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ELLE DECOR December 2018

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editor’s letter

Holkham Hall.Breakfast at Houghton Hall.Sandringham House.Houghton Hall.The table at Houghton Hall.A de Gournay print.A bathroom at Houghton Hall.A scene from dinner.I LOVE AUTUMN IN ENGLAND. There’s something about the slow lead-up to the holiday season that feels protracted and deliciously long. In New York, it’s the opposite. One minute you’re on holiday in Majorca, eating whole fish at Ca’s Patro March, and then bam! You’re racing to see the windows on Fifth Avenue and then you’re on a plane again, this time to Miami for Art Basel (more on this later). Anyway, in September, I found myself with ED A-List designer Kathryn M. Ireland in a pink, silk-covered four-poster bed at Houghton Hall, one of the most beautiful houses in the Norfolk countryside. We were there for a dinner honoring…

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PETER MARINODesigner, “Chanel Change,” p. 70HQ: New York CityDay job: Leather-clad architect, among other things. Currently redesigning three Chanel stores.On Coco Chanel: “Madame Chanel was the most modern of them all. She was 100 years ahead of her time, because what she put up architecturally at rue Cambon, in Paris, stands up today.”PAUL FORTUNEWriter, “Merrie Olde Souls,” p. 110ON THE SHELVES: Notes on Decor, Etc. (Rizzoli), published in OctoberCRAZY GLAZE: “I adore my husband Chris Brock’s amazing ceramic pots.”JENNIFER RUBELLArtist, Not for Sale, p. 124EXHIBITION ROUTINE: “I try to make myself invisible and just watch people interacting.”ARTFUL DODGER: “In my performance piece Consent, I allowed people to throw one pie in my face at a time. All in all, they threw 192 pies.”NICK SULLIVANWriter, “Village People,” p. 86SOCIAL FAUX PAS: “There’s…

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The Love armchair belongs to the Dandy Home Collection. Its shell is embellished with woven high-tech cords covered in leather, which intertwine and embrace a lightweight tubular structure. It is customizable with a series of exquisite color combinations and finishes from the collection. Following ancient handcrafted art, this armchair is an authentic expression of Gamma’s ■…

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shantell martin

You’re an artist-in-residence at 92Y in Manhattan. Yes.Congratulations. What’s on your agenda there?A gallery show, a series of youth programs, and a talk with Ilana Glazer from Broad City on November 30.Yas queen! What’s your connection to her?She’s a fan of mine and has some of my art in her home.What would you change about the art world with the snap of a finger?I’d take down the facade built around it and call out all the BS and make it transparent.Which BS is that?We have an art world that doesn’t want to open up to everyone, because it might no longer have an air of importance. Wealthy people would still spend money on art but, at the same time, we’d empower artists and let everyone feel like they’re a part…

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décor rapport

1. Crucial Rooms The message conveyed by Sig Bergamin’s new book Maximalism (Assouline) is simple: 86 the white walls and live a little.2. Emerging Patterns Khotan, a new wallpaper design from Zak+Fox, combines Chinese and Middle Eastern influences; the motif would make a beautiful blazer lining.3. In The Mix Imagine all the “healthy” shakes you could make with this Dolce & Gabbana blender for Smeg, available at Neiman Marcus. Signature drink? Beets, ginger, and sequins.IN PARTNERSHIP WITH ■…

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by the numbers

MENIL DRAWING INSTITUTE254trees planted around the new Drawing Institute designed by Johnston Marklee5art buildings make up the Collection entire Menil neighborhood in Houston41works by Jasper Johns in the inaugural exhibition, “The Condition of Being Here” ■…