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Farm and Ranch Living December/January 2020

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hello there!

For the past few years, I’ve been plugging away behind the scenes here at Farm & Ranch Living—and from my first day on the job, I knew I had my work cut out for me. For one thing, I’ve never lived on a farm. But my family’s ranching history has long held sway over my imagination, and I was taught early to give thanks to those who grew my food. Your contributions to these pages have made me laugh and cry, wonder and ponder. I’ve learned more about the latest innovations in ag (not to mention the value of an old tractor) than I ever could’ve predicted. But what I love most about this work is the opportunity to read and share your stories. You may notice a few changes in this…

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THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES I read Bailey Dollar’s story (“Letting Go,” August/September 2019) with great interest. I used to raise Brown Swiss on our farm in Burlington, Wisconsin, and I once had a beautiful bull calf we called Bambi. He was just plain gorgeous and he followed me all around the farm. He got to be quite big and my parents worried he might one day be too much for me to handle. I agreed, and we took him to a Franciscan monastery where they raise Brown Swiss. He got a good home, and I felt good about that. I hope Miss Bailey reads this. Her story brought back many sweet memories! JUDY CORRETTE WILDWOOD, FLORIDA POSITIVITY PAYS OFF We have read your nice publication for many years. Thank you for the wonderful pictures…

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all aboard!

My husband led the way as we headed out on our family ranch for a Christmas tree. He was pulling the boys through deep snow, and the dogs and I kept close behind in case the kiddos fell overboard. TRISHA GOETTLE AVON, MONTANA 1. THREE’S A CHARM When the first snow falls in the Appalachians, it brings a sense of playfulness that the animals on our Belly Acre Farm can’t suppress. What fun it was to watch these three romp through the fresh powder. DANA FOREMAN OLD FORT, NORTH CAROLINA 2. WONDER OF THE SEASON Standing in front of his second-ever Christmas tree, my son looked at the lights in pure amazement. He is so innocent and knows only good, and he reminds me that there is more to Christmas than presents. MALISSA CASCIATO THERMOPOLIS, WYOMING 3. DELIVERING…

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the greatest gift

Snow fell as I ran toward the red barn on our Ohio farm, telling the terriers, “Santa’s coming!” Our two dogs sensed my excitement and circled around me. I was 7 years old that Christmas Eve in 1952, and as I did my chores I wondered if Santa would fix my sister Betty’s old doll crib and buggy for me. Dad had sent them to Santa at the beginning of Advent. I hope...I thought to myself as I rushed to the barn and plowed into Betty, who was carrying a straw bale. “Watch where you’re going!” she protested. “Why the hurry?” Then she smiled knowingly. “You know we can’t go into the house till Santa turns on the tree lights, and all the milking and feeding are done.” After I fed the calves, I…

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breakfast tacos in the barn

Though the holiday season is our busiest time of year, my family sees value in preserving the tradition of a big gathering. Situated on 100-year-old farmland in Lumberton, Mississippi, our place to gather—the barn—is a newer building that stands where my great-grandparents’ barn once did. With ample lighting and long farm tables, it provides an ideal setting for sharing meals and making lasting memories. Hunting season is in full swing come December, so the men in our family can often be found in the woods around the barn. To get everyone to the table, we like to prepare a big brunch. The challenge each year is to create an exciting new meal; this time we made wild hog tacos. Although our family has a rich heritage of women coming together to cook, this…

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charred christmas salsa

I learned how to make this salsa from a renowned Mexican chef. I’ll never forget watching him char the vegetables and thinking, he just burned those veggies. But after tasting the salsa, I understood. The char added so much depth and a wonderful smoky flavor. WHITNEY MILLER FRANKLIN, TN TAKES: 25 min. • MAKES: 13/4 cups 2 tsp. olive oil3/4 lb. medium tomatillos (about 4), husked and halved1/2 lb. Campari tomatoes (about 5), halved1/2 cup roughly chopped sweet onion1 garlic clove, peeled2 tsp. chopped seeded jalapeno pepper1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro1 Tbsp. lime juiceSea salt 1. Heat a large cast-iron or other heavy skillet over medium to medium-high heat; add oil. 2. In batches, cook tomatillos and tomatoes until charred and tender, turning frequently, about 10 minutes. 3. Remove the cooked tomatillos and tomatoes to a…