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you define priceless

In the right-hand drawer of Grandpa’s workbench was an old revolver. He never mentioned it and I never asked, but we both knew it was there. I suppose I innocently stumbled across it one day while looking for a pliers or something, and there it sat — a tangible symbol representing a part of Grandpa’s life that was long gone before I was ever born. Don’t get me wrong: Grandpa was forever a gun guy, but picturing him holding a revolver was an image my young mind wasn’t capable of processing. And on days when I knew that woodshop was vacant, I’d sneak in, slide that old (I didn’t know anything about it in those days, but I figured it had to be old) wheelgun from its leather holster and draw…

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letters to the editor

GD Contributor Carry Rigs I enjoyed “The Things We Carry” article by Richard Mann in the Concealed Carry special issue. I find it very interesting to learn what other people — especially those in the firearms industry with lots of choices — choose to carry. If you have any other stories on this subject, please print them. –Steve Caston via email Thanks, Steve. I, too, was happy with how this piece came together. In fact, I would’ve loved to devote 10 pages to that feature and include more Gun Digest contributors, but that’s a lot of real estate to eat up in one magazine. However, a “Part Two” article in an upcoming issue would certainly work, eh? –Luke Hartle, Editor Going All In Let’s see: I’m going down to the 7/11 corner store for a quart…

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know your cartridge

The Elusive .270 Hawk Historical Notes Like the .270 Ackley Improved, the .270 Hawk delivers about 50 fps more velocity than the factory .270 Winchester cartridge with identical bullets. In about 1998, Fred Zeglin designed the .270 Hawk as a member of his Hawk cartridge family. The .270 Hawk is an excellent deer and antelope cartridge. General Comments All Hawk cartridges fit into a standard .30-06 length action and use a .473-inch bolt face. The .270 Hawk uses .280 Remington brass as its parent case. The brass is necked up to .30 caliber, full-length sized and fire-formed in a .270 Hawk chamber. The .270 Hawk works well in bolt-action rifles with 24- to 26-inch barrels and a 1:10 rifling twist. Quality Cartridge ( supplies correctly head-stamped brass. from Gun Digest’s “Cartridges of the World.” Order…

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digital/new in the store

FROM THE ARTICLES AT GUNDIGEST.COM GUN TALK How The Glock 17 Set The Standard The iconic Glock 17 transformed the modern handgun world and continues to exert its influence today. Here’s how it was done. AMMUNITION Thoughts On Using .45 ACP Hardball For Self Defense In the era of cutting-edge expanding bullets, does .45 ACP Hardball have a place as defensive ammo? GUN REVIEWS Review: Howa KRG Bravo Long Range The Howa KRG Bravo smashed expectations. Here’s what sets it apart in a very crowded precision rifle field. SUPPRESSORS Are Suppressors Worth The Time And Money? Suppressors aren’t cheap, and the wait is usually a long one. Do the pros of ownership outweigh the hurdles of acquiring one? SOCIAL SPOTLIGHT Find us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! @gundigest Follow us on Instagram! @Gun.Digest…

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how to grade a firearm’s condition

NIB (New In Box): This condition means that a firearm is new — and unfired — in its original carton with all appropriate papers. Note that this is not the same as MSRP, but it is the price one would likely pay in a gun store. Excellent: A firearm in excellent condition should be in 98 percent condition in relation to bluing, stock finish and bore. It should also be 100 percent factory original with no alterations, refinishing or repairs. Very Good: Modern guns must be in working order with approximately 92 percent metal and wood finish. These guns can have small repairs or additions, but no refinishing. Antique guns must have 80 percent of the original finish. Good: Modern guns must have at least 80 percent metal and wood finish. They may…

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gun collecting 101

What makes one firearm worth $100,000 while a similar one can be bought for a measly few hundred dollars? Why is one a collectible antique and another just a used gun? There are many factors to consider when answering these questions. As with virtually any item, whether antique or merely used, condition is of prime importance. But more than that, origin and history are important, too. Provenance is a convenient word often used to describe an object’s origin, ownership chronology and overall history. It’s a term used to authenticate the true background of a piece of artwork such as a painting, piece of sculpture, book or some other work of art. And who can argue that a firearm cannot be a work of art? I’m not referring necessarily to finely engraved and…