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Hemmings Motor News August 2019

Every issue is packed with hundreds of pages of auction news, car profi les, buyer's guides, restoration profiles, technical advice, event coverage, and a classified section that is THE PLACE to find high quality listings of cars, parts, and services for sale.

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hemmings motor news

PUBLISHER Jim Menneto, President Jonathan Shaw, Director of Product EDITORIAL Terry McGean, Editor-in-Chief Richard Lentinello, Executive Editor Kurt Ernst, Editor, Hemmings Daily Mike McNessor, Editor, Hemmings Motor News Catherine Gee Graney, Managing Editor Thomas A. DeMauro, Senior Editor Matthew Litwin, Senior Editor Mark J. McCourt, Senior Editor David Conwill, Associate Editor Jeff Koch, West Coast Associate Editor Terry Shea, Associate Editor Daniel Strohl, Web Editor Edward Heys, Design Editor Judi Dell’Anno, Graphic Designer Joshua Skibbee, Graphic Designer Jim O’Clair, Columnist/Parts Locator Tom Comerro, Editorial Assistant Jake McBride, Editorial Intern EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS Michael Milne ADVERTISING Jennifer Sandquist, Advertising Director DISPLAY SALES Tim Redden, Internet Sales Manager Account Executives: Rowland George, Tim McCart, Lesley McFadden, Heather Naslund, Mark Nesbit, Collins Sennett, Bonnie Stratton Stephanie Sigot, Advertising Coordinator CLASSIFIED SALES Jeanne Bourn, Classified Manager Allen Boulet, Tammy Bredbenner, Mary Brott, Raina Burgess, Christopher Drayton,…

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the award goes to...

People often ask: “Mike, aside from complaining nonstop, consuming gallons of coffee, and yelling (because, you know, all that caffeine) at the break room vending machine when your Cheez-Its get stuck in the dispensing mechanism… what is it that you actually, uh, do?” And this question comes from people who sit right next to me at the office, so I can only imagine your confusion. The answer? I dole out Hemmings car show awards. Dozens and dozens of car show awards. If you lined up every vehicle I’ve singled out for an award in the past decade, the line would stretch from the unreliable break room vending machine at Hemmings to some unreliable break room vending machine near you. Guaranteed. It’s not just me, either. Everybody who works at Hemmings either actively hands…

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tiger hunt

It was bound to happen. When values soared for Cobras and Shelby Mustangs, it was just a matter of time before prices for Tigers would follow in their footsteps. Tigers have always been considered the poor-man’s Cobra, but they are so much more than that. Truth be told, Sunbeam Tigers are one of the most underrated sports cars of all time. With their exceptional power-to-weight ratio, a Tiger can easily run rings around many Maranello-built machines, and for literally one-tenth the price. Unfortunately, for those serious Sunbeam enthusiasts who have always dreamed of owning one of these stylish fusions of Anglo-American mechanicals, the days of buying Tigers for just a few grand more than what a standard Alpine would set you back are now gone. In the late Eighties, I decided that…

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Although I have just started reading all three of your magazines in the past year, I’ve yet to see any information regarding the annual Woodward Dream Cruise (of course that may be due to my limited exposure to your magazines). Held the third weekend of every August, the organizers estimate there being from 30,000 to 40,000 cars “cruising” Detroit’s famed Woodward Avenue with close to 1-million spectators. I assume you are aware of it, but is there a reason you don’t mention it or have I just missed it? Rex Lewers Strongsville, Ohio It’s on our editorial bucket list for sure, but you’re correct in that we haven’t covered it. I love everything Hemmings does! In the article on the Russo and Steele Arizona auction (At the Auction, June), a 1953 Caribbean is pictured…

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museum of bus transportation may join aaca museum

Since the opening of the AACA Museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania, more than 15 years ago, the Museum of Bus Transportation has showcased a fleet of buses and coaches in the AACA museum’s basement. This summer the two may join forces more formally when board members of the Hershey-based bus museum vote on whether or not to merge with the AACA Museum. “As a board, we took the position that we’re still solvent, we have money in the bank, so let’s move forward and attempt to salvage what we’ve been given,” said John Oakman, the chair of the Museum of Bus Transportation’s board of directors. “Our interest is in uniting the two museums so we can continue and carry on.” In January, the bus museum’s treasurer informed the board of directors that the…

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silver auctions arizona is now mag

Beginning this year, Silver Auctions Arizona will do business under the MAG Auctions brand, according to MAG owner Mike Oberle and Silver owner Emmett Rice. With Silver and MAG doing business together, Rice and Oberle said they will be able to achieve greater economies of scale with their businesses. “It was time to combine our efforts,” Rice said speaking about the partnership. MAG (Motorsport Auction Group) Auctions is a Nevada company that has been in business since 2015, specializing in classic cars, special interest vehicles, and memorabilia. Its premier auction is the Collector Car Auction held during Hot August Nights in Reno. For the past 20 years, Silver Auctions Arizona has been a mainstay of the collector car scene in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Founded by Mitch Silver, it was later sold to…