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Custom PC UK May 2018

Custom PC is the UK’s best-selling magazine for PC hardware, overclocking, gaming and modding. Every month, Custom PC is packed with in-depth hardware reviews, step-by-step photo guides and informative features, all with a focus on tinkering with your computer’s insides. Along the way, you’ll also find hard-hitting tech opinion, game reviews and all manner of computer hobbyism goodness, from small Pi projects to extreme PC mods.

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what is an apu?

I ended up doing a comedy photo shoot of me mindlessly chomping on a PCB Many years ago, I boldly announced that I’d eat my own graphics card if AMD bought ATI. Hey, I also predicted the iPhone would flop. We can’t be right al l the time. My reasoning was that the cost of buying ATI would be so huge, and the task of integrating a Radeon GPU into a CPU so great, that it just wouldn’t be worth the colossal risk. AMD was taking a massive gamble on GPU compute going mainstream, and being able to treat an integrated GPU as a kind of built-in coprocessor. Of course, I was wrong about the buyout – AMD did indeed buy ATI, and I ended up doing a comedy photo shoot of…

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keep the memory

The price of high-speed enthusiast kits is expected to increase further In last month’s mag, Ben and I advised about upgrading CPUs and GPUs. On the CPU side, between now and what’s available soon, the situation looks great! However, if you need a new graphics card you might end up in tears. Since then, I’ve been researching another crucial area for upgraders: memory and storage. If you’re angling for a new AMD Ryzen 2 CPU, an 8th-gen Intel chip or even a future 9th-gen upgrade this year,then you’ll want to keep hold of any DDR4 memory you own, because prices look set to keep increasing until 2019. According to market research firm TrendForce, memory price increases resulted in a global revenue surge of 76 per cent in 2017 among memory makers,and there’s…

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age ratings

Sometimes PEGI double checks, but broadly it’s a self-report system The school shooting in Florida, which left 17 dead, has been blamed on violent video games by at least one politician, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin. He said, ‘there are video games that, yes, are listed for mature audiences, but kids play them and everybody knows it, and there’s nothing to prevent the child from playing them.’ I’ve often covered the evidence for games causing violence, so I’d like to focus instead on the other part of Bevin’s complaint, that kids are playing games ‘listed for mature audiences’. The shooter is 19, but presumably Bevin thinks he was playing mature games his whole life,creating a monster. That theory isn’t backed by evidence, but it’s worth looking at whether age ratings for games are…

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EK apologises for Threadripper blocks Water-cooling kit manufacturer EK has issued an official apology for the performance of its first-generation of waterblocks for AMD’s TR4 Threadripper platform. EK’s original Supremacy Evo TR4 block had a standard-sized CPU waterblock in the middle of a TR4-sized plate, meaning the waterblock wasn’t directly positioned over either of the dies under a Threadripper heatspreader. According to EK’s statement, the decision was ‘a result of an oversight from our side almost a year ago’, and the company will be discounting its first-generation TR4 waterblocks as a result. However, the company also claims to have now solved the problem by engineering a new cold plate with a much larger fin area, specifically designed to cool the two dies in a large TR4 package. If you purchased an EK…

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Building a hi-fi PC I read your magazine most months with interest. In fact, I was a subscriber for many years, but decided not to continue with my subscription and instead buy the magazine when I felt so inclined. The reason is that, as I’m not out-and-out gamer, much of the content was of little interest to me. However, I’m always interested in building a custom PC for myself, and for that reason your magazine is extremely useful. I mainly use my desktop PC for music streaming. My current interest is building a PC specifically for playing music and digitising my vinyl collection. As I read very little in your magazine about sound cards and speaker systems, could you recommend a sound card(s) and speaker system that would enable me to use…

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twitter highlights

Grove_Armada I hope GPU prices fall like Bitcoin’s. Ben: We can only hope! Jason_R_ Wagner This is all your fault @CustomPCMag - job well done everyone. Ben: Haha, glad to be of service. Jimboz_SimRigs just read @Bindibadgi’s article on VR in your latest mag & it’s complete rubbish!! VR is thriving on PC not least with the release of Windows Mix Reality headsets (Oct 17), big support on Steam, ReVive/support, higher res than Vive/Oc, lower costs. For £6, do better!! Ben: Windows Mixed Reality is indeed an interesting take on VR that addresses many of these issues, but I don’t think it necessarily indicates that VR is thriving – just that there’s another system available. Richard could end up being wrong in his assessment on VR – we’ll just have to wait until we see…