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Hi-Fi Choice January 2018

Hi-Fi Choice is the essential guide to audio excellence in the home. It is a no-nonsense guide to the finest products available, from vinyl and valves, to multi-channel digital audio and high-fidelity video. Hi-Fi Choice sorts the best from the rest with rigorous test processes and a highly experienced team of reviewers.

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www.hifichoice.co.uk Issue No. 431 January 2018 Music streaming service Deezer – the brand that gave us one of the most irritating TV ad campaigns in recent memory – may have just taken a leap forward in getting itself noticed by fans of quality audio, with the rebranding of its Elite subscription tier to Deezer HiFi. Launched in 2014, Deezer Elite was only available to owners of Sonos multi-room speakers, but the update rolled out over the coming months will make it far more accessible with the launch of a newly designed desktop app. Available on a wider range of wireless speaker partners, it will also be accessible to those that support Google Chromecast. Deezer HiFi joins the CD-quality streaming ranks alongside hi-fi subscription offerings from Qobuz and Tidal, and is also rumoured…

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music maestro

THE LATEST INDUSTRY NEWS… PRICE: £450-£875 AVAILABLE: DECEMBER CONTACT: 01638 742427 WEB: DYNAUDIO.COM MULTI-ROOM MUSIC SYSTEMS are a popular choice for a growing number of music fans and Danish hi-fi loudspeaker brand Dynaudio is the latest to diversify and join the fray. Its new four-strong range of networked active speaker systems is called Music and can be used in any combination desired up to a total of six units. All four speakers share some common intelligent technology, designed to make them easier to integrate into your environment. Each is fitted with software called RoomAdapt, which claims to sense the proximity of the speaker in relation to rear or side walls and adjust its output for the optimum performance. This is partnered with another clever-sounding feature called NoiseAdapt that uses adaptive DSP technology…

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you've been 'ad

A pianist strikes a note on his keyboard. Birds fly from the edge of a crevasse. The camera slowly sweeps down through the narrow opening and enters a corridor of stunning caves with dark, murky pools of water and glistening stalactites. Suddenly the camera arrives into a cathedral-like chamber that reveals the pianist sat at a grand piano on a pile of rocks in a pool of glorious natural light. As the camera encircles him, the music gets louder and – though I'm watching this on my TV – appears to get sharper. Suddenly, drips of water falling from the stalactites and the bubbling sounds of rushing underwater springs can be heard in incredible crystal-clear clarity providing the perfect accompaniment to the pianist. Meanwhile, the music he's playing begins to…

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flagship sacd player

PRICE: £2,000 AVAILABLE: NOW CONTACT: 0208 8363500 WEB: PIONEER-AUDIOVISUAL.EU PIONEER HAS ANNOUNCED a new reference disc spinner in the form of the PD-70AE. Able to play CD and SACD via its large aluminium drawer-loading mechanism, the player promises to be a usefully flexible CD source and also act as a DAC via optical and a coaxial digital inputs at the rear. Decoding is handled by a pair of ESS9026PRO DACs and the entire circuit has been assembled to be fully balanced. A three-mode adjustable filter fine tunes the presentation with a choice of Slow, Sharp and Short settings. There are separate power supplies for the digital and analogue stages, with the shortest possible signal paths and circuit components selected following extensive listening tests. The solid chassis weighs 18kg and uses the company’s…

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look who’s talking now!

PRICE: £199 AVAILABLE: NOW CONTACT: 0800 0261526 WEB: SONOS.COM Voice control was among one of the biggest advances in 2017, and it hasn’t taken multi-room giant Sonos long to bring this functionality into its ecosystem. The new One is the first Sonos multi-room speaker to include Amazon Alexa voice control (and from 2018, Google Assistant) built in. The speaker uses six far-field microphones and voice capture technology with echo cancellation tech to ensure it receives voice commands clearly. A volume ‘duck’ feature drops the music level as soon as you start talking. You can use voice control to skip tracks, select playlists as well as other playback features and ask it all the same questions that you might want to put to any other voice-controlled device. As a multi-room music speaker, the…

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windsor 2017

THE hi-fi SHOW Live HOSTED BY OUR sister magazine Hi-Fi News & Record Review and AVTech Media, The Hi-Fi Show Live returned for a fifth consecutive year to the gorgeous Beaumont Estate conference centre in Old Windsor. The unique high-end audio extravaganza ran from 21-22 October and attracted its highest number of visitors to date, all eager to experience the UK’s largest speciality high-end audio event. Whether you prefer your music played from CD, vinyl or streamed via a server, there was something for everyone at the two-day showcase. Enthusiasts had the unique opportunity to experience some of the world’s finest high-end audio under one roof with incredible demonstrations of some of the bestsounding hi-fi components installed and presented by designers and audio experts. Iconic brands including Bowers & Wilkins, Chord Electronics,…