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APRIL BRANSON, MISSOURI — The 4State QRP Group will hold the OzarkCon QRP Conference from noon to 9:30 p.m., Friday, April 3 and from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday, April 4 at the Stone Mountain Castle, 3050 Green Mountain Drive. Website: <www.ozarkcon.com>. FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS — The Fort Smith Area Amateur Radio Club will hold the Hanging Judge Hamfest from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, April 4 at the Ben Geren Park (Safe Shelter Building), 7700 South Zero Street. Contact: Jim Weaver, KM5YV, (918) 895-5862 or (918) 730-2569. Email: <kn5yv.jim@gmail.com>. Website: <www.hangingjudgehamfest.com>. VE exams. HAMPTON, NEW HAMPSHIRE — The Port City Amateur Radio Club will hold the Seacoast Amateur Radio Flea Market from 8 a.m. to noon, Saturday, April 4 at the St. James Masonic Lodge, 77 Tide Mill Road. Contact:…

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ham radio news

Coronavirus Cancels Hamvention The Dayton Hamvention® Executive Committee has canceled the 2020 Hamvention as a result of measures being put in place to limit the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. The committee said its decision was made "with a very heavy heart," but felt it was necessary, based on its continuing discussions with local and state health officials. At press time, details were not yet in place regarding refunds, etc. In addition, concerns about coronavirus are casting a shadow over many ham-related activities. Many radio clubs have canceled in-person meetings and activities; the FCC has banned all "non-critical" travel by staff members and is not permitting visitors into FCC facilities if they have been in a country experiencing widespread infections up to two weeks prior to their visits. Furthermore, two DXpeditions have been…

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communications horizons

It’s not often that we talk about all the above at the same time. This is though one of those thorny problems in managing the spectrum in which many different players have a stake in the outcome and for which there is no solution allowing all the users to go home happy. What’s the Problem, Doc? In short, it’s all about 87.75 MHz. That’s the point where the lower end of the FM band in the U.S. meets the top of the former lower analog VHF TV band. As many older readers may recall, in the analog days, if a local TV station happened to be on Channel 6, you could listen to the audio on most FM radios simply by tuning to the far left end of the dial. The audio…

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zero bias: a cq editorial

Pull up a chair, get your coffee out of the microwave and let’s have a little (very little?) talk about very little radio waves … better known as microwaves. Is any component of your ham station set up to transmit and/or receive above 1 GHz? If so, are you using that capability? If not (to any of the above), why not? Outside the ham bands, virtually all of us use microwave radios for communication every day. They keep us in touch with family and friends, bring us the latest news and entertainment and tell us how to make our way to unfamiliar places. You might even be using yours to read this article. I am referring, of course, to our smartphones and tablets, wireless devices that use microwave frequencies (generally 2.4…

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news bytes

KM4CZN Receives First Carole Perry Educator of the Year Award Engineering and technology teacher Melissa Pore, KM4CZN, was presented with the first Carole Perry Educator of the Year Award in February by the Orlando Amateur Radio Club. Pore teaches high school in Virginia. She is also a member of the ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) U.S. Education Team that evaluates applications for school contacts via amateur radio with astronauts aboard the ISS and coordinated the effort that resulted in the launch of STMSat-1, the first satellite ever built by elementary school students. The award is named in honor of longtime ham radio educator Carole Perry, WB2MGP, who joined club officials to make the presentation at this year’s Orlando Hamcation® (Photo A). Pore said she was inspired by the…

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a5øboc: thunder dragon dx on the low bands

Hello fellow DXers! As I occasionally do, this month I am turning over the keyboard to a guest writer. Adrian Ciuperca, KO8SCA will tell us all about the recent A5ØBOC DXpedition to Bhutan. Adrian, along with fellow teammates Champ Muangamphun, E21EIC; Franz Langner, DJ9ZB; and Max Van Rymenant, ON5UR were led by Zorro Miyazawa, JH1AJT, on this Bhutan adventure. Their priorities were to add some antennas at the Royal Thimphu College radio club station, and mount an operation as A5ØBOC. Their story follows. Enjoy! –N2OO “The arrow of the accomplished master will not be seen when it is released, only when it hits the target.”–Bhutanese Proverb Anyone who has flown into Bhutan’s Paro International Airport (Photo A), situated at an altitude of roughly 7,300 feet, is familiar with the rollercoaster landing there and we…