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Hemmings Motor News November 2019

Every issue is packed with hundreds of pages of auction news, car profi les, buyer's guides, restoration profiles, technical advice, event coverage, and a classified section that is THE PLACE to find high quality listings of cars, parts, and services for sale.

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hemmings motor news

PUBLISHER Jim Menneto, President Jonathan Shaw, Director of Product EDITORIAL Terry McGean, Editor-in-Chief Richard Lentinello, Executive Editor Mike McNessor, Editor, Hemmings Motor News Mike Austin, Director of Digital Content, Hemmings Daily Kurt Ernst, Managing Editor Catherine Gee Graney, Managing Editor Thomas A. DeMauro, Senior Editor Matthew Litwin, Senior Editor Mark J. McCourt, Senior Editor David Conwill, Associate Editor Jeff Koch, West Coast Associate Editor Terry Shea, Associate Editor Daniel Strohl, Web Editor Edward Heys, Design Editor Judi Dell’Anno, Graphic Designer Joshua Skibbee, Graphic Designer Jim O’Clair, Columnist/Parts Locator Tom Comerro, Editorial Assistant EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS Michael Milne ADVERTISING Jennifer Sandquist, Advertising Director DISPLAY SALES Tim Redden, Internet Sales Manager Account Executives: Rowland George, Tim McCart, Lesley McFadden, Heather Naslund, Mark Nesbit, Collins Sennett, Bonnie Stratton Stephanie Sigot, Advertising Coordinator CLASSIFIED SALES Jeanne Bourn, Classified Manager Allen Boulet, Marcus Bowler, Tammy Bredbenner, Mary Brott, Raina Burgess, Tracy Cory, Christopher Drayton, Nicole Deuel, Whitney LeBlanc, April Leslie, Missy Telford GRAPHIC SERVICES Samantha Corey, Graphic Services Director Tracy Bushee,…

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of great talks and old 4x4s

A few months ago my doctor died, taken too soon by that miserable scourge, cancer. Dr. Kelleher was everything you could ask for in a physician: smart, insightful, compassionate, and never preachy about my judgement lapses in the presence of beer — either in liquid or batter form. He was also never too busy to have long discussions during our office visits about vital health matters, such as old four-wheel-drive trucks. If you read doctor and four-wheel drive in the same paragraph and your mind went straight to Land Rover, well, that wasn’t his style. Dr. Kelleher was no slave to status symbols. As proof, he’d always get a wistful look whenever he talked about the first-generation Mitsubishi Montero that he owned in the 1980s. He revered that Montero for its…

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original-owner advantage

“…most have never been messed with to the point where they require major rebuilding or restoration.” If you ever are fortunate enough to have the chance to buy a one-owner car, take advantage of that opportunity and jump on it. The benefits of being in possession of an old automobile that has been owned by just one person are almost too numerous to mention, especially if that owner was the fanatical type who cared for that car as if it was a close member of his or her family. Whether or not you like that particular make or model, body style, color, or engine/transmission combination, just buy it. Here’s why. Having owned dozens of collector-quality cars through the years, I’ve had the good fortune to purchase two one-owner cars, thus I was…

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“I really get a charge when attending a car show with one of these oldies, especially when parked near a fully restored gem and mine gets more attention from folks who are fascinated with an original.” excerpted from the letter by Cliff Wilson One-third of a page? What a lousy tribute to Mr. Lido Lee Iacocca in your September issue. He had more street sense, common sense, and business sense than anyone you or I could name. If you had read any of his three books you would’ve known that! You owe the man and his family a redo. Steve Strine Silver Lake, New York Thank you for a very nice obituary and photo of Lee Iacocca in the September issue. He was a classy guy, a great salesman, charisma personified, and a fellow Pennsylvania…

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motoring news

IN MEMORIAM Dr. Ferdinand Piëch dies at 82 Longtime Volkswagen CEO and Supervisory Board Chairman Dr. Ferdinand Piëch died suddenly August 25, at age 82. German media reported that Piëch collapsed while having dinner at a restaurant in Bavaria and was pronounced dead later that evening at a hospital. Piëch was the son of Louise Porsche Piëch and nephew of Ferry Porsche. In a storied career that spanned six decades, he made indelible marks on his family’s firm, as well as on the related automakers Audi and Volkswagen. Piëch earned his mechanical engineering degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich before taking a job in 1963 as a test engine specialist at Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG. After becoming the head of technical development five years later, he contributed to the…

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1965-’82 avanti ii

When the Studebaker Corporation’s production of the Avanti ceased after just 4,647 examples were built, it seemed the forward-looking flagship was gone before its time. But this grand tourer was too special to die so young, and it would be reborn as the Avanti II, still manufactured in South Bend, Indiana, through the next two decades as a truly custom, upscale luxury coupe. While the first series of continuation models offered improved material quality — especially in the interiors — over the assembly line originals, they’ve not traditionally been valued as highly. That disconnect still exists in the 21st century, leaving the Avanti II as a veritable bargain. It was famously a pair of local Studebaker dealers who purchased the facilities, tooling, and intellectual property to build the Avanti in 1964,…