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Hemmings Motor News October 2019

Every issue is packed with hundreds of pages of auction news, car profi les, buyer's guides, restoration profiles, technical advice, event coverage, and a classified section that is THE PLACE to find high quality listings of cars, parts, and services for sale.

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the fine art of old-car spam

There’s a lot of questionable stuff on the internet. Including, for instance, every column I’ve ever written for Hemmings Motor News. I seriously doubt that’s what the people who invented the thing had in mind at the start: “Hey, you know what would be great? A vast, global network of interconnected computers capable of storing and serving-up car-related blathering from some dope in Vermont. Imagine, once this system is online, people can continue to ignore nonsense like that from anywhere in the world, 24/7!” More than likely it went like this: “Hey, you know what would be great? A vast, global network of interconnected computers capable of archiving and serving-up adorable cat videos and pictures of peoples’ lunches, on demand.” Other than cat videos and food porn, I think the internet was invented…

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hemmings motor news

PUBLISHER Jim Menneto, President Jonathan Shaw, Director of Product EDITORIAL Terry McGean, Editor-in-Chief Richard Lentinello, Executive Editor Kurt Ernst, Editor, Hemmings Daily Mike McNessor, Editor, Hemmings Motor News Catherine Gee Graney, Managing Editor Thomas A. DeMauro, Senior Editor Matthew Litwin, Senior Editor Mark J. McCourt, Senior Editor David Conwill, Associate Editor Jeff Koch, West Coast Associate Editor Terry Shea, Associate Editor Daniel Strohl, Web Editor Edward Heys, Design Editor Judi Dell’Anno, Graphic Designer Joshua Skibbee, Graphic Designer Jim O’Clair, Columnist/Parts Locator Tom Comerro, Editorial Assistant EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS Michael Milne ADVERTISING Jennifer Sandquist, Advertising Director DISPLAY SALES Tim Redden, Internet Sales Manager Account Executives: Rowland George, Tim McCart, Lesley McFadden, Heather Naslund, Mark Nesbit, Collins Sennett, Bonnie Stratton Stephanie Sigot, Advertising Coordinator CLASSIFIED SALES Jeanne Bourn, Classified Manager Allen Boulet, Marcus Bowler, Tammy Bredbenner, Mary Brott, Raina Burgess, Tracy Cory, Christopher Drayton,…

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condition #4 advantage

When restoring old cars, if I’m going to spend a tremendous amount of time and incur substantial expense rebuilding the car of my dreams, it simply doesn’t make sense not to restore that car to the very best condition that I can make it. Truth be told, although I’m currently restoring a 1960 Triumph TR3A to as near #1 concours quality as I can make it, nothing beats driving a condition #4 car. Concours-quality cars are somewhat sacred cows; once they are completed, you’re afraid to drive them because you don’t want to inflict unnecessary damage on all your hard work. Even something as minor as a tiny chip in the paint — and that will eventually happen if you plan to drive and enjoy the car — will make you go…

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I eagerly await my monthly issue of Hemmings Motor News for the many entertaining and informative articles, along with the classifieds where my “someday” car is carefully considered. My dog Sasha enjoys Hemmings too. So, we are wondering, have you ever considered reporting on classic and antique vehicles that have special dog appeal such as large side windows for floppy ears and inquisitive noses, easy entry, and upholstery that doesn’t stain? If not an article, then maybe those great old photos showing cars, owners, and pets all together. In the meantime, we’ll keep enjoying Hemmings. Dan and Sasha Koviack York, Pennsylvania It’s a solid idea, Dan, though our most recent survey showed that very few dogs purchase (or advertise in) Hemmings Motor News. A few respondents did mention that they’ve read the magazine in…

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motoring news

COMPANY NEWS Coker Group now Legendary Companies Coker Group, holding company of Coker Tire, Universal Vintage Tire, Phoenix Race Tires, and several other prominent tire companies, has announced a name change to “Legendary Companies” as of this month. President and CEO Wade Kawasaki said that the new name was chosen because it reflects the company’s intentions to expand “into diverse markets while remaining true to core consumers.” While continuing to cover the tire market, the rebranded Legendary Companies will move towards the world of performance customization and vehicle restoration. The company has already set this plan into motion, recently acquiring German-based classic car tire distributor, MOR. Additionally, the company’s “Wheel Vintiques” subsidiary has expanded its model line to now offer more modern performance wheels. To learn more about the changes, visit www.legendarycompanies.com. MUSEUM NEWS AACA…

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1977 ford thunderbird

Back in the 1970s, when you could still buy your 8-tracks, leisure suits, and mood rings from a Montgomery Ward catalog, personal-luxury cars were in. So, it stands to reason that Ford’s latest Thunderbirds should have been in their glory, as their predecessors had shaped that market beginning with the debut of the four-seat “Squarebird” in 1958. Following a very strong 1973 model year, sales slipped despite the fact that the Thunderbird ticked all the boxes for items drivers of the era seemed to crave, like opera windows, vinyl top, acres of trim, upscale styling, posh interior, tons of normally optional equipment included as standard, and the legendary image its nameplate exuded. Its fullsize bulk and high price likely became contributing factors to receding sales, especially when considering the expanding field of…