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here’s a juicy secret…

We’ve been busy lately at Cosmo HQ. Or I guess I should say, busier than usual. After hours, in between our regular work, we’ve been covertly obsessing over a cool new project. And as a staff of self-professed bad secret-keepers (I am perhaps the worst, being from the South, where “Okay, so I didn’t tell you this but” is the beginning of half of all conversations), it’s been hard not to talk about. So thank god for today: the day I get to finally spill the tea. Or more accurately, the juice. Cosmo has officially launched a brand-new fragrance line, called Eau de Juice, available in four high-end scents at Ulta Beauty stores nationwide. (Did you know that in the beauty industry, we call the liquid inside perfume bottles “juice”? Hence…

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p.s. fashion week is coming

There’s something ~different~ about the mag you’re holding, by the way. It’s our first-ever Easter Egg Issue, a contest we created with our friends at TRESemmé to do something cool: bring one reader (and her bestie) to NYC for Fashion Week. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS Buckle in and get ready to find all the secret clues hidden in these pages. The winner gets a trip to New York City, tickets to the Rebecca Minkoff fashion show (you’ll even get to meet the designer herself!), *and* a primp session with Cosmo beauty director Carly Cardellino Vaccaro and a TRESemmé stylist beforehand. HERE’S WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR THROUGHOUT THE MAG 3 trivia questions about fashion shows that TRESemmé has done the hair for (and yes, you have to answer them!) 7 TRESemmé bottles 1 mention of a TRESemmé…

2 min.
please, dear god, someone teach me how to shop for groceries

the cold sweats set in around 11 a.m. every Sunday. I open my fridge and see a barren wasteland of old ketchup packets, which I saved for some reason, and one bag of shredded cheese that’s probably been in there a liiittle too long. I order a bagel (delivery, because I’m lazy) and face the inevitable: I need to go to the supermarket. I am, and I cannot stress this enough, absolutely terrible at grocery shopping. Like, go-in-with-good-intentions-but-come-out-with-nothing-but-boxes-of-instant-ramen-level bad. At least I’m aware of my issues. Let’s start with planning. Some people spend a quality chunk of time laboring over the perfect shopping list. But when I sit down to make one, it’s like I’ve never eaten a real meal. Lasagna? Never heard of her. Baked chicken? Who is she? And before…

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okay, but here’s some actual help

USE INSTA “I follow my fave food bloggers on Instagram and save good-looking recipes when I randomly see them in my feed. It’s easier to let the ideas come to me rather than searching for something.”—SMITA GAUTUM, 29 PICK TWO VEGETABLES “My best trick is to buy two fruits or veggies that I can repurpose for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, like broccoli and asparagus, instead of buying a ton of produce.”—LAUREN ROSE, 30 ORDER ONLINE “I shop on my grocery-store app, so I can double-check my fridge to make sure I’m not buying something I already have and avoid impulse buys.”—MARIAH MUNDS, 28…

2 min.
how “college” is your bedroom?

ONE You’re in the mood to redecorate, so you go Amazon-Priming for… a A tastefully framed abstract print that will look perfect in my “at home, bored” Instagrams. b Something fun under $30. Maybe one of those marquee signs? c Well, this tapestry takes up a lot of room, so IDK if I need new stuff. TWO What’s your headboard situation? a I got a tufted one at West Elm as soon as I got a raise. b I mean, I bought it off the girl who lived here before me…but it’s actually nice. c Nonexistent. THREE IYO, Christmas lights should be used for… a Trees? b Glowing up my windows! Their light is like an IRL filter! c Shoving into empty wine bottles and plugging them in when guests come over, obviously. FOUR What’s your stance on hampers? a Pro. I have…

2 min.
wait, you make how much?

6 percent of you make $100K or more. (Hi! Invite us to your yacht and give us your HBO password, pls.) 48 percent of you make 45K or less. Raise your hand if you’re hustling hard for that $100K life. Who are you most comfy talking money with? 9% No one. I’d literally rather talk about my sex life with my father. 12% My coworkers. Well, only when we’re not discussing my beef with Terry, the office manager. 31% My friends. Help us, we’re poor. 48% My mom. She knows what an IRA is and I haven’t googled it yet. Let’s chat savings. Do you have any? 27% Yep. My bank app is real sneaky about helping me save. Ble$$ up. 29% LOL, sure. Also, Katy Perry is JonBenét Ramsey. 44% I direct-deposit a bit of my paycheck each month.…