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Dressage Today February 2018

One of America's most popular equestrian disciplines -- Dressage Today features insights from the world's most respected trainers, riders, and judges. It also includes coverage of national and international dressage events, as well as articles on the care and management of dressage horses.

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cheers to the senior horse

Recently, my cousin sent her horse, Helga, to stay with me for awhile. Helga is a 19-year-old Canadian Horse who has done a little of everything and loves to be in work. My cousin, a busy realtor in Vermont, has a lot on her plate and knew that she wouldn’t have time to keep Helga going, especially through the winter. So in an effort to keep the mare sound and happy, she asked if my daughter and I would like to keep her in work—a job we readily agreed to. Having previously owned an older horse, I know how important it is to their wellness to keep them moving. This month we focus on the senior dressage horse in a few of our stories. First, we share the story of the…

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news from the dressage foundation

What is your wish for dressage in our country? Do you ever think about ways that you can improve U.S. dressage—how you can help it grow and thrive? There are many aspects of our sport and all are important to its success. There are Young Riders who aspire to become professional judges or instructors, Adult Amateurs who ride early in the morning and late at night, breeders with goals to help riders by providing top-quality horses, Team USA riders who inspire us all and so many more. The Dressage Foundation (TDF) provides an easy, convenient way for you to help the sport you love. Your monthly gift as a TDF Sustaining Partner will provide important support for grants and programs across the country. Monthly gifts start at just $10 a month…

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news from dto

Hello again, Dressage Today readers! I introduced myself in this section of Arena last month. In case you missed that issue, here’s a little recap: Dressage Today and DTO now have the same parent company thus we have some incredible partnering opportunities! I’m Angelea Kelly and I operate DTO, a subscription-based online video training tool geared for all dressage enthusiasts, no matter what level. Subscribers can watch top dressage trainers and judges like Carl Hester (DressageTodayOnline.com/carl), Courtney King-Dye (DressageTodayOnline.com/courtney) and Axel Steiner (DressageTodayOnline.com/axel) plus more than 60 other trainers. With DTO you can learn what you want, when you want, then ride and train the concepts you’ve studied. I spent much of December working a complete redesign of our website to help align DTO with the beautiful and iconic pages of…

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born to perform: bloodlines of top dressage horses

The first horse in our series is the world-famous black stallion, Desperados FRH. Like his sire, De Niro, and grandsire, Donnerhall, before him, Desperados is widely regarded as one of the most influential Hanoverian stallions of the past 40 years. Known for his excellent type, expressive movement and handsome good looks, the 16-year-old is approved for breeding by the Hanoverian Studbook as well as by multiple other warmblood registries. In Germany, more than 30 of his sons have already been licensed as a “Premium” stallions and many of Desperados’ progeny have proven themselves as performance horses around the world. Under his long-time rider, Kristina Bröring-Sprehe of Germany, Desperados has medaled at the Olympic Games, including team gold and individual bronze in Rio, as well as at many other national and…

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the benefits of cold therapy

I like to think of ice, and thus cold therapy, as nature’s anti-inflammatory. There are many modalities these days for providing cold therapy (cryotherapy) to equine distal limbs with options as low-tech as a feed pan with water and ice cubes or as high-tech as machines that include compression and massage action in addition to controlled sustained cold therapy. There is increasing evidence of the value of cryotherapy for recovery and rehabilitation of injury in human athletes. Whole-body cryotherapy is not currently an option and not likely to be approachable for equine athletes. But the idea of providing post-exertional cold therapy has been validated and this will likely continue to push available technology toward advanced methods of regional cooling. I generally recommend cold-hosing and cold therapy following exercise rather than prior…

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the clinic: photo critique

Engage Your Core to Ride with More Forward Hands In this picture Erica Longenbach is riding Julia Dearborn’s 18-year-old Holsteiner gelding, Fred. They are currently working at Training Level, aiming to improve lightness, self-carriage and uphill balance during downward transitions. Erica’s focus is on developing a correct seat and working to lower her center of balance. Fred looks active behind and works in a nice basic frame. He appears to be concentrated and connected to his rider. His nose is slightly behind the vertical. Especially in downward transitions, I would hope for a little more reach through his topline to ensure the self-carriage. Erica appears balanced and upright with a nice long leg position during this phase of her rising trot. Many riders contract the leg when they sit down, but she manages…