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the things we carry

It’s very difficult not to take things for granted. Very difficult. After all, when we take the time to build a proper foundation upon which we construct a rewarding life, it’s natural to expect things to turn out. However, taking things for granted leads to routines, and routines lead to complacency. And when those routines are unexpectedly disrupted — chaos. Case in point: I hopped in the truck last week and was shocked when turning the ignition failed to bring the engine to life. I looked in the rearview at the three kids expecting rides to school, and chaos ensued — albeit manageable chaos — and I ran triage trying to restructure an entire morning I expected to operate exactly as it had the morning prior … and the morning before…

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long live the .38 special

Also known as the .38 Colt Special and, more generally, as simply the .38 Special, this cartridge was developed by S&W and introduced with its Military & Police Model revolver in 1902. This was originally a military cartridge meant to replace the unsatisfactory .38 Long Colt then in use by the Army. Colt brought out its version in 1909, which differs from the original only in bullet shape, with the Colt being a flat-point style. Colt, Smith & Wesson and others make revolvers specifically for this cartridge. Several Belgian, Brazilian, German and Spanish firms also make .38 Special revolvers. The S&W 52 Target Auto, available until 1993, was made for the mid-range wadcutter load. A number of good-quality lever-action Winchester clones (1866, 1873, 1892) are chambered for the .38 Special. The…

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the edc lifestyle

Along-time Gun Digest subscriber, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, built a simple hidden gun concealment compartment under the rear deck of his AMG Mercedes Wagon. More often than not, the gun compartment is unsuspectingly buried below groceries and youth hockey gear, but it’s there just in case. The cost for this DIY gun-guy homerun project: a few materials from the local home improvement center and some gun-case foam from Carolina Custom Foam products. The frame for the box is made from ¾-inch marine-grade plywood (standard plywood or green-treated plywood would also work, though it tends to look less “finished”), held together with screws and wood glue. To seal and preserve the box, Rust-Oleum FlexiDip was used, which is a spray-on waterproof sealer that’s applied like spray paint. Why waterproof? Although…

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getting started with edc

The following pages of this issue contain hordes of information and ideas about how you can stay better prepared for disaster on a daily basis. Yes, carrying concealed is step No. 1, and there are additional options out there that will allow you to take the lifestyle a little further that don’t require you to start buying pants with 14 pockets in them. My suggestion: Start with a backpack. Maxpedition is a company that caters to the gun owner who wants to take personal safety and preparedness a step further without going full tactical. It’s a simple and unobtrusive way to have everything you might need — but hopefully never do — close at hand. The Riftcore (top) is an ideal, compact solution for the dozen or so items often needed first…

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edc with style

Leatherman Tread Tempo Being prepared doesn’t mean you need to be frumpy. Nearly everyone owns a Leatherman multi-tool, which make a great EDC item. Newer to the Leatherman name is a product category they call “wearables,” which includes the Tread Tempo. The watch’s crown jewel is a Swiss-made timepiece, but the band contains 30 Leatherman-designed, fully integrated tools, including: a multitude of drivers and wrenches, file, glass breaker and a bottle opener. $ 450 Leatherman Jam + Style PS Leatherman also partnered with a few pro skaters to develop a pocket tool designed for an active lifestyle, which they call the Jam. Features include a pair of pliers, wire cutters, grip tape file, scissors, flat and Philips screwdrivers, tweezers, 9/16-inch wrench — and even a place to wrap and stash earbuds to keep…

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letters to the editor

Proper ECI Use Gentlemen: The photo on pages 54 and 55 of the November 2018 issue (“Shooting Is Fun” Special issue) shows four AR-15 type rifles on a bench, with empty chamber indicators (ECI) installed in them. Only one of the four rifles has this device installed correctly. The first version of an ECI was a plastic block with a flag attached. In order to install the block into the rifle, the bolt had to be locked back, then the block was inserted into the magazine well (like a magazine) with the flag protruding from the ejection port. Bystanders could then see that the rifle was empty, or “safe.” This device was then deemed unacceptable because it really didn’t tell you the status of the chamber of the rifle. Thus was born the…