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Flea Market Decor

Flea Market Decor

April - May 2020

Your go-to guide for creating and nurturing your own unique vintage style. Turn your design dreams into reality!

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spring cleaning for the collector

WHEN THE SUN FINALLY BREAKS FREE OF THE WINTRY CLOUDS, it’s somehow our signal to begin the process of spring cleaning. Maybe it’s because emerging from our winter shells inspires us to declutter, or perhaps the fresh air is beckoning us to freshen our spaces. But whatever the cause, we’ve filled this issue with organizing tips for a clutter-free home that still highlights your collections, because sometimes we’re just in the mood for a change. Speaking of change, we’re sorry to announce that this will be the last regular issue of Flea Market Décor magazine. But while the format is shifting, you’re not going to lose the inspiration this title brings. Instead, we’re merging with our sister title, American Farmhouse Style, to bring you vintage content and ensure you all continue getting…

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Top Tips for New Vintage Sellers A veteran vintage seller purveys enchanting finds and shares her best tips on selling antiques. A Rustic Renovation A Craftsman charmer gets infused with unexpected upcycled style. Tips for Shopping a French Market You’ll want to book the next flight to Paris! How to Design a Layered Window Wall Mix modern with vintage for contrast and appeal. Check out this month’s online features fleamarketdecor.com Follow us online on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for daily inspiration!…

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clutter-free character

Go Industrial You can find old, industrial pieces from warehouses, such as lockers, storage racks and cabinets, at any flea market. It seems like there’s never enough counter space for bathroom storage, so a cabinet with glass doors would come in handy for toiletries and towels. IT SEEMS LIKE NO HOME IS EVER EQUIPPED WITH ENOUGH STORAGE to keep things organized and out of the way. Sure, your garage, attic and closets provide space for keeping storage hidden, but what about the things you want to keep nearby for frequent use? It’s important to keep those items close and easily found to keep your life running smoothly. That’s when vintage finds can help you get the mess-free home you want without losing all the charm you’ve worked so hard to build. We’ve put…

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vintage-style vows

ANTIQUES HOLD A UNIQUE PLACE IN EACH INDIVIDUAL’S HEART. For vintage enthusiast Mandi Oakes, antiques shops aren’t only great places for foraging; they’re also an integral part of her love story. Mandi met her husband, Oliver, in his antiques shop. Together, the two of them own an antiques store. And Oliver has since come on board with Heirlooms Vintage Rentals, the wedding rental shop Mandi and her mom, Karen, started in 2009. For Mandi and Oliver, their “love of junk” runs deep, so naturally, they had to have a vintage wedding. THOUGHTFUL THEME When it comes to planning a vintage wedding, Mandi’s advice is clear and simple: “Pick a style or theme that you love that speaks to your personality and run with it.” Whether you’re getting groovy with a 1970s theme…

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a tisket a tasket

WHILE WOODY TANS AND BROWNS GIVE OFF A RUSTIC, EARTHY VIBE, A BRIGHTLY COLORED COLLECTION CAN BRING CHEERFUL PANACHE TO YOUR SPACE. BASKETS HAVE A RICH HISTORY DATING BACK THOUSANDS OF YEARS, with archaeological remains discovered in Egypt and the Middle East. Today, people around the world continue to practice the time-honored art of basket weaving, and vintage bargain hunters continue to practice the art of basket collecting. “I love to think of the stories they could tell,” says collector Emily Baker of Vine and Willow, “all the things they’ve held and the hands that have held them.” Basket collecting is “a great way to have storage that’s stylish, too,” Emily says. “Smaller baskets are great to tuck in faux flowers and use as an accent on your mantel.” Bek Saleh of…

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diy crate storage

NEXT TIME YOU RUN INTO A PILE OF CRATES at an estate sale or flea market, don’t pass them up. You can use crates for storage that won’t clash with your vintage vibe. Here are some of our favorite ways to upcycle crates to help you achieve your organization goals. Inspired by JST Design 1. Spice Rack Tired of never being able to find the right spices during meal prep? Purchase small containers that will fit into the compartments of a crate, and label them so they’re easy to spot and within reach any time you need them. Inspired by Lavender & Linen 2. Funky Dresser If you need a unique furniture piece to add character to a bedroom, make your own dresser by building a frame around five crates and adding drawer pulls to them. Choose…