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Farm and Ranch Living June/July 2019

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kindness of neighbors

A FEW MONTHS AGO, AN UNEXPECTED TRIP POPPED UP FOR ME. As I packed, I fretted about who could help care for our dog while I was gone. I shouldn’t have worried. Our neighbors were willing to jump in and give the pooch a little TLC. He’s a cute pup for sure, but this story is more a testament to our neighbors’ kindness. You likely have similarly thoughtful folks in your neighborhood, even if they’re not close enough to chat with across the garden fence. Still, I know community spirit thrives where you live, because it’s a common thread in many of the stories in this issue. On page 42, Cynthia Pappas writes about the helpful neighbors she encountered when she moved from Los Angeles to a commercial raspberry farm in Springfield,…

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life on the land photo contest

Enter a Photo & You Could Win $300! Share your best photos for a chance to win $300 in the second annual Farm & Ranch Living Life on the Land photo contest. Pictures will be judged in two categories, and each category will have a $300 winner. For the People and Pals category, send us your best shots of the people and animals on your land. Pets, livestock, working animals, kids and grown-ups (at work or at play)…we welcome all of it! Or show us Where You Work. Winter, spring, summer or fall, we want to see the pastures and fields, stunning landscapes, tractors, trucks and barns that populate your farm or ranch. The contest opens at 10 a.m. Central on May 31, 2019, and ends at 3 p.m. Central on Nov.…

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MYSTERY TOOL We wondered if you could identify this tool found by Joseph Moravek, and dozens of you wrote in. A few guessed it was a cattle ear tagger or a punch tool, but the most common response we got was a handsaw tooth setter. Have a mystery tool you’d like us to feature? Send it in to us online at farmandranchliving.com/submit and we may include it in an upcoming issue. HORSESHOE SUCCESS I have been getting Farm & Ranch Living for a couple of years, and I go through the pages three or four times and can’t find the horseshoe. For the April/May issue, I was looking closely at the photo of chickens on pages 50-51, since I love chickens and raise them. Sure enough, I found the horseshoe! ANNA BROCK NEWPORT, TENNESSEE Sharing photos…

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lovin’ the life

YOUNG LOVE We’ve bottle-fed our favorite Jersey steer since he was a few days old, and he and our youngest farmer (3 years old in this picture) truly love each other. Raising children on a farm is a blessing. KASEY HENDRICK BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY 1 A CUTE CONSOLATION PRIZE During competition, our daughter’s horse spooked at the second barrel. She was feeling pretty defeated, but our mini Aussie always makes a bad day better. VENESSA PULVER ISMAY, MONTANA 2 ALL IN A DAY’S WORK Our kiddo is a hardworking cowboy who loves lending a hand. Even for the toughest of buckaroos, hay season can be exhausting! MORGAN McLEES DIAMOND, MISSOURI 3 FARMING FOR BEGINNERS My son loves feeding Great-Grandpa’s ducks, sitting in tractors and other machines, and looking through the board fence at the black Angus cows in the field. NATALIE…

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a friend indeed

Angus is a 6-year-old Boston terrier who is also my therapy dog. I’ve had many animals and have loved training them all, but Angus is the best. In 2010, my father and closest friend, Dewayne, was diagnosed with cancer. He and my mother lived in Wichita, Kansas, but they were visiting her family in Ireland when he fell ill. I arrived as fast as I could. He passed eight days later, a mere 11 days after his diagnosis, and was laid to rest in Ireland. Upon returning to Texas, I felt lost without my dad. Before this, we had talked on the phone every morning. I became very depressed and started experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. This went on for about a year until I found Angus, my take-everywhere companion. Angus loves all…

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a taste to remember

Have you ever seen something out of the blue that brings back a quick flood of memories? It happened to me when I was living in Germany a few years ago, and I thought back to my childhood in New York State, my dad and the black raspberries he grew. On my morning walk I spotted some berries growing alongside a fence. Upon closer inspection I saw that they were plump blackberries—not the same as the black raspberries of my youth, but similar—and so I hurried home across the pasture to get a bowl and start picking before yellow jackets discovered them. As I picked that morning, I could almost hear my dad saying to my mom, “Clare, it’s 8 o’clock. Aren’t those kids up yet? We have to get the raspberries…