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Country Living UK September 2018

Whether you live in the town or countryside, in Country Living you’ll find a wealth of ideas for your home and garden, learn about traditional crafts, keep informed of rural issues, enjoy irresistible dishes using seasonal produce and, above all, escape the stress and strain of modern-day life.

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this is the time for…

…foraging in fields and hedgerows. The blackberries are fattening, wild apples ripening and mushrooms* free for the taking from our parks, woodlands and roadside verges. Many plants – often those we think of as weeds, such as nettles and dandelions – are good for eating but can also be harnessed medicinally to treat minor ailments (see The Good Life on page 25). In this month’s Kitchen Table Talent (page 28), we meet one reader who has turned her homemade herbal remedies into a thriving skincare business and another who uses her foraged finds, including alder cones and hawthorn berries plus ordinary kitchen-cupboard items such as coffee grounds and red onion, to create the most amazing array of fabric dye colours (page 72). The power of plants is a wonderful thing.FOLLOW…

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Lindsay Alker’s silk-screened Oxney print is available on linen (shown), £87/m, and wallpaper, £70/m, which is hand-printed to order in the UKPure new wool picnic blanket with waterproof backing and leather carrying strap, £119, Heating & PlumbingDistinctive appliquéd fabric moth cushion (40cm x 70cm) by Carola Van Dyke, £105Capture the last rays in a secluded spot in the garden. Deckchairs, similar, The Stripes Company. Basket, flea market find. Cushions, similar, The Linen GardenThese Derby shoes are handcrafted by Maiko Dawson. Choose your size and colour from a selection of leathers, from £360Two-colour original linocut print (15cm x 10cm) by Sarah Bays, £45. Limited edition of 50Handmade-to-order ash chair finished with wax polish and natural English rush seat, by Lawrence Neal, £391Wool carpet shopper, £68, made in the Scottish Highlands by…

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a month in the country

Say farewell to summer swallowsCAST YOUR EYES TO THE SKIES THIS MONTH AND YOU MAY SPOT SWATHES OF SWALLOWS (Hirundo rustica) as they gather in preparation for their epic migration across the Sahara. A fleeting and beautiful harbinger of warmer months, these seasonal visitors are an iconic sight with their bow-shaped wings, deep forked tails and blue, white and crimson plumage. Earlier in the season they’re most commonly seen diligently attending a nest of young or diving after insects in the dusk, but now, as autumn approaches, larger and larger numbers will be seen coming together before they suddenly vanish south. Enjoy the final glimpses of this avian favourite and wish them well on their journey. To find out more, visit wildlifetrusts.org.uk. ■…

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take part in organic september

Decline in wildlife populations and an increase in diet-related health problems are just two of the reasons why we need to pay more attention to how our food is produced. Organic fare contains fewer pesticides, no artificial additives and ensures high-quality animal welfare, so this month, the Soil Association is encouraging all of us to give it a go. The more people who buy organic, the more organic farms there will be – so even switching a few everyday items could make a big difference. Try seeking out your local independent retailer or signing up for an organic box scheme, but first download a free starter kit at soilassociation.org. ■…

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in the fields this month

Whether you boil them, mash them or stick them in a stew, potatoes have been a diet staple since Sir Francis Drake introduced them to England in the 1500s. While a fork might suffice for digging up garden spuds, larger-scale production relies on the vast machines you might now see working away on farms. ■…

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quirky countryside

(COMPILED BY LAURAN ELSDEN AND SARAH BARRATT)The Braemar GatheringWith a history that dates back some 900 years, the Braemar Gathering in Aberdeenshire encourages participants to take part in a range of traditional activities. Go along to watch kilted dancing, a tug of war and ‘heavy events’ – a category of games that includes caber tossing and hammer throwing. ■…