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Cosmopolitan March 2020

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ed letter

9 A.M. I used to set my alarm to NPR, thinking it’d make me smarter, but I’d oversleep and the news worked its way into my dreams (like, Donald Trump was making a lot of guest appearances). Now I do this thing where I watch half a movie before bed, then finish it in the morning as an incentive to get up. Today, it’s Spider-Man 2. There’s lots of screaming, which is cool for my neighbors. 9:45 A.M. I wrangle my French bulldog, Bao Bao (she’s named after soup dumplings), into her backpack. I don’t normally bring her to work, but today is special: She’s a model for our pet section! 10:30 A.M. At this point, I’m usually interviewing experts (one of my fave things about this job is medical reporting). Now I’m going through…

3 min.
a coachella eulogy

Greetings, OG micro-influencers, festiphiles, and former icons of everything hot and happening. We are gathered here today to mourn the tragic passing of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. A notorious ripper that came into this world as a bb indie event in 1999, Coachella really was That FOMO Bitch (especially during our peak hot girl years, for better or for worse). Now, let’s take another minute to really remember: For the better part of a decade, going to Coachella was unquestionably the coolest thing anyone could do. Cooler than asking Drake to murder your vagina. Cooler than Kim Kardashian’s naked motorcycle straddle in that creepy Kanye video. Cooler than the ice-bucket-challenge thing. I myself once lived for frolicking all over the desert in a pair of shredded high-waisted shorts. But eventually, like…

2 min.
shiny new bae richard ellis told me everything about his king-size bed

Richard Ellis is…confusingly attractive. Confusing because he somehow looks like both Tom Holland and Harry Styles at the exact same time. (You see it, right?) Yet his sleepy eyes and prep-school hair have tragically stayed under the radar until, well, right now. His new Netflix fantasy-ish high school series (think: less feel-good Heroes, more dark and twisty Buffy) is finally putting him where he belongs—in that heavenly stratosphere of internet boyfriends where infinite artistic Tumblr tributes are born. Here’s how we fell in love, er, conducted a strictly professional work call. Give me a visual: Where are you sitting right now? On my couch in my apartment. There’s not much on the walls. I do have a nice music setup, guitars and amps. I’m just waiting for someone to come in here…

2 min.
the beginner’s guide to marvel

Welcome to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, aka the MCU, aka the home of almost every superhero you’ve seen in spandex heard of*, including the Avengers. And if you’ve been just half-watching for the muscly Thor scenes (no judgment), you should probably GAF about the details before Scar-Jo’s unmissable Black Widow this May. Is there a ridic number of big characters (some human, some—most?—not)? Sure. But nearly all the movies are tied together, so learn’em at once (read: right now) and you’ll suddenly be able to get every nefarious threat and inside joke. So let’s start with the basics—and also accept the fact that you’ll probably spend your first few Marvels googling questions. It’s fine. The ones played by Chrises Did I mention this would get confusing? 1. Captain America: Chris Evans A’40s super-soldier who wakes up…

1 min.

Infinity Stones Six precious gems representing mind, power, reality, soul, space, and time. Together, they make you all-powerful. Loki Thor’s sometimes bad, sometimes good adopted bro. He’s complicated, okay? Multiverse Alternate universes that may or may not be a thing. So basically anything is possible. Cool-cool. Thanos A super-bad dude. Like, whoa. Pretty much just killing whoever it takes to get himself total control of everything. Vibranium Extremely rare, nearly indestructible element found in Wakanda. It’s what Black Panther’s suit and Captain America’s shield are made of.…

2 min.
one frantic, two-phone, four-screen day in the life of a kylie-jenner-fan-account runner

There are but a handful of moments that can make or break the street cred of an Instagram-fan-account runner—that is, one of the few, the proud, and, yes, the wildly obsessive peeps who dedicate hours each day to cataloging a certain celeb’s every OOTD and comment reply. For Jessica, the mystery woman behind @KylieSnapchat, that moment was the 2018 Met Gala, Kylie’s first big event since she surprise-birthed one Miss Stormi Webster. What started out as a casual hobby to memorialize the Lip Kit queen’s Snap vids had turned into a full-on ~1-million-followers (mostly unpaid!) side hustle, and fans were depending on Jessica to break the first looks of Kylie’s “I’m back, bitches” dress. And also, ofc, keep tabs on any KarJenner drama. Jessica couldn’t let her Ky-or-die crew down.…