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May 2020

FineScale Modeler teaches you to build models of aircraft, armor, ships and more. Clear articles show you how to assemble, paint, and finish the latest model kits. Every issue includes unbiased reviews of kits that were built and tested for accuracy, product announcements, tips from the experts, and a gallery of readers’ models.

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wrapping up world war ii in europe

Victory in Europe, or V-E Day, was the beginning of the end of World War II. Meanwhile, the war in the Pacific raged on for three more months. But the six years of horrific battles, attrocities, deaths, and almost unimaginable destruction in Europe came to an end 75 years ago, on May 8, 1945. We mark that happy day with this issue. As we’ve said before we’re here to honor the men and women who sacrificed for our freedom. One way to do that is to build replicas of the machines of war, which helps us modelers get closer to that history, and those who lived through it. It’s often their stories that inspire modelers to build a specific project. To that point, our Aaron Skinner offers a stunning T26E3 Pershing with a…

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off the sprue: what should be your theme song?

Editor Mark Savage msavage@Kalmbach.com Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s Takin’ Care of Business because: 1. That’s what editor’s do. 2. BTO’s snarky attitude in the song. 3. I love lyrics like: “And if your train’s on time, you can get to work by nine, and start your slaving job to get your pay. Look at me I’m self-employed, I love to work at nothing all day.” Senior Editor Aaron Skinner askinner@FineScale.com Depends. AC/DC’s Back in Black gets me pumped, but on more introspective days, I might lean on Point of Know Return by Kansas. If Cold Chisel’s You Got Nothing I Want is coming from the speakers, it’s probably best to leave me alone. Digital Editor Elizabeth Nash enash@FineScale.com Am I in a pleasant, life is good sort of mood? I’ll go with Kentucky Woman by Neil Diamond. It’s simple, free-spirited, and upbeat. Am…

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finescale modeler

Executive Editor Mark Savage Assistant Design Director Scott M. Krall EDITORIAL Senior Editor Aaron Skinner Digital Editor Elizabeth Nash Editorial Associate Monica Freitag Editorial Director Diane M. Bacha ART & PRODUCTION Design Director Tom Danneman Graphic Designer Samantha Primuth Illustrator Kellie Jaeger Photographer William Zuback Production Coordinator Cindy Barder REGULAR CONTRIBUTING MODELERS Paul Boyer, Andy Cooper, Raúl Corral, Chris Cortez, Frank Cuden, Chuck Davis, Jonas Dahlberg, Walt Fink, Tom Foti, Phillip Gore, James Green, Ted Horn, Joe Hudson, Mark Karolus, Rick Lawler, Ulf Lundberg, Chris Oglesby, Bill Plunk, John Plzak, Darren Roberts, Chuck Sawyer, Mike Scharf, Cookie Sewell, Bob Steinbrunn, Karel Sutt, Matthew Walker, Jim Wechsler, Adam Wilder, Jim Zeske KALMBACH MEDIA Chief Executive Officer Dan Hickey Senior Vice President, Finance Christine Metcalf Senior Vice President, Consumer Marketing Nicole McGuire Vice President, Content Stephen C. George Vice President, Operations Brian J. Schmidt Vice President, Human Resources Sarah A. Horner Senior Director, Advertising…

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scale talk

Yes, make more pilots I would like to echo Mike Canty’s letter in the March 2020 issue. I much prefer to model aircraft in flight, so I am always scrambling for pilot figures. It is even more difficult for me as I generally model in 1/72 scale. With all the obscure aftermarket parts available in a variety of scales, it seems odd not to find the same array of choices for pilots. Surely there should be availability in various eras and scales. Keep up the good work. I look forward to receiving each issue of FSM. – Stephen Swan Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada Models need to be worth price I appreciated Larry Schramm’s thorough and professional review of Revell Germany’s 1/32 scale Super Hornet in the February 2020 issue. I had great sympathy for his struggles with a…

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now at www.finescale.com

Wallpaper to spiff up your screen! Feel (or at least see) the Fury on your computer when you download this wallpaper image of Kitty Hawk’s 1/48 scale FJ-2. Read Chuck Davis’ review of the “Navy Sabre” on p. 56. More how-to and new product videos That’s right, we are not only doing our monthly New Product Rundown and weekly Single Shots of individual kits that we receive here at FSM HQ, but now master modeler Kenneth Childres is doing fun Skill Building how-to videos to provide tips and techniques to help you make the best models you’ve ever produced. These are short and sweet, so take a look!…

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reader tip

Make your own sprue rack While sprue racks are available commercially, with some scrap cardboard and a hot-glue gun one can assemble your own rack. I had previously made one using thin plywood and Masonite pieces, but it was a) overkill, and b) my slots were too small. I used it to assemble a 1/32 scale Tamiya Corsair. This time, I’m building a huge Airfix 1/24 scale Typhoon, that has 15 huge sprues that needed organizing. Using some scrap cardboard from Costco LED shoplight boxes and a hotglue gun I was able to build a practical sprue rack. The whole AVES project STUDIO took less than an hour. I measured the height of the sprues and chose 1-inch spaces, which proved big enough for all of them. Even with this, the sprues spill out of…