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One of America's most popular equestrian disciplines -- Dressage Today features insights from the world's most respected trainers, riders, and judges. It also includes coverage of national and international dressage events, as well as articles on the care and management of dressage horses.

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u.s. takes team silver!

They did it! U.S. dressage took Team Silver at the 2018 World Equestrian Games (WEG) in September in Tryon, North Carolina. It was a sight to see our cover models, U.S. team members Kasey Perry-Glass, Adrienne Lyle, Steffen Peters and Laura Graves (and their horses), show up and kick butt. Of course, the Tryon International Equestrian Center—the host venue—wasn’t fully prepared, and we had Hurricane Florence threatening us, which made for some distractions. But all in all, the excellence displayed by our team as well as the many other riders from around the world—including Germany, who won Team Gold, and Great Britain, who took Team Bronze—was nothing short of phenomenal. Witnessing it in person was an experience I won’t soon forget. Given the timing of our deadlines and the schedule of…

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news from the dressage foundation

Jan Martel’s Century Club story started about 25 years ago when she co-owned Lily’s Lupine, a Thoroughbred mare bred to Taxa-teur. Jan, from Davis, California, eagerly awaited her bay colt, who turned out to be a chestnut filly with lots of chrome. “At first I was disappointed, as I really wanted that bay colt,” Jan said. “But soon I couldn’t imagine having anything but a wonderful red-headed girl!” The years went by, with many special moments in each. Jan said that Lalique (“Lali”) was about 15 years old when they figured out the one-tempis, the last piece that they needed for the Grand Prix. “When we got the one-tempis, my trainer said that we’d have to show her at Grand Prix. I’ve never been much for showing and responded, ‘I hope…

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news from dto

I hope you’re having an amazing fall and are gearing up for some holiday fun! This time last year we were in the midst of a major website redesign for Dressage Today Online (DTO) while also getting all our wonderful apps submitted. This year, we are thankful for the chance to develop DTO’s new gift certificate program, just in time to add the gift of knowledge to your holiday lists. You can help any of your equestrian friends improve their skills, advance in their riding and increase their scores with DTO’s video-on-demand training resource. It’s great year-round, too, but over winter, there’s nothing better than sipping a warm beverage while studying dressage online with more than 70 top international trainers and judges. Recipients can watch on our website or use…

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the conundrum of conditions

When do you ride your best? Do you even know? Many athletes cannot answer this question, no matter the sport, and I find it curious. If we are always striving to do our best, how is it that we don’t know the conditions under which we perform well? Begin by examining your performance record (both at home and at shows) to really answer the question of when you ride your best. Knowing this component is powerful because it not only gives you a place to start but also a course to follow to continually improve. The number of times I have seen a rider come out of the ring from a great test and not be able to tell me why it went so well is overwhelmingly high. They say something…

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bloodlines of top dressage horses

Of the three horses campaigned by German Olympian Isabell Werth profiled in this series, Emilio is the youngest and newest to her lineup. This past June, DressageNews.com reported: “Emilio was first competed internationally by Isabell in 2014 and moved up to Large Tour in 2015. Isabell and Emilio have won 22 out of 32 starts at Large Tour.” The 12-year-old bay Westfalen gelding and his veteran rider are known for near-perfect performances. At the time of this writing, they were ranked third in the world. Otto Schalter, director of the Westfalen North American (NRW-NA) studbook, says it’s no surprise that Emilio is a world-class performer. At home in Germany, Schalter breeds sport horses and works for the Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch (Westfalen Studbook, NRW). Each year, he spends three months or more in…

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understanding equine melanoma

When most people hear the term “melanoma,” they think of skin cancer caused by excessive sun exposure. In horses, however, melanomas are associated with coat color, specifically the gray coat color. Up to 80 percent of gray horses over the age of 15 will have at least one visible melanoma. The gene that is responsible for the gray color is a dominant gene that causes progressive depigmentation of the hair. These horses can be born any color—black, bay, chestnut, even pinto, but the colored hairs are replaced with gray hairs as the horse ages. The first signs of gray hairs are found around the eyes or muzzle in foals and can be seen the day they are born. Young horses with mixed gray and colored hair may be confused with…