Family Handyman

Family Handyman

July/August 2021

When it comes to home improvement, you need information you can trust. Inside each issue of The Family Handyman, you’ll find see-and-solve expert repair techniques, a variety of projects for every room and step-by-step, do-it-yourself photos.

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sell at the right time to get the best price

Real estate data may suggest an ideal time of year to sell your home, but the optimal time may not be the same in every place and for every person. There are other circumstances to consider: DO YOU NEED A QUICK TURNAROUND? ARE YOU LOOKING TO HIT THE MARKET WHILE IT'S HOTTEST? IS THE “IDEAL TIME” CONVENIENT FOR FAMILY AND WORK? SPRING IS THE OVERALL WINNER FOR SELLING. In most places, homes sell the fastest and for the highest price in the first two weeks of May. The months of April and June are typically strong as well. Warmer weather and more hours of daylight give buyers more opportunity to house hunt. Blooming flowers and lawns turning green maximize curb appeal. HERE’S WHAT MAKES SELLING IN THE SUMMER EASIER. Longer daylight and…

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reader info

GOT A DIY QUESTION? Finding answers is easy at Just use the search box at the top of the page to get expert step-by-step help with your projects. GOT A HANDY HINT OR TIP FOR US? To share your idea with us, submit a copy of your original contribution, including photos and/or sketches, by email to: Or mail to: Family Handyman, 2915 Commers Drive, Suite 700, Eagan, MN 55121 Please include your name, mailing address and email address if you have one, and indicate to which department you are submitting. We reserve the right to publish your submission in any appropriate department, or elsewhere. Contributions will not be acknowledged or returned. RIGHTS By submitting material to us, you grant Home Service Publications, Inc., its parent company subsidiaries, affiliates, partners and licensees worldwide use of the material…

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great goofs

FOURTH TIME’S THE CHARM Our washing machine was on the fritz. It’s a heavy, stacked unit (dryer on top) in a tight wall recess, so it’s tough to maneuver. After 45 minutes of pulling and straining, I got it out from the wall and spotted the problem right away—a broken clutch. But it was too late in the day to get the part and the unit was blocking the hall to the kitchen, so I had to push the whole thing back against the wall. The next day I did the backbreaking 45-minute thing over again and replaced the clutch. Then I reattached the supply hoses, pushed the unit back into place and started it. Oh, man—water began coming out from underneath the washer! I’d forgotten to reattach the drain hose! Once…

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cocktail elevator

With its inlaid lighting, this countertop made the perfect setting for a truly luxurious touch—a hidden cocktail bar. I took a simple cabinet box, stirred in a motorized TV lift and added a splash of creative wiring to give this garage an entertaining twist. 1 MAKE THE BASE I fashioned a base for my cocktail bar by tracing the section of countertop that editor Mike Berner made in “Workbench to Bar Top” on p. 28. I used the same butcher block material and cut out the shape with a jigsaw. 2 ASSEMBLE THE CABINET BOX I used pocket hole joinery just in case I needed to disassemble the whole thing. I’m glad I did. I miscalculated and had to remove the box and cut it down by a few inches. If I had used…

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handy hints

Dishwasher double duty It can take forever to wash greasy dust off switch plates, light fixture covers, stovetop drip pans and other household items. Why not just wash them in the dishwasher? This works great with plastic, aluminum and steel, especially for items like grilles with gaps and detailing. Put them on the top rack and send them through a normal cycle. Don’t do this with items that are enameled, painted, plated or made of brass or wood. JEFF ROBINSON Quick-draw measuring tape The clip on my measuring tape used to fray the pockets of my jeans. To prevent more damage, I unscrewed the clip and screwed a pot magnet in its place. I hook the clip onto my pocket. Now it’s easy to grab the tape and put it back when I’m done. BOB…

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light up your garage

Let’s face it; most garages are poorly lit, often by just a single bulb or fluorescent fixture. To give this garage plenty of light for project work, I installed a task light above the work surface and designed two ceiling islands to provide even more direct light. To add some showroom flair, the islands include indirect lighting that complements the illuminated countertop and the accent lighting along our garage walls. LIGHTING DESIGN MAKE A DRAWING A sketch is my most important tool for designing a lighting project. It helps me conceptualize the design and gets me to the next step—the math. DO THE MATH To figure the power draw, I multiplied the total length (91 ft.) by the wattage per foot (5.1). The result: 464 watts. I chose to double up;…