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Cosmopolitan July 2019

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what your iced-coffee grip says about you

Single-fisting it You are ruled by rules and love tradition. Like the type of person who’d eat Cheerios for breakfast for 15 years. If it works, why fix it? ICED YEAR-ROUND? You are all about individuality and have more chill than the average. Legit no one would be surprised if you sold everything you own to do tarot readings on the beach. HOT YEAR-ROUND? You’re a serial killer. Kidding! But you likely do have one MO and love sticking to the plan. You value comfort and routine above all else. Using a card-board sleeve This is the Beyoncé of coffee holds. You’re very particular, and you’re not apologizing for it. Life’s too short for condensation drips on your white jeans. The clutch from above Ever openly streamed Queer Eye at work until your boss catches you mid-JVN makeover? Yeah…

1 min.
is there sand in your chargehole?

Your schedule says “office” but your heart is screaming “VITAMIN D!” How do you get your fix? 45% I eat lunch near an office window as a single Lauren Conrad tear runs down my face. 32% I stand on some hot concrete for a while before work. Jealous? 23% I take a “business lunch” and pray my boss doesn’t check my ‘gram. So your hair is, um, ginormous today…. 18% I went to a tiki bar for happy hour and went to bed at 5 a.m. 32% IDK. Salt water and chlorine turn it into this blob on my head. 50% I let humidity win. You’re at the beach. Is there sand in your chargehole, aka that slot where your phone charger goes? 62% I try to be careful, but it happens. 30% Literally every single hole has sand in it. 8% What is this, spring break 2012? My phone…

3 min.
can you win our bar bathroom angel challenge?

START You’ve had the perfect number of vodka crans and no one’s decided to climb on the bar for impromptu karaoke (yet). But then, while in line for the bathroom, you see a random girl heading for the stalls with an “I’m definitely gonna puke” look. No one else is making moves. You: 1 Stay put. You’ve been waiting for, like, half an hour, okay? 1 POINT 2 Knock on the door to make sure she’s okay. She coughs out that she’s fine; you reclaim your place in line. 2 POINTS 3 Offer to hold her hair back. That vom smell is so hard to shampoo out. 5 POINTS SHE’S DONE. BUT SHE OBVIOUSLY LOOKS UNWELL AND HAS NO FRIENDS IN SIGHT. YOU… 1 Do nothing. You don’t know her life! 1 POINT 2 Feel pretty bad for ignoring her earlier…

2 min.
i didn’t recommend my best friend for a job but told her i did

Sam* and I met in a writing work-shop our junior year of college. We would get coffee beforehand to bond over stuff like our love of food magazines, listening to The Nut-cracker while studying, and okay, shit-talking the other nine people in our class (it was a small school). Soon I was spending more time with her than my boyfriend. Of course, like anyone, Sam had her flaws. She was a you-do-you, I’ll-do-me kind of friend. She was also hella competitive. One time, while we were both going over feedback from our professor, she saw his positive notes on my paper and said, “He’s just going easy on you.” It was an odd thing to say, right? But I let it go. After college, I worked super hard to get an internship…

2 min.
confessions: job-hunt edition

“My old boss called me about an opening on her new team. It was an early-morning interview, so I packed a bag and stayed at a friend’s place for an easier commute. As I was getting dressed, I realized: OMFG, I’d forgotten to pack any pants. I had zero time so ended up in the $4 see-through leggings that I wore to bed the night before. When I got there, my old boss was like, ‘Are those…leggings?’ I did not get the job.” —HANNAH, 25 “I was on a phone interview for a gig with a major client and everything was going super well. We started wrapping up the call at the same time my boyfriend was heading to work. He asked me a question and, thinking I’d muted the call, I…

2 min.
new heartthrob jacob elordi does not want to be a heartthrob

look at this person. He’s lock-screen material. Like something out of a vintage Calvin Klein campaign. He’s 6! Feet! 4! Inches! He has a swoony Australian accent and dimples so cute they could start an Insta account, become overnight micro-influencers, and start doing sponcon for Equinox. Fans don’t just stan—they drool. But Jacob…doesn’t seem to care. He has plans. Brad Pitt–style plans. The kind where a young, hot, aspiring superstar decides to set his sights on an Oscar. Sure, he’s dabbled in heartthrobbing. He played Joey King’s dreamy, football-jock love interest in Netflix’s rom-com The Kissing Booth. The pair even dated off-screen for a minute. And back then, he and Joey nabbed publicity points for flirting and kissing all over Instagram. But those photos—along with any trace of Joey and The…