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Hemmings Motor News May 2019

Every issue is packed with hundreds of pages of auction news, car profi les, buyer's guides, restoration profiles, technical advice, event coverage, and a classified section that is THE PLACE to find high quality listings of cars, parts, and services for sale.

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hemmings motor news

PUBLISHER Jim Menneto, President EDITORIAL Terry McGean, Editor-in-Chief Richard Lentinello, Executive Editor Mike McNessor, Editor Catherine Gee Graney, Managing Editor J. Daniel Beaudry, Managing Editor David Conwill, Associate Editor Thomas A. DeMauro, Senior Editor Kurt Ernst, Editor, Hemmings Daily Jeff Koch, West Coast Associate Editor Matthew Litwin, Senior Editor Mark J. McCourt, Senior Editor Terry Shea, Associate Editor Daniel Strohl, Web Editor Edward Heys, Design Editor Judi Dell’Anno, Graphic Designer Joshua Skibbee, Graphic Designer Tom Comerro, Editorial Assistant Jim O’Clair, Columnist/Parts Locator ADVERTISING Jennifer Sandquist, Advertising Director DISPLAY SALES Tim Redden, Internet Sales Manager ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Rowland George, Tim McCart, Lesley McFadden Heather Naslund, Mark Nesbit, Collins Sennett, Bonnie Stratton Stephanie Sigot, Advertising Coordinator CLASSIFIED SALES Jeanne Bourn, Classified Manager SUPPORT STAFF Jennifer Bono, Allen Boulet, Tammy Bredbenner, Mary Brott, Raina Burgess, Nicole Deuel, Christopher Drayton, Missy Place, Missy Telford PRODUCTION Samantha Corey, Graphic Services Director SUPPORT STAFF Tracy Bushee, Karen Gaboury, Carrie Houlihan, Adelaide Jaquith, Mathew Sargent, Abby Shapiro MARKETING Dan Stoner, Marketing Director CIRCULATION Scott Smith,…

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the internal shame game

mmcnessor@hemmings.com I’ve never watched Game of Thrones because it lacks key elements I value in entertainment: car chases, mixed martial arts, and Scarlett Johansson performing mixed martial arts after a car chase. But a creepy scene from Game of Thrones received a lot of attention a few years ago and stuck with me. It depicted a character being forced to walk naked through the streets of Throneville (or wherever that thing is set) while a fully clothed person followed, ringing a bell and repeating: “Shame. Shame.” This walk of shame was punishment for some transgression the woman had committed. It’s a terrifying thought, being forced by the authorities to walk around naked. In my case, especially terrifying for innocent onlookers. As a people, we draw lines to differentiate good behavior from bad.…

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old modern alternatives

rlentinello@hemmings.com “It seems as if it was only yesterday when cars of the 1980s and early ’90s ruled the road.” Now that we are accustomed to the insulating characteristics of new and late-model automobiles — their inherent all-around smoothness and endless array of electronic gadgetry — cars from the 1980s suddenly offer a somewhat vintage driving experience. We know that there’s nothing vintage about them at all, but they really do now feel “old.” When did this happen? It seems as if it was only yesterday when cars of the 1980s and early ’90s ruled the road. Since the early ’80s, I’ve owned several automobiles from that era, some of which are now considered modern-day collectibles. The popular term used to refer to the period of automotive design from 1972 to 1983…

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The car “season” will soon be upon us. Here in the great Northwest (Western Washington), the entry fee for a car show is between $15 and $35. The participant pays and spectators enter free. Let me understand this… I buy and/ or restore a vehicle at great expense, drive or trailer it to a show at a cost. Clean, polish, service, and insure said vehicle. Now, I enter a show with “said vehicle” and pay an entry fee? Gee, I get to pay 100 percent! This is backwards, as I and many others see it. The cars are the draw and there would not be a car show without them. When was the last time you went to an event such as a ball game and the players paid while…

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designer bob nixon dies at 86

Bob Nixon, a noted automobile designer at Chrysler and AMC, died February 5 at the age of 86. Nixon retired from Chrysler in 1992 where he had served as the design chief for the Jeep and Dodge Truck divisions. While at Chrysler, he received a United States patent for the design of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Nixon was honorably discharged from the United States Army during the Korean War and graduated from the Chrysler Institute of Design. He was hired by Chrysler, but left in 1959 to join the American Motors Corporation, where he rose through the ranks to the position of director of exterior styling. At AMC, Nixon was responsible for the design of many memorable vehicles including the Rambler, AMX, Javelin, Gremlin, and the Pacer, to name a few. He…

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automatic camaro zl1 on tap

Chevrolet’s top corner-carving Camaro — the ZL1 1LE — is now being offered with an optional paddle-shifted 10-speed automatic transmission. The division is hoping this will be a win for the Camaro, which has seen sales slide annually since its 2015 redesign. Chevrolet claims that 80 percent of all Camaro sales are automatics. Other comparable high-performance models from Detroit, like the Dodge Demon and Ford’s upcoming Shelby GT500, are automatic-only propositions. For those whose hearts sank at the idea of an automatic high-performance Camaro, consider two things. First, it’s an option: It will cost an additional $1,595, on top of the $7,500 ZL1 1LE package. A six-speed manual will still be the default transmission choice. Also, Chevy claims that the automatic offers a half-second improvement over the six-speed stick around its 2.9-mile…