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Hi-Fi Choice Dec-18

Hi-Fi Choice is the essential guide to audio excellence in the home. It is a no-nonsense guide to the finest products available, from vinyl and valves, to multi-channel digital audio and high-fidelity video. Hi-Fi Choice sorts the best from the rest with rigorous test processes and a highly experienced team of reviewers.

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www.hifichoice.co.uk Like many readers, I am lucky enough to have a well thought-out hi-fi system in my lounge that plays CDs, hi-res files and vinyl for any serious listening while sat in comfort on my sofa. But for background music in the office, kitchen or even the garden, I tend to use smaller music systems to give a musical backdrop to my daily routine. Let’s face it, as the most popular wireless streaming tech out there, several are Bluetooth speaker setups that enable me to play my favourite tunes from a paired device. The short-range wireless transmission standard has long been derided by audiophiles for its poor audio quality, but continuous codec development has enabled significant improvements and many of the latest batch of Bluetooth speakers are capable of great sound. Of…

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play for today

PRICE: £379 & £599 AVAILABLE: NOW CONTACT: 01480 447700 WEB: AUDIOLAB.CO.UK 2018 HAS BEEN a busy year for Audiolab which has seen the hi-fi specialist move into the in-ear headphone market with two M-EAR designs and unveil its £149 M-DAC Nano DAC/headphone amp (right). The company is well regarded for its DACs and traditional components and the arrival of the new 6000 Series shows it hasn't forgotten its roots. The familiar design builds on the highly-regarded 8000 Series with two new full-width components in what it describes as its best value components ever. The new 6000 Series builds on the 8000 Series launched in 1983 Priced at £599, the 6000A is a Class AB integrated amplifier rated at 2x 50W into 8ohm that incorporates two optical and two coaxial digital inputs along with three line-level RCA…

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if you're happy and you know it

The beauty of music is the way it connects with us on an emotional level. Feeling on top of the world and like nothing can drag you down? Then whack on some upbeat tunes, strap on your roller skates and get out there and let the world know. Equally, if you're feeling down in the dumps and overly concerned about the future of mankind and the inevitable end of the world, there's a wealth of material to allow you to fully wallow in your gloom. For every conceivable mindset from boredom to hunger and everything in between there's music to match your mood. And it probably won't come as a huge surprise to learn that for the likes of Spotify – which uses its algorithm alchemy to maximise its earning potential…

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ingenium plug&play

PRICE: £1,250 AVAILABLE: NOW CONTACT: 01480 869900 WEB: AVIDHIFI.COM FOLLOWING THE INTRODUCTION of its Ingenium turntable design almost half a decade ago (HFC 379), Cambridgeshire-based AVID Hi-Fi has unveiled the Ingenium Plug&Play. Priced at £1,250 and fitted with a tonearm and moving-magnet cartridge, the packaged deck replaces previous Ingenium models and the company says: “Everything on this turntable has been reworked, from the chassis design that now sports AVID’s trademark oversized A emblazoned into the body, to the new inline power switch – now 5A with dual pole switching to allow total power isolation to the motor”. A new bearing hub has been designed with future upgradability in mind, allowing for the supplied MDF platter to be changed to a precision aluminium version to further enhance sound quality and lower the noise floor. Look…

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hana adds m-series carts

Known for its mid-priced moving-coil cartridges, Hana has announced a deluxe line with its M-Series moving-coil cartridges. Hailing from Tokyo’s Excel Sound Corporation, the ML and MH cartridges (Low and High output options) are a development of its SL and SH designs that we reviewed in HFC 408, and utilise a Microline nude diamond tip stylus for improved tracking and performance. Both cartridges quote a frequency range of 12Hz to 45kHz with a tracking force of 2g and have threaded fittings built into the top of the cartridge body for ease of mounting. Distributed in the UK by Air Audio Services Ltd., the ML and MH are priced at £899 each. Look out for our Hana ML review coming soon. AIRAUDIO.CO.UK…

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a&k slimline flagship

PRICE: £1,999 AVAILABLE: NOW CONTACT: 0208 2008282 WEB: ASTELLNKERN.COM Following the introduction of its £3,299 SP1000 portable music player last year, Astell&Kern has announced a new flagship in the form of the SP1000M priced at £1,999. Another bold industrial design, the body shape uses the company’s distinctive, irregular split planes to give the SP1000M a similar tactile quality to its upmarket sibling. Smaller and lighter at just over 200g, thanks to an aluminium case and a new 4.1in touchscreen display, the company says the more pocketable player can be controlled with just one hand and that its navigation system uses an improved version of its A&ultima interface. Battery life is expected to give 10 hours of hi-res music playback, while wi-fi connectivity, USB DAC functionality, DLNA networking, digital audio output via USB and aptX HD…