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sound bites

“I APOLOGIZE TO EVERYONE EXPECTING TO SEE ME ON GOOD MORNING AMERICA TODAY, BUT AFTER THE EVENTS IN MINNESOTA WITH GEORGE FLOYD I’M IN NO MOOD TO TELL AMERICA, GOOD MORNING.”—Ice Cube, expressing his outrage over the murder of George Floyd, on Twitter“Jenni’s got a rebound game like Dennis Rodman.”—Ronnie, reacting to newly single Jenni getting close with Pauly D, on Jersey Shore Family Vacation“IF YOU DECIDE TO STAY, YOU HAVE TO FIX YOUR PERSONALITY. OR AT LEAST HIDE IT FROM ME, OKAY?”—Audrey (Hong Chau), advising an employee she doesn’t like, on Homecoming“IT’S ENTIRELY POSSIBLE THAT WHAT RAPPERS ARE SAYING IS TRUE. I MEAN, BEING BOSS IS DOPE.”—Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch), loving his promotion, on What We Do in the Shadows“HE’S A JOURNALIST NOW!”—Judy (Linda Cardellini), defending Sugar Ray frontman–turned–Extra…

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editor’s note

Better Together IF YOU’VE INDULGED ME BY SKIMMING THIS column from time to time, you know that popular culture has always been a sort of safe harbor for me. Don’t panic: I’m not about to inflict the gory details of my childhood on you. But, for whatever reason, I am rather relentlessly compelled to remind people that growing up, when times got tough, I ran away to the movies, retreated into the pages of a book, or lost myself in abysmal television. I suspect that is true of most people who love EW. This brand is, if nothing else, a clubhouse for escapists, and indulges us in our passion for things that are avowedly not, well, IRL. What a lovely thing it is to have a gig where you get to engage…

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watch. read. listen. engage.

THIS STORY WILL NOT SOLVE RACISM. Enlightenment is an evolution, not a checklist. Hundreds of years of systemic oppression can’t be undone by watching a single film, reading a single book, listening to a single podcast—or making a single list in a magazine. But daily headlines and adrenaline taper off. Social media posts fade. For those seeking insight into what African-Americans face on a daily basis from both institutions and individuals, and how those challenges have been and continue to be depicted in the media and popular entertainment, here are a few projects, both documentary and fiction, that may facilitate a journey to a deeper understanding. Inspired by Ava DuVernay’s recent initiative to supplement her projects tackling race and racism—beginning with educational materials adjacent to her searing Netflix miniseries When…

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the must list

№ 1 MEMOIRS AND MISINFORMATION By Jim Carrey BOOKS IT’S THE END of the world as we know it, and Jim Carrey doesn’t feel fine. As Armageddon looms, the legend lies naked and alone in his Brentwood fortress of solitude, “bearded and bleary eyed after months of breakdown and catastrophe.” He’s recovering from a romance with a Survivor contestant, fretting about his waning box office power, and gorging on Wendy’s Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits to bulk up for the role of Chairman Mao. Did we mention the UFOs hovering over Malibu? Welcome to Memoirs and Misinformation, a novel co-written by Carrey and author Dana Vachon that arrives July 7. The eight-year passion project combines stream-of-consciousness autobiography, science fiction, tabloid fodder, and anti-capitalist critique. “It’s difficult to describe what the book is,” says the real…

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the now

AN EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW OF YOUR NEXT OBSESSIONS BILL MURRAY & DAVE FRANCO FOR DAVE FRANCO, THERE’S NO time like the present. Literally. The 35-year-old actor stars on Quibi’s new pitch-black comedy series as Ed Poole, a down-on-his-luck man with a long family history of depression and mental illness. When his girlfriend dumps him and his brother commits suicide, he vows to abandon his past and stop fretting about his future, deciding to only live in, well, The Now. “The show is very hopeful, even though it has these serious undertones,” says Franco (Neighbors). The result is a bleak comedy that can be both grim and gut-busting, directed by Bobby Farrelly and co-created by his brother Peter (the duo best known for Dumb and Dumber and There’s Something About Mary). “I was curious to…

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star trek: lower decks

YUP, THERE’S YET ANOTHER STAR Trek show coming to TV. But this one’s different! Lower Decks is Star Trek in animated comedy form, marking the first time the venerated 56-year-old brand has launched a pure comedy (no, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier doesn’t count). Writer Mike McMahan says he pitched the concept to CBS All Access by saying, “I want to do a show about the guy who brings the yellow cartridge to the back of the food replicator so that a banana comes out the front.” If that sort of sci-fi goofing on an animated series brings to mind Rick and Morty, as it so happens, McMahan is a former writer on the Adult Swim hit. Yet McMahan says Lower Decks clearly distinguishes itself in a couple key ways.…