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Farm and Ranch Living April/May 2019

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equine magic

I WAS NEVER INTO HORSES AS A KID. Sheep were more my thing—my stuffed “Lamby” became threadbare from love. I’ve known a lot of horse kids, though. Some have shown horses in 4-H and worked in stables to pay for their passion. Others only dreamed of riding, settling instead for showing their toy versions on the living room carpet. But no matter the level of involvement, in each I saw a heartwarming connection. The relationship between a child and her horse is magical, and maybe it’s not something that we adults are supposed to fully understand. That magic is on full display in a moving photo feature beginning on page 42. And on page 23, you’ll meet a grown-up horse girl in one of this issue’s farm diaries. Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi…

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my favorite tractor

A FAVORITE TRACTOR COULD BE WORTH $500 If you’ve restored a tractor—be it red or green or something in between—enter before and after photos along with your 400-word story about it for a chance at the $500 prize in our My Favorite Tractor contest. Two runners-up will each receive an Amazon Echo Dot. We can’t wait to hear about all the ups and downs that come with making a beloved tractor look like new (or like nothing on the market). But hurry—the contest ends May 28. Enter today: farmandranchliving.com/contests We started our journey as a little ranch family on The Metal Ranch five years ago—it was a place to keep our horses at first, as well as our growing family. Some goats, a Dexter cow named Duke and flocks of chickens later, we’ve…

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united states of ag

Why Wait? Who says the big fairs have to happen in summer? The State Spring Fair in Puyallup, Washington, from April 11-14 this year, proves otherwise. With its monster trucks and demo derbies, fireworks and farm animals—oh, and reptiles and kangaroos—plus food, rides and all the rest, this event gives Northwesterners a jump-start on summer fun. thefair.com Pack In the Fun Mules only have 63 chromosomes, splitting the difference between their fathers (jacks, which have 62) and their mothers (mares, which have 64). It’s why they can’t mate. Celebrate these kind creatures at Mule Days in Bishop, California, May 21-26. muledays.org Looking Sharp The Barbed Wire Museum in La Crosse, Kansas, is dedicated to this now-ubiquitous invention that in many ways changed the course of history. Barbed-wire historians, collectors and curiosity seekers are invited to…

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lovin’ the life

NEW BEGINNINGS My husband, Matthew, and I live with our two children in the house where my mother grew up, on land that’s been in our family for over 100 years. Until recently, my parents lived in another home nearby, but it was destroyed in a fire, so for now we’re all living under the same roof. Meanwhile, Matthew and I are building a new house. Our 2-year-old son, Bennett, likes putting his tractor to good use at the construction site. TAYLOR ROGERS WILDWOOD, FLORIDA 1. A FATHER’S GUIDANCE I snapped this picture when my son, Chase David, was 31/2 years old. Now he is 71/2. The main focus on our farm is red Angus cows, but on this spring day my husband, Chase, was walking with Chase David through the barley fields, scouting…

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cut from the same cloth

My husband, Bobby, and I maintain a hobby farm, and we love animals: We have two blue heelers, 12 hens, a rooster, a barn cat and a pet goat named Charming. Sam and Luke are our livestock guardian dogs, a mix of Anatolian shepherd and Great Pyrenees. Sam, 9, and Luke, 8, are sister and brother, born a year apart. Together they look out for Charming the goat as well as 12 Katahdin sheep, which we raise for meat. We have new lambs each March, and the ewes often have twins and a few have triplets. It’s so much fun watching them play with each other. We got Sam as a puppy, and one year later we got Luke as a puppy from the same people. Since then they have lived with…

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cherishing the seasons

Many years ago, when my husband and I were in our 40s, we moved to Marengo, Illinois, and bought 15 acres with a beautiful ranch-style house. We rented the fields to a nearby farmer while we focused on the vineyard and orchard. I canned from our massive garden, bottled honey from the bees we kept, and so much more. The change of seasons on the farm always intrigued me. Being a country woman, I really enjoyed how each spring, summer, autumn and winter offered different scenery and opportunities. Crocuses peeking through the snow were always the first sign of spring, followed by daffodils—a hint of things to come. Then, in the evenings, I’d begin to hear frogs making their serenades in the pond, a comforting sound. It was a promise of a…