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Baking Heaven is a brand new magazine series which indulges all your cooking and baking needs. It will feature the popular titles Cupcake Heaven and Baking Heaven, and you will also be treated to special magazines about cake decorating, cupcakes for kids and much more. Each issue will be packed with inspiring recipes and projects, beautiful photography, and the chance to learn new techniques and take your cooking and baking skills to the next level.

United Kingdom
Warners Group Publications Plc
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“host your own afternoon tea with our top notch treats!”

Cream or jam first? It's a hotly debated topic in the baking world and one that often divides afternoon tea lovers! Whatever your preference, we've got a selection of delicious scones for you to choose from, including ginger scones on page 15, classic scones on page 21 and step-by-step fruit scones on page 24 – plus you'll find all the quintessentially British cakes and bakes you can mix and match from page 9! Ever wondered how to pour the perfect cup of tea or how best to serve a traditional afternoon tea to your friends and family? Turn to page 10, where we take a look at the etiquette of afternoon tea and be sure to check out Le Cordon Bleu's top tips for creating the perfect spread on page 96. You'll…

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what’s cooking…

Designer labels… Duerr’s collaborates with Manchester artists for new jams and marmalades range Duerr’s, one of the oldest family-owned jam makers in England, has launched a new range of innovative jams and marmalades featuring unique packaging designed by artists. The Artists Range includes four fruity jams and four zesty marmalades, all of which have a bespoke, bold label design crafted by artists with a connection to Manchester, where Duerr’s has been perfecting its preserves since 1881. The Seville Orange Marmalades – Thick Cut, Fine Cut, Half Sugar and Manchester Marmalade – pack plenty of flavour, while the new jams have taken traditional flavours to a new level with a modern, zingy twist. Blueberry & Lime Jam brings a mix of sweet and citrus flavours, while Strawberry & Elderflower Jam is like a taste of…

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running a bake sale is child’s play

Two-star bakers from Bedfordshire proved they could rise to the challenge of making a difference to the lives of sick and injured veterans by holding a cake sale that raised an impressive amount of money. Sisters Amelia, 15, and Olivia, 14, took part in this year’s Bake for Heroes by making over 300 cupcakes and selling them during a dance show at their school. The girls even persuaded their local Morrisons and Waitrose stores to chip in with money off and free ingredients. The dance show, held by Doreen’s School of Dancing, took place at their school, Vandyke Upper School. With soft drinks also on sale to wash down the cakes and proceeds from a raffle, the total raised was £610! This is the fourth Bake for Heroes bake sale these amazing young women…

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the etiquette of afternoon tea

Tea should be drunk in small, silent sips with grace & elegance When serving afternoon tea, the hostess should bring all the essential items to the tea table on a large tray. The tray should be set down on the table and the individual items arranged appropriately. Platters of sandwiches and cake stands should be placed in the middle of the table and the teapot should be positioned with the spout facing the hostess, or pourer. In front of each guest a teacup should be placed on a saucer with a teaspoon resting on the right side, a small plate with a fork for eating cake (or knife if you are serving anything that requires spreading) and a napkin. The milk jug and sugar bowl should be arranged near the centre. POURING…

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stress relief can be a piece of cake

With culinary TV hits such as Extreme Cake Makers and the Great British Bake Off taking prime time TV slots, it’s clear that baking has won the hearts of the British public. However, what is also interesting is that, with the rise in baking, it seems to have transcended its original purpose and become a useful therapy tool. Ahead of its Bake for Heroes ( campaign during Armed Forces Week from 22nd to 29th June, Help for Heroes commissioned YouGov to undertake research into the connections between baking and mental health – something the charity was already conscious of, having found baking and culinary therapy to be a useful tool to aid the recovery of Veterans who have sustained life-changing injuries or illnesses. The results of the research showed clearly that baking…