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Custom PC UK February 2019

Custom PC is the UK’s best-selling magazine for PC hardware, overclocking, gaming and modding. Every month, Custom PC is packed with in-depth hardware reviews, step-by-step photo guides and informative features, all with a focus on tinkering with your computer’s insides. Along the way, you’ll also find hard-hitting tech opinion, game reviews and all manner of computer hobbyism goodness, from small Pi projects to extreme PC mods.

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3 min.
are we at peak rgb yet?

I think I’ve just seen the tackiest computer component ever. It looks as though someone smashed up some boiled sweets, stuck them to a piece of gold-coloured metal with some lights and wrote ‘Royal’ on it, thinking they could sneak it into the crown jewels at the Tower of London without anyone noticing. You can see it on p14. I know taste is subjective to a degree, but if the G.Skill Trident Z Royal memory is to your taste then I’m going to judge you hard, and probably raise one of my eyebrows while I’m doing it. You can even get an RGB LED top for your 24-pin ATX power cable. Where can you go from there? The problem isn’t that it’s form over function. The Trident Z Royal kits can run…

3 min.
full stream ahead

The desktop PC industry is undoubtedly mainly driven by demand for gaming hardware these days, as seen with the recent explosion in products named after games. However, with the increase in the number of people gaming on mobile devices, several companies have announced plans for game streaming services, which run the games remotely on a cloud server, streaming the gameplay to the player via a video stream. Previous efforts to create game streaming services, such as Gaikai and OnLive failed, but more recently Nvidia and Sony’s GeForce Now and PlayStation Now services have been launched to limited success.However, new commitments from Microsoft (xCloud), Sony,EA (Project Atlas) and even Google (Project Stream) should be taken more seriously. Game streaming services are no longer a case of‘if’but ‘when’ they will arrive. There’s only…

3 min.
rom cons

I grew up a PC gamer, missing out on the NES and SNES entirely, so I don’t have any nostalgia for ye olde Nintendo. Instead, my nostalgia is for 1980s Amstrad games, many of which haunt my memories. I recently grabbed an emulator ROM of a favourite from my childhood – Fantasy World Dizzy, a 1989 game by the Oliver twins. Young Tracy would spend days trying to solve the puzzles and platforms, most of which involved patiently carrying one object across various screens only to find it’s not the object you need and that you’ve wasted the last hour. I loved this game, and the intervening 30 years had removed all the bad bits (most of it), and left me only with memories of fun and joy. Replaying was an…

4 min.

G.Skill blings up memory G.Skill is going for all-out bling with its latest RAM heatsink, which looks more like something from a luxury watch catalogue than a computer component. The TridentZ Royal features a polished aluminium heatspreader, with either a gold or silver finish, along with a ‘crystalline light bar’, which G.Skill describes as a ‘crown jewel’ design. According to G.Skill, the new light bar is designed to refract the lighting from the module’s RGB LEDs, resulting in a ‘magnificent display’. A range of kits will be available, including both dual and quad-channel sets, going from 3000MHz to 4400MHz, with a dual-channel 16GB kit also available at 4600MHz. Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 results spotted It looks as though a cheaper GPU based on Nvidia’s new Turing architecture could soon be on the way. As…

3 min.

Hold or fold? Please, please, please don’t carry out your threat to impose that ‘Folding’ page upon us again. Surely that page was encouraging serious computer people to waste electrical power and other expensive resources on a pursuit of worthless numbers. The competition always dominated the page, and completely subjugated the declared objective of folding. I never saw any evidence of pharmaceutical or medical research goals being achieved, and while the cost of an ‘unused cycle’ is nanoscopic, cycles were being given away in billions and those gifts accumulated to a serious cost. Competitors seem to have been deprived of the information needed to assess the value of what they were doing, and such was the appeal of the Folding competition that some enthusiasts built dedicated machines, and others built folding farms, at…

3 min.
amd threadripper 2920x / £575 inc vat

SUPPLIER www.ebuyer.com Despite the Threadripper range trebling in size this year, the new additions from 2018 still slot neatly into the stack. The Threadripper 2920X costs around the same amount of money as Intel’s Core i7-7820X, but has four more cores and eight more threads and, while it’s more expensive than the Threadripper 1920X, it offers much higher clock speeds, as well as AMD’s enhanced boosting algorithms. However, the Threadripper 1920X didn’t offer particularly great value for money, with the Threadripper 1950X offering better bang for your buck. Can AMD’s new 12-core CPU step out from its bigger sibling’s shadow? The 2920X offers an extra 300MHz of boost frequency, reaching 4.3GHz Compared with its predecessor, the Threadripper 2920X offers an extra 300MHz of boost frequency, reaching 4.3GHz, which should make a big difference…