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JANUARY 2019 WORLDWIDE — The Radio Amateurs of Canada and Parks Canada will hold Canadian National Parks & Historic Sites On the Air event throughout the year. All radio amateurs worldwide will have the opportunity to operate portably from any of Park Canada’s 48 national parks and 171 historic sites. Activity will be tracked via website with a real-time leader board and other statistics available. Activators and chasers will be able to compete for awards and certificates created for this event. Website: <http://cnpota.ca>. BROOKVILLE, NEW YORK — The 20th Annual Ham Radio University and the 2019 ARRL NYC/Long Island Section Convention will be held beginning 7:30 a.m., Saturday, January 5 at the LIU/Post Hillwood Commons Student Center, 720 Northern Boulevard. Contact Tom Carrubba, KA2D, <info@hamradiouniversity.org>. Website: <www.hamradiouniversity.org>. VE exams. LOCUST FORK, ALABAMA —…

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ham radio news

New Faces Around the Table in Newington When the ARRL board of directors meets in Connecticut this month, there will be several new faces at the table, as well as the “back bench” for vice directors. In addition to this being the first board meeting for new CEO Howard Michel, WB2ITX, there will be new directors present from the Hudson, New England, Northwestern, Roanoke, and Rocky Mountain Divisions. Three of those new directors defeated incumbents, while one moved up from the vice director’s chair to succeed a director who resigned and the fifth was elected in a division in which the incumbent was not seeking re-election. There will also be two new vice directors. This represents a change in leadership in one-third of the ARRL’s 15 geographic divisions. WSJT-X Version 2 Released;…

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the crack and the pop and the whistle

Curiosity. It underlies nearly everything we do as hams, and it’s probably what led each of us to ham radio in the first place. Who can I contact? How far can I talk? How many contacts can I make in a weekend? Can I get through with less power? Can I build a radio myself and have it work? Can I bounce a signal off the moon or a tiny dot in orbit? Author Eric Nichols, KL7AJ (“Tickled,” p. XX), recently pointed me toward an ICQ podcast about the Radio Society of Great Britain’s National Radio Centre at the Bletchley Park museum outside London1. Bletchley Park is where World War II codebreakers, working in complete secrecy, broke the German Enigma code and helped assure an Allied victory. The National Radio Centre…

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news bytes

“On-Air, On-Set” “Last Man Standing” Producer John Amodeo, NN6JA, reports that cast member Jet Jurgensmeyer, who plays Mike Baxter’s grandson, Boyd, on the Fox TV series, had a great time operating on-set station KA6LMS during a break in the taping of the program’s Christmas episode on November 6. Jurgensmeyer is new to the role of Boyd thist season. Special guest operators that day included the “Ham Radio Now” crew of Gary Pearce, KN4AQ; Gary’s wife, Cyndi, KD4ACW, and host David Goldenberg, WØDHG. The station was on the air during the dinner break in taping and after shooting ended. According to John, Jet stayed for both operating sessions, got on the air himself, and expressed interest in getting his ham license. A short video of Jet on the air is on the KA6LMS Facebook…

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in memoriam: melissa reinhardt, kd6bit, sk

Melissa S. Reinhardt, KD6BIT, a marketing and advertising executive with close ties to the amateur radio industry and a member of CQ’s “extended family,” passed away peacefully on November 9, 2018 after an 11-year battle with cancer. Her ever-present smile was often seen at Dayton and regional hamfests. Over the years, she created promotional programs for AOR, Alinco, Kantronics, U.S. Tower, and others. She also served clients in many other disciplines including manufacturing, sporting goods, and financial services. Throughout her career, she won several national and regional awards for advertising excellence. Born in Buffalo, New York, Melissa moved to her adopted community of Agoura Hills, California in 1987. She was active in her community, holding seats on charitable boards for youth sports and the Friends of the Library. She was an effective…

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dare to dream on top band

It’s wintertime at the bottom of the sunspot cycle, so it’s an ideal time to get on 160 meters. But many of us see that as an impossible task. VK4QS is here to tell us it can be done, even from a small lot with a limited antenna. How many times have you read about the achievements of others on the 160-meter band? Have you ever wondered if you, too, could achieve such things in this place they call “top band,” where hard-fought DX is chased? Sometimes, standing in the backyard, you just can’t help but wonder how it could all be possible from what is written in books and magazines and displayed on websites. The fact is that, on the 160-meter band, acreage, large arrays and Beverage receiving antennas are…