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trust and verify

What’s black and white and misleading all over? Nearly every single headline that you find on your news feed, newspaper or computer screen these days. And have you noticed that opinion columns have all but disappeared? I suspect that’s because nearly every opinion-base article is being presented as factual information for those who trust without verification. Heck, it only takes a smartphone and a download of the Instagram app these days to be considered an “influencer.” But, out of respect for the well-being of my blood pressure, I digress. With that in mind, it continues to be the mantra of everyone on the Gun Digest staff to “go one step farther.” That means we get down into the weeds as needed, but we’re very selective about it. Each issue of the…

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letters to the editor

Art Of Blue And Walnut My subscription satisfaction level: excellent. I’m pleased that, in this world of high-capacity plastic guns, you still see the need for a balance of coverage. Regarding the letter to the editor, “Diamond in the Rough,” in the February 2019 issue, I’m glad to see there’s still an appreciation for fine-crafted firearms of walnut and blued steel. –Anonymous via email Blued steel and walnut is the foundation upon which gun building has grown, from high-end works of art to the Model 70-type working guns … and everything in between. Trends in gun building come and go like a free box of ammo, but stunning wood and blued steel has always been timeless. –-Gun Digest Staff Can You Trust Handloads For Dangerous Game? The online article asks, “Can You Trust Handloads For Dangerous…

3 min.
the .300 ham’r

Historical Notes In 2018, Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat announced the .300 Ham’r to match or better .30-30 Winchester performance in an ARmagazine-length round. Thus, the cartridge was hatched to compete with the 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC, 7.62×39 and .300 Blackout, with an eye toward killing wild pigs, thus the nod to “ham” in the name. Wilson himself says, “The project originally started way back in 2005, when J.D. Jones sent me one of his .300 Whisper uppers and a set of dies. Being an avid hunter, my primary interest was terminal performance, and the .300 Whisper just didn’t get the job done for me. So, at that point, I moved on to the 6.8 SPC and did a lot of work with it, and I killed a lot of hogs and…

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digital/new in the store

FROM THE ARTICLES AT GUNDIGEST.COM GUN TALK Is A .50-Caliber Handgun Actually Good For Anything? The delivered payload is substantial, but the recoil can be damning as well — or is it? NEW GEAR Federal Premium Offers 1¾-Inch Shorty Shotshells Following in the footsteps of Aguila’s Minishells, Federal Premium proves big things come in small packages with Shorty Shotshells. GUN REVIEWS Review: Kimber’s Mighty Micro 9 Micro-sized 9mm handguns are popping up all over the place, and Kimber’s Micro 9 is no slouch in the category. LONG-RANGE SHOOTING Should You Unplug From Your Ballistic Calculator Remember: Your ballistic calculator is not designed to become a crutch. SOCIAL SPOTLIGHT Find us on Facebook! facebook.com/gundigest Follow us on Twitter! @gundigest Follow us on Instagram! @Gun.Digest…

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sig sauer’s m17, and cover vests

A little after 5 pm on Thursday, January 17, 2017, I was sitting in the Sig Sauer booth at SHOT Show discussing new products with one of the company’s media relations representatives. It was an important day and time for Sig Sauer, and for the U.S. Army. That’s when Sig Sauer got the news they’d been awarded the $580 million contract to manufacture the Army’s next service pistol. As you can imagine, there was some excitement in the booth that day, and, well, $580 million is a hell of a lot of money! The Army had announced the competition for its new XM17-MHS (Modular Handgun System) in 2015. The new handgun was to replace the Cold War era M9 pistol — which had been in use for 30 years, and had…

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thinking inside the box

Riflescopes, regardless of how much money you spend, are the weakest link in the shooting system. Why? Well, it’s mechanical and often only tested in small batches back at the factory. Errors in scope adjustment are far more common than people realize. In today’s “precision shooting economy,” less than $1,500 spent on a scope is considered the low end. Thanks to a steady training schedule, we see a lot of different setups across a wide variety of optics. In other words, we have experience. It’s typical to see a 2 percent error factor in scopes at or below this price point, and that has a cascading effect on accuracy results. If you’re using any ballistic software, this is your most significant point of failure when the ballistic curve does not line…