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sound bites

“My God. If my closet were like this, I never would have come out of it.”—Jack, walking into Karen’s fabulous closet, on Will & Grace“If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an amen?”—RuPaul, delivering his signature sign-off, on RuPaul’s Drag Race“BESIDES HAVING SEX WITH MEN, I WOULD SAY THE FINER THINGS CLUB IS THE GAYEST THING ABOUT ME.”—Oscar (Oscar Nunez), revealing his involvement in Dunder Mifflin’s fancy new social group, on The Office“YOU THINK I JUST WOKE UP ONE DAY AND, POOF, I LOOK LIKE THIS? NO. IT TAKES WORK, DRIVE, SACRIFICE TO BE A WOMAN.”—Elektra (Dominique Jackson), stating facts, on Pose“WHY DO I HAVE TO BE SO ASHAMED? I MEAN, WHY CAN’T I JUST SAY THE TRUTH, BE WHO…

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we’re all in this together

At Meredith, publisher of Entertainment Weekly and other well-known magazines, our mission has always been to inform, inspire, and entertain our readers. In this extraordinary and uncertain period, we are, more than ever, dedicated to providing you with honest information, stories of inspiration, and the advice and guidance to help you navigate these turbulent times — and to make your life a little easier. We recognize the sacrifices and challenges you face, and we want you to know that all of us at Meredith, through each of our magazines and digital properties, are committed to serving your needs at this critical time and beyond. We are especially grateful for the dedication and bravery of the first-responders and the everyday heroes on the front lines of this crisis. We wish them, you, and your…

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editor’s note

Bringing Pride Home LET’S REWRITE HISTORY. FROM ITS BIRTH, Hollywood has been a refuge for the different—while enforcing conformity; its images have both repressed and liberated us by dizzying turns. LGBTQ people have always been at the heart of show business, making art that transforms all of us. But for too long, that legacy was tucked away. Now what is undeniable can ring loud enough to hit the back row of the biggest Broadway house: The LGBTQ contribution to entertainment is essential. It did not start with k.d. lang, who graced EW’s very first cover back in 1990. Nor was it sparked by Elton John, Ellen, Will & Grace, The L Word, or Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. It stretches as far back as telling will take you. As Ryan Murphy’s…

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the must list

№ 1 PERRY MASON TV MATTHEW RHYS IS HUDDLED IN A tiny closet in a remote Catskills cabin. He’s trying to hear a reporter on his phone while a windstorm is raging outside. The actor, his partner Keri Russell, and their young son escaped New York City before their home state mandated sheltering in place, and now he must discuss his new HBO series Perry Mason (out June 21) from deep in the woods. This is what a TV publicity tour looks like in the pandemic era: an Emmy winner, doing an interview from his wardrobe. “So many things feel like a distant memory now, let alone something you shot last year,” Rhys admits. But the actor quickly warms to the topic of his new drama, which actually seems ready-made for the quarantine era:…

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homer simpson will now address the class of 2020

THE WORLD IS BESET by challenges heretofore unseen. Ones that are testing spirits and reserves. Ones that will not allow you to attend concerts, sporting events, family reunions, and graduation ceremonies. Sorry about the first two (the third has pros and cons), but allow us to help on that fourth front. Ahead of The Simpsons’ season 31 finale (May 17 at 8 p.m. on Fox)—and in the midst of this horrible global pandemic—Homer Simpson, one of the greatest and laziest characters in TV history, has agreed to deliver your socially distanced commencement speech. Should the guy who got both arms trapped in two different vending machines and who once declared, “Trying is the first step toward failure” be offering advice and aphorisms to this year’s graduates? Certainly not. Here he…

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everybody’s talking about jamie

AN EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW OF YOUR NEXT OBSESSIONS PRIDE 2020 JAMIE NEW IS THE KIND OF CHARACTER you’re used to seeing play the sidekick: sassy, flamboyant, witty, queer. His creators understand the power of handing him the spotlight in their extravagant new movie. “Although it feels rather niche, about a 16-year-old boy who wants to come out as a drag queen at prom, we never wanted it to be a coming-out story,” Everybody’s Talking About Jamie director Jonathan Butterell says. “It’s about how you take your place in the world.” Over the past few years, Jamie’s fizzy energy and gorgeous dreams have captured the hearts of a global audience. Inspired by Jamie: Drag Queen at 16, a 2011 TV documentary, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie premiered as a stage musical at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield,…