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Dressage Today April 2018

One of America's most popular equestrian disciplines -- Dressage Today features insights from the world's most respected trainers, riders, and judges. It also includes coverage of national and international dressage events, as well as articles on the care and management of dressage horses.

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happy show season!

Spring—the season of new beginnings and new show seasons. It’s a time when all the work you put in over the long, cold winter months comes together and you and your horse are ready to ride down centerline. Of course, the hard work of winter doesn’t end with the start of show season. If anything, show season is a time to ramp up and refine your training. In this issue, we hear from several trainers on preparing your horse for the show ring, including developing the young horse. Our cover story this month comes from California dressage trainer David Wightman, who shares with us his plan on how he prepares a young horse for the FEI Young Horse classes. His program starts in January and takes us through August, when the…

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news from the dressage foundation

In 2017, Katy Barglow, of California, received a TDF Shannon Foundation Fund Grant to participate in the USEF Dressage Judging Training Program, with a goal of achieving her ‘R’ (Registered) status. Here she shares a bit about what the program entailed: Our initial training session began with two days of discussion of movements, using both videos and live horses, followed by a full day of judging at a show. We focused mostly on Third and Fourth Level tests. The more we judged these tests and movements, the easier and more instinctual it became to take in both the details and the big picture. We also worked to further refine our use of comments, to be as clear and helpful to the rider as possible. “Braced” is too generic; we used “bracing…

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news from dto

Welcome back, Dressage Today readers, to my little corner here in Arena. I love that I get this letter in the magazine to share Dressage Today Online with you. Yes, it’s been official for some time now. Dressage Training Online has become part of the award-winning and iconic Dressage Today brand as Dressage Today Online. Our new site has also been active for several months. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do at DressageTodayOnline.com. We add new training videos every week and have a catalog of more than 1,700 videos from some of the world’s most respected authorities in dressage. I have been thinking recently about how diverse and international the training videos on DTO are and that made me cherish my times living and training abroad even more.…

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a ‘nick’: donnerhall stallion and warkant mare

According to Hanoverian breeder Meg Williams, crossing a Donnerhall stallion with a Warkant mare is considered a “nick” by sport-horse breeders. (A nick? No less a source than Wikipedia defines a nick as a breeding term/practice that refers to “specific affinities of stallions of one male line for mares from other sire lines.” In other words: a cross that breeders believe will reliably produce desirable offspring. (Because nicks are frequently repeated crosses, their off-spring can significantly influence the development of a breed.) Kyle Karnosh, an American breeder, points out that crossing a Donnerhall stallion with a Pik Bube I mare is another well-known nick. While this cross doesn’t appear in Don Johnson’s pedigree, it did produce the famous Oldenburg stallion Don Schufro, a leading sire of Grand Prix competitors, including Isabell…

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born to perform: bloodlines of top dressage horses

Don Johnson FRH is one of three horses featured in this series who is campaigned by the legendary German rider Isabell Werth. Currently the No. 1 dressage rider in the world, Werth is a five-time Olympian and holds the record for the most Olympic medals won by any equestrian athlete. She has ridden Don Johnson, a 17-year-old bay Hanoverian gelding owned by Madeleine Winter-Schulze, at 106 FEI-recognized competitions, and he’s won an impressive 48 times. Don Johnson has his own page on Werth’s website, where his photo is captioned this way: “Willful and explosive, but also elastic. How to get along with all of these characteristics and also channel them so that during each test the horse’s ability can be called upon reliably? That’s the challenge that Isabell loves in…

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the state stud at celle

Located in Lower Saxony, just north of Hanover, Germany, the State Stud at Celle is a government-owned and managed horse-breeding operation that has been in existence since 1735. Don Frederico stands there along with 119 other stallions of diverse warmblood, Thoroughbred or Anglo-Arab breeding. Initially, the purpose of the State Stud was to provide local horse breeders across Germany with high-quality stallions, at a time when the primary use of horses was for agriculture or militia. According to Ulrich Hahne, deputy breeding manager for the Hannoveraner Verband, “The relationship between the State Stud at Celle and the Hannoveraner Verband is really close, even though these are two different organizations. The State Stud established the Hanoverian breed and oversaw the breed until the Hanoverian studbook was founded in 1888.” In the 1960s, as…