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Dressage Today October 2018

One of America's most popular equestrian disciplines -- Dressage Today features insights from the world's most respected trainers, riders, and judges. It also includes coverage of national and international dressage events, as well as articles on the care and management of dressage horses.

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adult amateurs who excel

Let’s be honest: Spend enough time ringside at large dressage shows and you’ll probably hear it: “What does she think she’s doing competing at that level? Leave it to the pros.” “What a waste—if her horse was with a professional, he’d go a lot further.” “She rides pretty well for an amateur.” Adult Amateur competitors may be considered the backbone of dressage in this country, but that designation on a USEF membership card is much more than two simple words. For some, it’s a badge of honor: riders who juggle their love of horses with families and careers, taking lessons long after dark and working to make ends meet and afford another horse show. But does being classified as an Adult Amateur also come with preconceived notions about a rider’s ability to…

3 min.
today’s products

Perfect Prep EQ Gold Pellets Introducing Perfect Prep EQ™ Gold Pellets, a unique formula that addresses your horse’s pre-event focus, soundness and gastric jitters in an easy-to-feed, palatable, pelleted formula. High-level professionals to entry-level dressage competitors appreciate this simple, dependable, show-safe solution for horses who experience excitability in the show ring. Gold Pellets can be started before you ship to a show so you can enjoy a cooperative partner from the warm-up to your final salute. This convenient feed-through pellet may be used alone or in combination with any Perfect Products formula. www.PerfectProductsEQ.com ‘On Top’ Snaffle Bridle MacRider’s tack is handmade in a traditional workshop in The Netherlands using the finest Italian leather. The latest model of “On Top” flat bridle is top-of-the line at the moment and has an anatomically shaped headpiece…

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why practice halting without reins?

Q An instructor once told me that it is valuable to practice halting at the walk while riding on the buckle, using no reins and only your seat. I am not able to do this. Are there any benefits to practicing the halt like this? How do you do it exactly? Would this method also help me with my half halts? Beth LarsonLexington, Kentucky LISA PIERSON Many—maybe most—educated and effective riders have spent hours on the longe line, learning to use their seat, or weight, hand and leg aids independently. Isolating these aids and learning how they influence a horse’s movement, balance, energy and behavior is extremely important. As the USDF teaching manual states, a horse can be influenced correctly only from an independent and well-balanced seat. As humans, we tend to use our…