite operator OneWeb to explore how they can bring broadband to remote parts of the UK that won’t be covered by the Government’s £5bn Project Gigabit programme. They will also examine whether satellites can link up to new mobile masts in order to improve phone signals. OneWeb, part-owned by the Government, has over 250 satellites in a low-Earth orbit, and says it will start providing services by November. As well as the UK, these will cover Alaska, Canada, northern Europe, Greenland, Iceland, and the Arctic seas. Long term, it plans to run a system of 648 satellites in order to provide global coverage by around the end of 2022. It will rival Starlink, owned by tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, which has launched more than 1,800 satellites and…

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ee and o2 bring back data-roaming fees within the eu

EE and O2 have reintroduced data-roaming fees for UK customers travelling in the European Union, which means you can be charged extra for using your phone when abroad. These fees were abolished in 2017, but they weren’t included in the UK’s withdrawal agreement from the EU. This meant that from January networks were again allowed to start charging customers for using data in the EU, though until now EE and O2, along with Three and Vodafone, had repeatedly said they had no plans to do so. EE’s new policy charges customers a flat daily fee of £2 for using their phone in 47 European countries – whether or not they’re in the EU – except Ireland. It said the charges will help them invest in their UK-based customer service and network. The change…

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new tools

BraveSearch https://search.brave.com To tackle Google, you have to be Brave. This privacy-focused firm already has a superb browser (https://brave.com) that blocks adverts, trackers and pop-ups. It has now launched a beta search engine that promises to not create advertising profiles based on what you search for. Brave Search will show adverts once it’s out of beta, but these won’t be based on your data, and you’ll be able to turn them off (read more at www.snipca.com/38778). It has built its own index of results, so most of them don’t come from Google or Microsoft (even privacy champions DuckDuckGo uses Microsoft’s Bing for its results). You don’t need to install Brave to try the search engine – just visit https://search.brave.com in any browser. Change your location to UK (1 in screenshot), then click the map…

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what’s the issue…?

I’m a long-time subscriber and in a recent issue I remember reading a small piece explaining how to stop Microsoft’s ‘weather thing’ appearing on my taskbar. I didn’t have this on my computer at the time, but it has now appeared, and I want to remove it. Did this advice appear, or am I losing the plot? John Langley CA SAYS You’re still in possession of the plot, John. These instructions appeared in Issue 607, page 21. I’ve got loads of old passwords in Edge that I want to delete. Didn’t you recently reveal a quick way of doing this? Andy Mitcham CA SAYS Yes we did, in Issue 606, page 11. In which issue did you explain how to record TV to a USB stick? I’ve just been given a dozen empty sticks that need…