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it’s about time

Wine can be intensely of the moment, but it can also be very much about the passing of time. That first taste can bring an instant flash of sheer pleasure. Yet we also acquire wines that may not reach their best for many years to come, laying down a marker for some point in the future when we hope we will be able to sample what time has done to those precious bottles. And it is that latter trait that we should harness when we think about how climate change is going to affect all of us, our descendants and their descendants. When you examine the current state of things, it’s clear that if we want to preserve much of what we value, we need to take action right now.…

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meet the decanter experts

SARAH AHMED is an awarded wine writer, educator and judge who specialises in Portugal and Australia. She is the DWWA Regional Chair for Portugal and publishes her own website SIMON FIELD MW is the DWWA Regional Chair for Champagne. A Berry Bros & Rudd buyer for more than 20 years, he now consults on areas which particularly interested him in that time, with Champagne topping the list in France ALDO FIORDELLI is a widely published journalist, wine writer and author, a DWWA judge and regular Decanter contributor. He became a qualified sommelier in 2003, and has written books on food, wine and art RUPERT JOY is an international consultant and former UK and EU diplomat. He has a longstanding interest in wine and has written for Decanter for many years, particularly on…

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Napa Valley and Bordeaux at tipping point on global warming? Fresh concerns about a climate ‘tipping point’ for Napa Valley and Bordeaux red wines have been raised by scientists, after analysing temperature and grape data. Writing in the Oeno One journal, researchers said climate data showed a significant increase in average growing season temperatures in both Napa and Bordeaux, particularly since the 1980s. So far the warmer conditions have generally contributed to better average wine quality, noted the authors, from the University of Bordeaux’s ISVV Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin and UC Davis. However, analysis on five vintages of California Cabernet Sauvignon found that higher sugar levels in grapes could lead to loss of colour. Higher temperatures can also increase grapes’ sugar content during ripening. The authors concluded:…

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organic vineyard area increases globally

Strong growth means about 6% of the world’s vineyard area is now certified organic, according to the International Organisation of Vine & Wine (OIV). Certified organic vineyard land increased by 13% annually on average from 2005 to 2019, reaching 454,000ha, said a new OIV report. ‘The rate of conversion of vineyards to organic production has increased considerably since the beginning of the 21st century,’ noted the report. France, Spain and Italy accounted for 75% of certified organic vineyard land, according to the OIV report, which analysed data from 63 countries. At 15%, Italy had the most organic vineyards as a proportion of national vineyard area. Austria was level with France on 14%, while South Africa has seen rapid growth. However, some winemakers follow organic principles without pursuing certification.…

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in brief

▪ Angelina Jolie has sold a 50% stake in Château Miraval, the Provence winery she co-owned with Brad Pitt, to Tenute del Mondo, the wine arm of Stoli Group. Tenute del Mondo announced that it joined Miraval as co-owner. Miraval rosé is produced in partnership with the Perrin winemaking family. ‘We are thrilled to [be] alongside Brad Pitt as curators of their extraordinary vintages,’ said Stoli Group’s global CEO Damian McKinney. ▪ Prince Charles has explained how his vintage Aston Martin runs on fuel partially made from winemaking leftovers. In a BBC interview on climate change, the Prince of Wales said his 51-year-old car had been converted to run on ‘surplus English white wine and whey from the cheese process’. While there is interest in the role of biofuels to cut…

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a drink with… vanya cullen

‘In 1998, the vineyard was in decline. Dad [a doctor] had seen the effects of chemicals on farmers, so mum and I adopted organics, then biodynamics. We noticed a wonderful difference in vine health and grape quality. Our wines have become more individual – unique, purer expressions of site, with a thread of the land through them all. ‘Biodynamics has super-charged our cover crops and soil microbiology, sequestering more carbon dioxide. Still, it was a surprise when soil studies from 2014-2019 revealed we’d sequestered more carbon than the whole business emits! ‘Drawing on Australia’s indigenous culture, in our case the Wadandi peoples, our evolving six-season calendar acknowledges the strength and difference of our climate. It revolves around what plants and animals are doing. Slowly, we are developing an understanding about what happens…