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Hi-Fi Choice December 2017

Hi-Fi Choice is the essential guide to audio excellence in the home. It is a no-nonsense guide to the finest products available, from vinyl and valves, to multi-channel digital audio and high-fidelity video. Hi-Fi Choice sorts the best from the rest with rigorous test processes and a highly experienced team of reviewers.

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www.hifichoice.co.uk Issue No. 430 December 2017 As we go to print with this issue, we’ve just returned from an indulgent weekend of high-end exotica at the fantastically popular Hi-Fi Show Live 2017. Hosted by our sister magazine Hi-Fi News & Record Review and AVTech Media, the extravaganza ran from 21-22 October at the gorgeous Beaumont Estate conference centre in Old Windsor and attracted its biggest number of visitors to date, all eager to experience the UK’s largest specialty high-end audio event. Whether you prefer your music played from CD, vinyl or streamed via a server, there was something for everyone at the two-day showcase. Enthusiasts were offered the unique opportunity to experience some of the world’s finest high-end audio under one roof with incredible demonstrations of some of the best-sounding hi-fi components…

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french fancy

THE LATEST INDUSTRY NEWS PRICE: £6,999 AVAILABLE: NOW CONTACT: 01722 426600 WEB: FOCAL.COM/UK BERYLLIUM AND FLAX are not materials usually associated with one another, but that might be set to change with the announcement of Focal's all-new speaker called Kanta. Unveiled at a press conference back in September, the loudspeaker from the French manufacturer slots in neatly between its Aria and Sopra ranges. As with its existing models, it is handmade at Focal's manufacturing plant in Saint-Étienne, and marries concepts seen in both these designs while introducing a few new ones, too. The Kanta No2 is a three-way floorstanding speaker. Its two 165mm bass drivers are joined by a dedicated midrange unit, also 165mm in size, and placed in its own enclosure. All three drivers are made from the same flax composite that…

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futureproof format revealed

In 1977 Voyager one and two were launched into space in the general direction of the star Gilese 445, where they are estimated to arrive in around 40,000 years. On board the space craft, among other things, is what's come to be known as the Voyager Golden Record, an LP featuring a selection of sounds and music (including Chuck Berry's Johnny B Goode) that are representative of life on earth in the event that some extra-terrestrial lifeform should stumble upon it. While vinyl's recent resurgence has taken some by surprise, it's difficult to imagine that it'll still be going strong in 40,000 years and that ET and his chums will even have the wherewithal or for that matter equipment to give it a spin anyway, which leaves us wondering what is…

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onkyo’s smart receivers

PRICE: £250-£530 AVAILABLE: NOW CONTACT: 0208 8363510 WEB: UK.ONKYO.COM THE MARKET FOR stereo receivers is hotting up and Onkyo has launched two new models in the form of the £250 TX-8220 and £530 TX-8250 (pictured). The networkable TX-8250 claims a power output of 2x 135W into 6ohm, six RCA inputs and a movingmagnet phono stage. It has a hefty selection of additional features and sports optical and coaxial digital inputs, a USB audio connection and supports DTS Play-Fi, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and TuneIn. All decoding is handled by an internal AKM DAC, with support for 24/192 and DSD128 files. There is Bluetooth, Chromecast and AirPlay as well as Onkyo’s own FireConnect multi-room system, an Ethernet port and wireless connectivity supports dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz wi-fi. The TX-8220 has fractionally less power rated at…

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unico 90 integrated amp

• Unison Research has launched its Unico 90 integrated amp. Intended to sit under its flagship 150 model, the 90 is a valve and solid-state hybrid with a preamp stage that is built around an Alps volume control and input switching that decouples inactive inputs. The valXLR and three RCA input connections are fitted along with fixed and variable outputs. Distributed in the UK by Henley Audio, the Unison Research Unico 90 costs £3,500 in silver with a black finish available as a £100 option. henleyaudio.co.uk…

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vpi’s plug’n’play deck

PRICE: £1,500 AVAILABLE: NOW CONTACT: 0131 5553922 WEB: RENAISSANCEAUDIO.CO.UK Fresh from updating its Prime family of turntables (Prime Scout HFC 422), VPI has released the Player, its entry-level deck. Built as a complete solution with a moving-magnet phono stage and headphone amplifier on board, it consists of a non-resonant MDF chassis with an aluminium platter. The 9in tonearm uses bearings rather than the unipivot principle seen on VPI’s more upmarket decks and comes premounted with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge as part of the £1,500 package. The Player leaves the factory in a pre-configured condition, meaning owners only need to carry out a very simple setup procedure to start playing LPs. The internal amplifier with a volume control means the Player performs as a standalone music system when connected to headphones (not…