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Farm and Ranch Living February/March 2019

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ray of sunshine

THERE’S BEEN A LOT OF TALK LATELY about the future of farming. Sometimes the news makes me worry about you and your industry. But if you’re anything like the farmers I know, you’re saying to yourself, “No need. We’ll be fine.” This issue is proof of that. On page 34, you’ll meet a group of farmers who, when the work got out of hand, figured out how to delegate some of it to robots, increasing productivity and creating more family time for themselves. And on page 23, Harrison Topp, a young farmer from Colorado, takes you through the last busy month before he and Stacia Cannon buy their own farm. It was a challenge, but within those rows of fruit trees, a lifetime of promise stretches out before them. With family—and friends,…

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LOOKING FOR YOUR STORIES! Do you have a story about feeding work crews on a ranch or farm? If you were part of a ranch team, do you fondly recall meals together after a roundup? Can you tell any humorous tales of large meals on the farm with extended family? We’d love to read them. Go to farmandranchliving.com/submit to share your memories. AMERICAN GOATHIC Our Nigerian dwarf goats, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker, decided to pose in an American Gothic photo board, re-created by local artist Michelle Lamb, that we have on our family farm. I had to snap a photo! KATIE DONALDSON HACKETTSTOWN, NEW JERSEY LIVING THE RANCH KID LIFE Being a 2-year-old is fun when you live on a ranch. Newt loves riding horses, working in the barn with his papa and doing other…

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united states of ag

Ag Workers Unite On March 3-5, the National Farmers Union hosts its 117th anniversary convention in Bellevue, Washington. The NFU, representing farmers, fishers and ranchers across the USA, believes that opportunities in production ag are the foundation of strong farm and ranch families. Colorado fruit-grower Harrison Topp is on the board of the union’s Rocky Mountain division; read his farm diary starting on page 23. nfu.org/convention Come One, Come All The World Ag Expo, happening Feb. 12-14 in Tulare, California, brings over 100,000 attendees and some 1,500 exhibitors from across the field for seminars, product research, networking and more. This year’s theme is Harvesting Technology; be sure to look for the Top-10 New Products Competition, which will spotlight devices and apps designed to save time, labor and money. worldagexpo.com Ski ’em, Cowboy Originally a form…

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lovin’the life

BOVINE BUDDIES This is my son Payton on our family ranch in Montana. At 11/2 years old, he was helping push the cattle out of the corner to the sorting pen. Though his love of cattle started out pretty slow, he has grown to enjoy them much more since his older brother, Michael, has been participating in 4-H. TRISHA GOETTLE AVON, MONTANA 1. SERIOUS BUSINESS I love the expression on our grandson Rowan’s face as he sits on the lawn tractor with his ear protection on. It makes me laugh every time I see it. My son was jokingly saying, “You can’t eat dinner till the chores are done.” It was perfect timing that he made this face. MARY HATALA WAVERLY, IOWA 2. YOU SAY POTATO At not even 2 years old, Paisyn, our granddaughter, got to…

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this dog is a gem

Ruby, our fox red Labrador, is 2 years old. We got her from family friends who are breeders. We own a dairy farm in nearby Toston, Montana, and although we don’t live on the farm, it’s only a short drive away. Whenever we go, Ruby comes along with us, always ready to help out. Ruby definitely has an attitude and she can be very sassy, but we treasure having her around. And she absolutely adores the cows—she’s always running up to them and licking their noses. When she’s not doing her version of herding or giving a loving lick to a newborn calf, she’s right at our heels. We have a few cats on the farm as well. Most are barn cats, yet they’re friendly and Ruby enjoys playing with them. One…

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homegrown mornings

It’s 6 a.m. at our Bushel & Peck Hobby Farm in Lonoke, Arkansas. Most people would prefer to still be in their warm beds at that hour, but anyone who has a farm knows better. Personally, I find the early hours of the morning to be some of my favorite on the homestead. Just when I think I might sneak in some extra sleep, the roosters’ calls are a thorough reminder that chores are waiting and breakfast needs to be made! A typical morning around here consists of releasing the chickens from their coop, feeding the sow, letting our dogs stretch their legs, feeding our two barn cats and making a quick pass by the pastures to check the cattle. In our summer months, my husband, Jeb, and I also spend several…